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01:06:24libmanDoes stdlib provide the equivalent of `test -w`?
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01:07:03libmanos FileInfo doesn't even tell me the owner user / group.
01:09:09ftsf_libman, maybe using posix module
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03:17:16ftsf_hmm http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30037165/where-does-nim-search-for-modules-to-import is this accurate? specifically "Relative to the directory of the main module (again, via import dir.modname or import dir/modname if it's not in the same directory)."
03:18:33ftsf_i have a src/main.nim which imports modules.foo src/modules/foo.nim imports common (src/common.nim) but this fails Error: cannot open 'common', when compiling with nim c src/main.nim
03:33:12ftsf_hmm different modules with the same name but in different directories all seem to go into the one dir in nimcache with their directory removed
03:33:44ftsf_eg. i have import modules/foo and import foo they both seem to become nimcache/foo.{c,o} =\
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06:14:56Varriount|Mobilelibman: FileInfo is for OS agnostic information
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09:05:08euantorftsf_: Does `import ../common` work?
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09:19:00euantorAm I right in thinking that the point `Start types with a capital T, unless they are pointers/references which start with P.` is now obsolete?
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09:39:44yglukhovAraq: ping. can you merge this in? https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim/pull/5110
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13:08:50couven92Just out of curiosity, why have we named the Microsoft Compiler VCC in Nim? The proper acronym used by Microsoft themselves is MSC...
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13:44:00Varriount|Mobilecouven92: Visual C(++) Compiler
13:45:45Varriount|MobileAnd probably because it follows the "*cc" convention (gcc, icc, tcc, etc)
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13:49:37Varriount|Mobileeuantor: Yes. http://nim-lang.org/docs/nep1.html
13:53:37euantorI thought so, probably worth updating that documentation
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16:04:10stefantalpalaruhow can I check for the existence of a certain proc for a variable's type at compile time, without running that proc?
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16:23:13flyxstefantalpalaru: when compiles(someProc(myVar))
16:25:00chemist69hi, for a proc that is defined in system with the .magic. pragma, where can I find the actual implementation? Example: proc `mod` *(x, y: int): int {.magic: "ModI", noSideEffect.}
16:25:53stefantalpalaruthanks, flyx
16:33:51*Varriount|Mobile joined #nim
16:34:28Varriount|Mobilechemist69: Magic procedures are often implemented by the compiler
16:35:03chemist69can I nevertheless somewhere have a look at the code?
16:38:07Varriount|Mobilechemist69: You can look at the compiler code, although I can't recall how the nodes are specifically processed
16:38:23Varriount|MobileYou can also look at the generated C code.
16:39:01chemist69I am looking in the compiler subdir and have looked at the csources (if that is what you mean), but can not find my example modulo procedure.
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16:40:55Varriount|Mobilechemist69: I don't follow
16:41:16stefantalpalaruit's probably in https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim/blob/devel/compiler/semfold.nim#L343
16:42:32elroodchemist69, vmgen or jsgen are good candidates
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16:43:00Varriount|MobileYou can also try looking in the C generation code
16:43:21chemist69Varriount|Mobile: where can I find that?
16:43:31chemist69stefantalpalaru: that looks promising, thank you.
16:44:03Varriount|Mobilechemist69: Files that have something like "cgen" in the name
16:49:28chemist69thanks a lot to all for the help.
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16:58:12stefantalpalaruis there any way to get a meaningful error from the compiler when using compiles() ?
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17:45:48stefantalpalaruhow come this fails?
17:45:57stefantalpalaruvar x: int
17:46:01stefantalpalarustatic: doAssert(compiles(x = 1))
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18:20:42dom96stefantalpalaru: because the variable is defined outside the static block
18:21:23stefantalpalaruany other way to trigger a compile time error without a static block?
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18:28:54stefantalpalaruBTW, it also fails with the variable declaration inside the static block
18:29:03dom96{.error: "message".}
18:29:34stefantalpalaruno, I want the compiler's error, not my own string
18:30:03*ibk quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
18:30:36stefantalpalarusomething like internalErrorFlag()
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