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05:34:09FromGitter<MiniDude22> how do you initialize an array that is the var result in a proc?
05:37:08FromGitter<MiniDude22> and is there a way to turn a sequence of a type into an array of a type?
05:38:04ftsfmake an var array then copyMem from seq to array?
05:38:16ftsfor cast it as an array
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05:54:32FromGitter<Araq> you cast it to a ptr array, perhaps
05:54:58FromGitter<Araq> in general you don't do it, seqs have dynamic size, arrays don't so there is no way to convert it
05:55:11FromGitter<MiniDude22> Right. Makes sense.
05:55:33FromGitter<Araq> post a snippet here please. it smells like you have no idea what you're doing ;-)
05:56:00FromGitter<MiniDude22> This is how I ended up doing it.
05:56:26FromGitter<MiniDude22> ```
05:56:51FromGitter<MiniDude22> ```code paste, see link``` [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=57eb5ba335e0f31c6c4b7600]
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05:57:21FromGitter<MiniDude22> the toRunes returned a seq, I was trying to have it simpler, but this works fine
05:58:56FromGitter<Araq> ok, you can remove the s.runeLen call, but it looks good
05:59:24FromGitter<Araq> if index > 137: raise ... in the loop body is possible too
05:59:48FromGitter<MiniDude22> Ah okay that might work better
06:00:45FromGitter<MiniDude22> is it possible to return an array that's size is the strings length? this returns blanks after the characters
06:01:11FromGitter<MiniDude22> whose size is*
06:14:39FromGitter<Araq> you can return a tuple len, data or have a 'len: var int' parameter but I think your 'chatString' should return a seq
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06:52:59FromGitter<MiniDude22> I'm passing it over a named pipe so I need it in binary form so that i can come out as a wchar_t on the other side
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06:53:38FromGitter<MiniDude22> and array of things passes and is read properly, but a sequence doesn't go through when i tried it.
06:54:54FromGitter<Araq> for the seq you need to do addr(s[0])
06:55:02FromGitter<Araq> that's common knowledge :P
06:55:20FromGitter<Araq> or maybe even unsafeAddr(s[0])
06:55:25FromGitter<MiniDude22> Maybe for pro's like you :P
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06:57:08FromGitter<MiniDude22> So I'm writing to the file like ⏎ ```code paste, see link``` [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=57eb69c454302caa6f262e3e]
06:57:49FromGitter<MiniDude22> I'll play with the sequences again in a bit xD thanks!
06:59:21FromGitter<Araq> and please tell me what you read: tutorial, manual, nim-in-action?
06:59:49FromGitter<Araq> what section needs to be expanded and explain about unsafeAddr/addr s[0] ?
07:00:09ftsfwhat's the difference between addr(myseq) and addr(myseq[0]) ?
07:00:18FromGitter<Araq> it surely is frustrating to always answer the same question
07:01:02Araq_ftsf: addr(myseq) returns the address of the seq
07:01:32Araq_a seq starts with a size, capacity header so this is where the resulting pointer points to
07:01:37ftsfahh I see
07:04:39*FromGitter * girvo waves
07:04:41FromGitter<MiniDude22> I've been through the tutorials, read a lot of the manual, though I guess I missed the part about seq's and their addr's
07:05:18FromGitter<girvo> Quick question: anyone implemented/used object pools or something similar in Nim?
07:05:25ArrrrIt is irc-tier knowledge
07:05:58ArrrrI have done something like that, but not too complicated
07:06:46FromGitter<Araq> @girvo are you the guy who promised me an email about comp-sci papers years ago?
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07:07:10FromGitter<girvo> @Araq I am indeed, which I don't think I ever sent through
07:08:08FromGitter<Araq> exactly. :P
07:08:57FromGitter<girvo> Type system discussion, yeah? Trying to see if I can remember hah
07:10:18FromGitter<MiniDude22> @Araq sorry for having you explain things so many times. xD We all appreciate the halp!
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07:25:06FromGitter<Araq> @MiniDude22 you're welcome
07:25:23FromGitter<MiniDude22> <3
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12:10:15Araq_corecode: welcome
12:11:07corecodei just found out about nim, and i'm intrigued. mostly interested for systems (embedded) development
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12:30:46federico3welcome corecode
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12:51:03hohlerdecorecode: welcome
12:51:22hohlerdearaq: just found NimEdit. looks awesome, especially to use it in presentations
13:03:27Araq_ah yeah I need to open source it and fix its remaining bugs
13:03:46Araq_which admittedly make it hardly workable even for me :P
13:04:15Araq_but hey, I use it all the time for Nim development so at least I'm eating my dogfood
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14:16:05hohlerdearaq: hehe, I realized that nimsuggest has some problems with NimEdit, but it may be a problem with my nim installation
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14:23:07krux02is there a dumpTree alternative that runs after template and macro expansions?
14:23:48krux02I would like to see the generated code of my macros
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14:37:27FromGitter<endragor> @krux02: put `echo treeRepr result` at the end of the macro
14:38:37krux02endragor: dosn't work for two reasons, treeRepr result does not run macro expansion on the result, and in my case I have a template
14:43:50krux02endragor: I now use this macro debugAst(ast: typed): untyped = echo ast.repr; ast
14:44:47krux02the typed argument expands macros for me
14:53:04hohlerdeare there any game vids showing games made in nim? so far I have found the urhonimo preview on youtube
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15:08:51FromGitter<coffeepots> krux02 thanks for that macro, that's pretty handy. Should that be in the stdlib?
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15:30:09krux02I would appreciate it
15:30:56krux02hohlerde: making a good game is really a lot of work
15:31:24Araq_krux02: doesn't have to be good, only needs nice screenshots for our website :P
15:31:25krux02so I am working on some graphcis library that should eventually be used to make games
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15:32:03krux02but a finished game like a new Diablo, does not only take a while to make, it also requires the people who really want to make such a game to believe in Nim
15:33:04Araq_I know of 2 commercial game projects, one being released anytime soon
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15:37:08krux02I hate this magic pragma when browsing the standard library
15:37:16FromGitter<dom96> This game is now made in Nim: https://twitter.com/impbox/status/765102630280409088
15:37:35*corecode is still working through the nim language spec
15:37:58FromGitter<coffeepots> i chose nim to make games. Game dev is certainly loads of work, but it's fun. Would love to see what others have done though.
15:39:31FromGitter<coffeepots> i can see why nim is (or seems to be) popular for gamedev
15:40:52Araq_krux02: what's the alternative?
15:41:21Araq_direct implementation with whens and .emits? :-)
15:41:33Araq_hmmm could have worked for most magics
15:41:37Araq_oh well
15:41:38federico3nice came
15:42:24Araq_Nim's way of doing .magic is something I'm proud of
15:43:20krux02I don't think that emit should be in the standard library, but I think a lot of stuff might work without magic
15:43:55Araq_I have heard this before.
15:44:07Araq_it's correct for about 5 out of 100 magics.
15:44:21krux02I feel that a lot that has been done in an early state of the language and now it can be done by using other features of the language
15:44:58krux02the problem is just that it makes reading the code much harder, because it feels like a dead end, and I don't know where I should continue
15:45:32Araq_how do you implement system.`+` for ints so that it produces decent code, acknowledges the --overflowChecks switch and works at compile time?
15:45:57krux02I would not want to make any statements, because I really don't know the dependencies, but you have to admit, there are really a lot of magics
15:46:14Araq_how would hiding the prototype of this `+` help readability?
15:46:25*chemist69 joined #nim
15:46:27Araq_in C# it's simply not in a library at all, hurray.
15:47:26krux02I don't have the problem with `+` or that there are some magics, some things just need to be done that way, but I have the feeling, that the barrier to do something as magic is quite low
15:47:35Araq_I think this is actually a big problem of Nim. People look at system.nim and see a mess.
15:48:30Araq_and they compare it to Go which doesn't have a system.nim. Not having system.nim is not a benefit, it's a design flaw.
15:48:44Araq_because then it's even moreso built into the compiler
15:48:52krux02it would be nice, if there would be some instructions that tell me where I would need to look for the implementation when in code it is implemented as magic
15:48:59Araq_with even more possibilities to special case things
15:49:34Araq_just think about it. Nim uses one set of overloading resolution rules for *everything*.
15:49:59Araq_it's super honest and the rules scale down to its integer primitives.
15:50:47Araq_krux02: just grep for mMagic in the compiler then and see its implementation
15:50:56krux02languages like Go or C have harder distinction between language features and library features. In rust I thought I was using a library feature when I was calling it's version of printf, but when I looked up how it worked it ended up being a language feature
15:53:53*brson joined #nim
15:55:02krux02Araq_: thanks for the hint. I think this comment should be somewhere in the documentation, because when reading the system.nim it is essential to know that
15:56:02Araq_do we want people to read the compiler implementation?
15:56:28cheatfateAraq_, is it possible to make text constant multiline?
15:56:49cheatfatei have very big text constant and i want to store it inside of 80 columns
15:57:27cheatfateahh i forgot.`"""`
15:58:29krux02yes we do
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16:16:40dom96Developers Developers Developers. Release Release Release.
16:18:06flyxthanks for reminding me of that video.
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16:47:44dom96I seriously need destructors
16:47:55dom96My site is suffering from constant crashes because of fd leaks :/
16:48:17Araq_a destructor hardly does more than a withFile() template would give you
16:48:29Araq_tried a withFile?
16:48:43dom96Pretty sure this is to do with AsyncHttpClient
16:49:14Araq_also you should attach a finalizer that does the close() for you
16:49:16dom96I would hope a destructor would do what withFile does but implicitly
16:49:31Araq_implicitly yes, but hardly with any more power
16:50:10Araq_and krux02 is working on their design, so it's better you fix the problem now rather than wait for the perfect solution and be disappointed by it
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16:53:32dom96Of course, I'm trying to fix it now
16:55:13dom96Unfortunately finding the cause is tricky...
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