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02:45:52FromGitter<GraydenH> gcc.exe: error: c:\users\grayden\documents\work\nim\nimxtest\nimcache\ttf_ttf.o: No such file or directory ->on windows
02:46:12FromGitter<GraydenH> what is that all about
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03:38:27FromGitter<GraydenH> fatal error: GL/gl.h: N ⏎ o such file or directory ⏎ #include <GL/gl.h> on windows and linux
03:38:55FromGitter<GraydenH> pretty sure this isn't my fault at this point
03:39:30FromGitter<GraydenH> seems like the mingw compiler doesn't have opengl
03:41:45FromGitter<GraydenH> can anyone else do `nimble install nim-glfw` and then run a nim file that just opens it
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08:55:52FromGitter<Araq> when I wrote the ogl wrapper I made sure it doesn't depend on fucking header files.
08:56:01FromGitter<Araq> Good they are back. -.-
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11:33:10arnetheduck_if I stick a cfg file in a folder, will that cfg file be used even if it's a different folder than the project? ie can I create a module that adds some include paths of its own?
11:35:47Araqonly the main module determines the configuration
11:35:56Araqfor the other stuff we have pragmas
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12:07:48FromGitter<nigredo-tori> кшсрьщтв
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