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00:12:19FromDiscord<exelotl> I'm not a physics student but I watched the latest kurzgesagt so I'm basically an expert
00:12:38FromDiscord<exelotl> what you need is a spinning tether in the atmosphere
00:13:07FromDiscord<exelotl> on your way up, you simply catch the tether and it flings you to the moon
00:14:10FromDiscord<Rika> LMAO
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00:23:37disruptek!github sealmove/
00:23:38disbothttps://github.com/sealmove/nimitai -- Implementation of Kaitai Struct as a compile-time library in Nim
00:23:38disbothttps://github.com/sealmove/hexalepis -- Raw byte manipulation 👑
00:23:39disbothttps://github.com/sealmove/xhronicle -- Xonsh History Frontend
00:24:21disruptekwhere's my yaml?
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01:42:46FromGitter<kayabaNerve> ```code paste, see link``` ⏎ ⏎ Anyone here have any ideas? [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5dd34895e75b2d5a19fa2587]
01:47:26FromGitter<s0kil> @kayabaNerve Code?
01:56:41FromGitter<kayabaNerve> Oh. Sorry, I found the issue. I forgot adding `Future[]` to an async function's result type.
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02:44:12madpropsis there a way to delete an item(s) by value name in a seq?
02:44:18madpropslike myseq.remove("someString") ?
02:44:24madpropsapart from looping through it i mean
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03:21:05FromGitter<TensorTom> does the db_mysql module prepare sql query strings to prevent injection?
03:21:32FromGitter<TensorTom> or any module cool kids might be using
03:36:06leorizedb_* family prepares sql queries
03:36:36leorizecool kids modules include: ormin, ndb and norm
03:36:42leorizethey don't support mysql though
03:40:02disruptek!github ormin
03:40:03disbothttps://github.com/Araq/ormin -- Ormin -- An ORM for Nim.
03:40:14disruptekhave fun with the docs.
03:41:23disruptekwe don need no steenking docs!
03:51:46leorizedisruptek: any list of commands for disbot?
03:52:11disrupteknot yet.
03:53:41disrupteki am out for the week but maybe when i get back.
03:53:56disruptekbeen working on nimph mostly.
03:57:32disruptekgonna write a bayes filter for pmunch, i guess. maybe something for RFCs and PRs like we have for issues.
03:58:11disruptekmaybe a docs search command, but probably will wait until ndoc for that.
04:00:04madpropshow can i get "from index 2 onwards" on a seq?
04:00:06disruptekwill probably put a feed in #nim-news or something; just new package links, new issues, PRs, etc.
04:01:01disruptekthat was a pita to type with thumbs.
04:01:14madpropslol, thanks
04:01:39disruptek!github madprops/
04:01:40disbothttps://github.com/madprops/dirfun -- Experimental directory and file creator
04:01:40disbothttps://github.com/madprops/nimbars -- Create bar charts in the terminal based on data files
04:01:41disbothttps://github.com/madprops/nap -- Nim Argument Parser
04:02:03madpropshow is this getting indexed?
04:02:24disruptekbeats the hell outta me.
04:02:44disruptekthe internet is a fucking miracle, i tell you.
04:02:51madpropsi love it
04:04:54disrupteki bet itd be too hard to have nimsuggest warn about nim 1.0 syntax in nim 1.1 source.
04:07:33shashlickdisruptek - i have a channel that collects all instances of nim in the forum, reddit and stack overflow
04:07:41shashlickmight be nice to put that into irc
04:08:17disruptekgood idea.
04:08:28disrupteki would watch that show.
04:08:46shashlickof course i can make it look nice in slack from rss, irc is more limited
04:09:25disruptekzevv says rainbow brite can kiss his noodle.
04:09:47disruptekactually, what he said was both more and less colorful.
04:12:41disrupteki will add issue search, too. that's about all i need, so far, anyway.
04:14:27madpropshow can i iterate over nre captures ?
04:14:47disruptekindex .capture?
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05:24:23FromGitter<TensorTom> damn. importing the sequoia module produces `fatal.nim(39) sysFatal Error: unhandled exception: over- or underflow [OverflowError]` . Was hoping to use pgp.
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05:59:25FromGitter<TensorTom> python interop should be okay
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07:19:18Zevvdisruptek: go wash your mouth dud
07:19:48Zevvdon't make my terminal light up all yellow with your nonsense!
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07:21:06Zevvlook what you did! http://zevv.nl/div/bah.png
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07:25:20FromGitter<zacharycarter> how can kissing rainbow brite's ass be any less colorful than I am imagining?
07:27:33FromDiscord<Rika> Zevv what client? Looking into switching from a gui client to a cli one because I just don't like the look of the gui ones
07:31:32FromGitter<zacharycarter> irssi is pretty popular
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07:36:15Zevvtui things generally dont have a look or a style
07:36:24Zevvwhich is part of their strength
07:36:54Zevvits just a f.+load of letters crammed in a rectangle
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07:40:23leorizenarimiran: I've pushed the new NimTypeOf to the 'con' branch in nim.nvim, please give it a test drive
07:40:48leorizeIt's still a WIP, and there are a few compiler bugs that may manifest via it
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07:41:31Zevvleorize: whats that?
07:43:44leorizeZevv: https://asciinema.org/a/JbWzKxkwCUjHlaxHle76SrP74
07:44:54Zevvdude enough is enough
07:45:16Zevvpeople will want to leak vscode if you keep that nonsense up
07:45:41Zevvimagine, araq moving to vim
07:47:46leorizealthough I'll have to say that the feature is currently buggy as hell :p
07:47:55narimiranleorize: thanks, i'll give it a try
07:49:15zedeusnim-mode also shows a preview of the documentation
07:50:07leorizethat's also possible here once I'm done wiring everything
07:51:05leorizeit currently exists in autocompletion, but no support for showing it for a given symbol (yet)
07:58:31Araqso frustrating, simple programs work, complex ones don't
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08:03:06FromGitter<zacharycarter> with the new gc / runtime? or in general?
08:04:03Araqhmm on osx it actually works
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08:04:20Araqnim c --gc:arc -r tests/async/tasyncawait.nim
08:04:33Araqmilestone reached!
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08:04:48FromGitter<zacharycarter> nice
08:04:50Araqcrashes on Windows though :P
08:05:16narimiranwho uses windows? :P
08:05:43FromGitter<zacharycarter> everyone that matters
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08:06:08narimirannah, he also has a mac
08:06:30FromGitter<zacharycarter> well good, I have a mac too
08:06:41FromGitter<zacharycarter> windows is a PITA at times though for sure
08:07:36narimiran*everything* is a PITA from time to time ;)
08:08:01FromGitter<zacharycarter> truth
08:08:38AraqAraq's OS is coming. but disruptek can't use it as it lacks symlinks
08:09:36narimiranwill it have a package manager? :D
08:10:16Araqit will simply have a directory structure that is not braindead
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08:27:08ZevvAraq: wow congrats!
08:27:34Zevvnext is to compile nim itself with arc, right? :)
08:33:29AraqZevv, no because it's not the right GC for Nimc, Nimc loves mark&sweep
08:33:31FromGitter<gogolxdong> What's it like?
08:33:53PMunchWell this is fun.. Trying to import a C function, I do "nodecl, cimport, header" it complains that it doesn't exists on link time, if I remove nodecl it gives me conflicting types..
08:35:51ZevvAraq: sure, but maybe not optimal, it *should* be able to run
08:40:06Araqeventually yes, but Nimc isn't even at Nim v1.0
08:40:54Araqit relies on define:nimOldCaseObjects
08:42:08Araqbut I'll make it the default GC for Nim's tooling (koch, nimgrep, niminst) etc
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08:51:25PMunchGreat, I've managed to get the C compiler to hang..
08:54:01PMunchOr maybe something else is going on.. Running the command it hangs on in a terminal works just fine
08:56:44leorizeAraq: what's this new --gc:arc?
08:59:26Araqleorize, it's the same as --gc:destructors and roughly the same as --newruntime
08:59:39PMunchHmm, tried something else. But now I get some completely bogus error message: http://ix.io/22fL
08:59:49Araqit may look like we get a new GC every week now, but really we don't, it simply evolves
08:59:55PMunchComplaining that members I don't try to access doesn't exists..
09:00:29leorizeAraq: so we're still going for owned or has that concept deemed a failure?
09:00:57FromDiscord<exelotl> What is arc short for? :o
09:03:56leorizeAraq's reference counting :P
09:04:46Araqleorize, https://github.com/nim-lang/RFCs/issues/177
09:05:55AraqARC means Automatic/Atomic/Araq's Reference counting
09:13:33PMunchAnyone have any good idea what causes my weird C errors?
09:14:16leorizePMunch: macros
09:14:51leorizeyou're probably missing some headers
09:15:11PMunchThose are types defined within my own project..
09:15:42leorizes_addr and s6_addr are usually macros in posix...
09:15:54PMunchWait, really?
09:16:34leorizewell, at least that's the case on linux
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09:16:49PMunchOh wow
09:16:57PMunchRenaming the fields worked..
09:17:11PMunchWell that should be a bug..
09:17:37leorizeguess we have to implement a way for Nim to figure out every single defined symbol so as to avoid them :P
09:17:42leorizeor just ditch C altogether
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09:18:03PMunchOh wait, they are C macros..
09:18:46PMunchMaybe Nim should obfuscate fields in structs as well?
09:19:27PMunchBut it works fine on Linux..
09:19:31leorizebasically making debugging worse...
09:19:39PMunchIt was just when cross-compiling to Windows I got this error..
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09:21:38leorizethe C preprocessor itself is a huge minefield :P
09:22:56leorizeiirc nim used to obfuscate everything possible
09:25:27Araqyeah and then we got "I need to be able to use debuggers" features
09:26:18Araqin the longer run we should just embrace nlvm, there is a reason C++ doesn't compile to C anymore, C is unusable even as a code generation target
09:27:40Araqno idea how we are gonna get exceptional C++ interop then though... :-(
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09:33:42ehmryAraq: is nlvm llvm based? is there an issue with the llvm unwinder?
09:34:26ehmryI was looking at the llvm c++ runtime and thought the stack unwinder could be used directly by nim
09:35:30leorizeyes, it's llvm based
09:40:48lqdev[m]does .compile work for nlvm?
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10:12:41FromDiscord<YahArt> Hello everybody
10:12:41FromDiscord<YahArt> I just discovered the nim language recently and I am quite fond of it.
10:12:41FromDiscord<YahArt> I wanted to try out the nimgl library for game development (https://github.com/nimgl/nimgl)
10:12:41FromDiscord<YahArt> I managed to get the green window example running.
10:12:44FromDiscord<YahArt> However when I clone the repo navigate inside the examples folder and try to run any of the examples I get this weird compile error about not finding a vulkan.c file.
10:12:47FromDiscord<YahArt> I am running this on kubuntu (linux)
10:12:51FromDiscord<YahArt> If anyone has any experience regarding this topic I would really appreciate it 😄
10:12:53FromDiscord<YahArt> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/371759389889003532/646291747185623059/unknown.png
10:14:00PMunchYou need to initialise submodules: https://github.com/nimgl/nimgl/blob/master/.gitmodules
10:15:57PMunch@YahArt ^
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10:35:32PMunchHmm, with --threads:on and --tlsEmulation:off when cross compiling I get a dependency for a "libgcc_s_seh-1.dll"
10:35:55PMunchAnd without tlsEmulation it crashes when I run it, but not when I run it under Gdb (yay..)
10:37:09PMunchThe import is for a "__emutls_get_address"
10:40:41PMunchAh, --passL:"-static" removes that
10:42:28PMunchHow can I create conditions in my nim.cfg file? I want to only use the --os:windows switch to set all the parameters I need
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10:43:11lqdev[m]@if windows
10:44:25lqdev[m]also, you can create a config.nims. they're much better than nim.cfg
10:46:06PMunchI've tried to use config.nims, but they are a bit clumsy..
10:47:42Araqplease stick to nim.cfg, I hate nims config files now
10:48:18Araqnot because the concept it bad, it's good, but it was such a PITA to get it reasonably bug-free
10:48:39PMunchSo now that it is reasonably bug-free we should all stop using them? :P
10:49:14Araqhow else can we get out of the mess of having 2 separate config systems?
10:51:32federico3officially deprecating one of the two?
10:52:00Araqwhich one?
10:52:13livcdThe one that you dont like anymore
10:52:21PMunchI like the idea of .nims
10:52:39PMunchShows how flexible Nim DSLs are when you can use them as a configuration file
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11:05:19clyybberI also like config.nims more
11:09:00clyybberIt also means that nims gets more usage which is great *because* it reveals bugs
11:10:14Araqthe bugs it revealed were mostly system.nim design defects
11:10:35Araqthe VM is used extensively for macros already and we know its bugs
11:12:31FromGitter<kaushalmodi> Logged in at right time? +1000 for config.nims
11:13:25Araqmaybe with another system.nim refactoring it doesn't matter anymore
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11:28:12clyybberI think I found a template symbol binding bug.
11:29:26clyybberAraq: I'm getting "undeclared routine: 'runeAt'" , but runeAt is available in the defining scope
11:29:35clyybberIs it intended to work like that or not?
11:30:08Araqdepends, report it properly
11:30:20clyybberOn it
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11:57:17clyybberAraq: Here: https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim/issues/12683
11:57:19disbot^ Symbol binding bug with generics and template
11:57:20disbot^ snippet at https://play.nim-lang.org/#ix=22g5 😏
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12:00:13Zevvoh I ran into the same thing a few times with npeg, I had to export all those. Never realized if it was supposed to work or not...
12:00:42clyybberIMO it should work
12:01:04clyybberBecause the string is not generic
12:01:28clyybber*a generic param
12:06:39PMunchHmm, what is the equivalent of & in powershell?
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