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02:07:28libmandom96: heads up, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4D2ryw7tyBA about to start getting views ;)
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07:53:32euantorNice, I think I'll watch that this morning
08:03:32couven92Nice dom96, I'll watch it now :)
08:03:59PMunchOh yeah, saw that over in r/nim. Watched the first half already :)
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08:29:23tankfeederi want add test over vector to blake2
08:29:24couven92tankfeeder, morning, how're u doing? :)
08:29:34tankfeedercouven92, good
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08:29:48tankfeederi need a hint how to parse
08:30:08couven92RegExp! (Shoot me! :P )
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08:31:48PMunchtankfeeder, how to parse that format?
08:31:58tankfeederyea, just a hint
08:32:13tankfeedermaybe pegs
08:32:35couven92tankfeeder, I actually wasn't kidding :P
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08:33:03PMunchWell you could just open the file, put in a loop three readlines (and one readline to skip the whitespace). Then do a substring from x to ^0 and use parseInt
08:34:47PMunchOh wait, maybe not parseInt :P
08:34:55PMunchWhat do you want the values as?
08:35:12PMunchWell that's even easier :)
08:36:03couven92or: Regular Expression matcher for line 1: "(in:)\s*([0-9a-bA-F]+)?", line 2: "(key:)\s*([0-9A-Fa-f]+)?" and so on
08:36:34PMunchin = f.readline()[4..^0]
08:36:48PMunchkey = f.readline()[5..^0]
08:37:01PMunchhash = f.readline()[6..^0]
08:37:06PMunchdiscard f.readline()
08:37:15PMunchThrow that in a loop and voila
08:37:40couven92and then you'd have to trim in, key and hash to strip whitespace at start and end
08:37:53PMunch4, 5, 6 to match "in:\t", "key:\t", and "hash:\t" respectively
08:38:13couven92ah, it's a tabstop? okay... nice
09:03:26Araqtankfeeder: https://nim-lang.org/docs/strscans.html
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09:13:39couven92"Developers tend to be lazy, good developers anyways!" (Ian Cooper at NDC Oslo 2017) :D
09:13:49couven92nice one! :D
09:16:46tankfeederis there function to convert "FFFF" hex to string ?
09:16:53tankfeederor should implement myself ?
09:17:20couven92tankfeeder, https://nim-lang.org/docs/parseutils.html#parseHex,string,int,int,int
09:18:17PMunchTo hex?
09:18:25PMunchparseHex is from hex isn't it?
09:18:50tankfeederfrom hex to string
09:18:50couven92PMunch, yeah he wanted to convert "FFFF" to a number!
09:19:01tankfeederis there function to convert "FFFF" hex to string ?
09:19:13PMunchHe said convert to string..
09:21:43couven92in any case you can use https://nim-lang.org/docs/strutils.html#toHex,T to do the other way round, right?
09:21:59Arrrrcan't you use `$0xFFFF` ?
09:23:52PMunchArrrr, wouldn't that just create the string of the number?
09:23:53PMunchNot as hex
09:25:03tankfeederanother way:
09:25:24tankfeederi read hex string from test vector, say "ff2a"
09:25:40tankfeederhow to pass it to getMD5 ?
09:25:49tankfeederfrom import md5
09:26:13couven92tankfeeder, don't do MD5! :P
09:26:44tankfeederi'm implementing test vectors for blake2
09:27:42couven92tankfeeder, hmm... getMD5 takes a string? wtf?
09:29:03tankfeederbut md5update takes cstring
09:29:16PMunchArrrr, I looked at the switch question you posed yesterday by the way
09:29:25PMunchBut you had logged off before I got to answering you :P
09:29:46couven92tankfeeder, yeah, and the only thing getMD5 does, is converting the input to a cstring and calling md5update :)
09:30:21PMunchApparently it does have a C++ SDK, so you should be able to program it in Nim. But I haven't found any more information about this SDK other than it is supposed to exist..
09:31:08PMunchBut then again I haven't bothered to get a Nintendo developer account to check
09:37:09*bjz joined #nim
09:40:27ArrrrThat's quite interesting. I'll read it
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10:14:50Trioxinneed someone to tell me what c2nim is complaining about on line 32 https://github.com/BLAKE2/libb2/blob/master/src/blake2.h : blake2.h(143, 30) Error: ';' expected. This is the first time I've used c2nim and I'm no C dev
10:16:05Trioxinc2nim is presumably what would make up for the lack of a large community and tons of packages so I have to get it going
10:23:06FromGitter<andreaferretti> you probably need this https://nim-lang.org/docs/c2nim.html#preprocessor-support-def-directive
10:23:24FromGitter<andreaferretti> `#def BLAKE2_API`
10:23:28FromGitter<andreaferretti> or something like this
10:26:11*PMunch quit (Quit: leaving)
10:33:20Trioxinc2nim can't convert a C implementation right? Just the .h?