00:10:16FromDiscord<exelotl> I was hoping to make a table that stores default identifier names for any type at compile time
00:10:29FromDiscord<exelotl> something like var defaultIdents {.compileTime.}: Table[typedesc, NimNode]
00:11:32FromGitter<data-man> https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim/pull/8687
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02:05:08FromGitter<gogolxdong> How to store and retrieve special characters on mysql database in Nim ? like escaping character.
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04:10:21FromGitter<kaushalmodi> A brief history about "it" for folks wondering "Why 'it' in `mapIt`??" :)
04:10:22FromGitter<kaushalmodi> https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim/pull/8679#issuecomment-414192084
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04:20:37TangerOooh, interesting
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04:24:21ldleworkdash.el is my best friend
04:25:42FromGitter<kaushalmodi> ldlework: I still need to start using it.
04:26:12FromGitter<kaushalmodi> The inbuilt elisp works just fine so far. It's really well documented, and the documentation is daunting.
04:26:18FromGitter<kaushalmodi> So I never get to start using it.
04:26:54ldleworkdash.el, anaphora.el, s.el, f.el, ht.el are my core toolkit
04:27:01ldleworknever leave home without em
04:28:36FromGitter<kaushalmodi> very cool! Did not know about anaphora ( https://github.com/rolandwalker/anaphora )
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07:37:57norok2anybody here has experience using nim for android (possibly ios cross-platform) development of a library to be used by a native ui?
07:48:54FromGitter<mratsim> yglukhov one of the devs of Reel valley and Nimx, has experience doing a cross-platform Android + IOS + Facebook game
07:49:22FromGitter<mratsim> @norok2 https://yglukhov.github.io/Making-ReelValley-Overview/ ^
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08:21:47stefanos82dom96: how does nim-lang.org/docs/ gets updated, via Jekyll?
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08:50:13PMunchHmm, is there any changes from 0.18.0 to devel that does something with ambiguous calls?
08:50:23PMunchTrying to update wxnim to work on devel
08:50:52PMunchBut I get "Error: overloaded 'getMode' leads to ambiguous calls"
08:51:31livcdthere were this issues inside winim itself
08:51:36livcdwhat nim version do you have ?
08:52:07PMunchIt's working on 0.18.0, but not on devel
08:54:10livcdI am on 0.18.1 and it's working
08:54:20PMunchYeah 0.18.1 is devel
08:54:25PMunchWhen did you last update?
08:54:45livcdsome time ago
08:54:47livcd2-3 weeks ago ?
08:54:55livcdi am on 674bd7bfad100a07e051e0a310bcf0a64c355a79
08:55:50PMunchI'm updating now
08:57:48norok2@mratsim thanks!
08:58:09livcdyeah 18 days ago
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09:00:11PMunchHmm, just grabbed a new devel with "choosenim update devel" and I get the same error
09:00:20PMunchSo it's something in the past 18 days that has changed
09:00:45PMunchOr wait, did you try to compile wxnim?
09:00:49PMunchNot winim
09:01:12PMunchThis thing: https://github.com/PMunch/wxnim
09:06:27PMunchThis is what it's complaining about: https://github.com/PMunch/wxnim/blob/master/private/event.nim#L1047
09:10:08livcdI cloned the repo what do you want me to do ?
09:12:10PMunchTry to run "nim cpp -r example1.nim" in the examples/purewx folder
09:12:26PMunchWell, I guess all the examples should give the same error
09:12:30PMunchBut that's the one I've tried
09:12:59livcdyup the same
09:13:35PMunchHmm, so it's older than 18 days then
09:13:49PMunchSo anywhere between 0.18.0 and 18 days ago :P
09:19:09PMunchI'm surprised this worked to begin with..
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09:56:45FromGitter<bung87> if blk.match(re_han) == true: I follow the document but it results type mismatch ,any one can help?
09:57:11FromGitter<bung87> let re_han = re(r"([\u4E00-\u9FD5]+)") I using the nre module
10:01:23PMunchWhat is the error message?
10:02:15FromGitter<bung87> proc `==`(a, b: RegexMatch): bool ⏎ first type mismatch at position: 1 ⏎ required type: RegexMatch ⏎ but expression 'match(blk, re_han, 0, high(int))' is of type: Option[nre.RegexMatch] [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5b7a91a67a17864125503448]
10:02:49PMunchAh, so == doesn't return a boolean in this case
10:02:55PMunchIt returns an option with the result
10:03:14PMunchYou can use the isSome procedure in the options module to get a boolean
10:04:21FromGitter<bung87> thanks! works
10:05:42PMunchNo problem :)
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10:29:12FromGitter<bung87> let re_han = re(r"([\x{4E00}/u-\x{9FD5}/u]+)(*UTF)")Error: unhandled exception: character value in \x{} or \o{} is too large
10:30:24FromGitter<bung87> re_han = re.compile("([\u4E00-\u9FD5]+)") the python version,how do I port it to nim?
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10:52:00FromGitter<tim-st> Should non default parameters after default parameters be allowed in nims procs?
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11:03:55dom96Are they in Python?
11:04:52FromGitter<tim-st> no
11:05:22FromGitter<tim-st> in nim currently it's allowed sometimes
11:05:34FromGitter<tim-st> https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim/issues/8683
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