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00:19:17FromDiscord<exelotl> Bleh I have this annoying problem in my project where the nim compiler crashes when I pass a varargs[untyped] to another template that also takes a varargs[untyped]
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00:19:53FromDiscord<exelotl> I tried making a minimal example but I can't reproduce it :(
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03:24:29Zevvyeah but be honest. who would ever think of doing such a thing
03:25:09disruptekthe manual says you're doing it wrong.
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03:33:38FromDiscord<downpour> i haven't really touched code in half a decade the crux of my experience was a 4 in ap computer science, and I wanted to try my hand at nim, being stuck in quarantine in all. i definitely have looked through the site and there's a very comprehensive beginner guide (https://narimiran.github.io/nim-basics/) but i tend to be a visual/auditory learner and i was wondering if anyone could recommend a video series with the same jist as this gui
03:34:14disruptekkilonie has a series on youtube.
03:34:30FromDiscord<downpour> alright, i will check it out! thank you 🙂
03:41:32disruptekZevv: am i crazy to introduce an optional flag to emit unicode so that, eg. Foo:Object turns into Foo꞉Object instead of Foocolon_Object?
03:45:06Zevvyeah, that stuff is ungreppable
03:45:22Zevvwhy not Foo__Object or similar?
03:45:44Zevvwell its not ungreppab
03:45:56Zevvbu itll confuse people
03:46:15disruptekbecause if you're looking for the $ for something, you don't wanna search for __.
03:46:18Zevvutf8 is everywere, except for where it isnt
03:46:33Zevvalso not for your magic unicode identifiers
03:46:42Zevvalso, im not even sure if that is valid C
03:47:06disruptekit's valid if it's \u1234, which is fine with us -- we're generating it, after all.
03:47:53disruptekprobably right to just suck it up, though.
03:48:05Zevvok, im on mobile, i assume this is about the funny : right?
03:48:44Zevvmaybe foo_colon_object
03:48:54Zevvbut really, stick to ascii is my gut feeling
03:48:57disruptekthat's what it is now, chucklhead.
03:49:09disruptekyeah, was just looking for you to say that. 😉
03:49:22Zevvnoo now its FooColon_object
03:49:29disrupteki'm out. another wasted day on mangling. cya in a few.
03:49:33disruptekwell, true.
03:49:52Zevvdont let the bad bugs bite
03:50:11Zevvlike, you know, ticks and the like
03:50:45disruptekah, bloodsuckers.
03:51:10disruptekit's worms i have a problem with.
03:51:39disruptekprobably shouldn't have skipped shower day. 🤷
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04:51:38voltistAny lawyers on? :)
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04:57:55FromDiscord<Doof Doof> Is it possible to define an alternative entry point for compilation output? So instead of main it would be a user defined function name?
04:58:11Yardanicoand define your own main or DllMain or whatever
04:58:14Yardanicodon't forget to exportc
04:58:40FromDiscord<Doof Doof> That's what I'm doing but I was asking about what I said
04:59:05Yardanicolibc expects the default "main" function to be present
04:59:12Yardanicoor the compiler, I'm not exactly sure
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04:59:36Yardanicobut why do you need that?
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05:04:24FromDiscord<Doof Doof> Well I just realized it probably wouldn't make a difference in my case since I don't actually need a new name every compilation - but it would be nice to not need to wrap my entry point in a c function that's only purpose is to invoke ninstart and my custom main. I'm not in control of that scenario without changing a framework I'm using.
05:38:34FromDiscord<Skaruts> I'm using the official lua bindings to make a dll I can load up in lua, and I have a bit of a problem here
05:38:38FromDiscord<Skaruts> How do I register a lua table to create a namespace in lua?
05:38:42FromDiscord<Skaruts> (So I don't have my entire lib in lua globals)
05:38:44FromDiscord<Skaruts> I'd like to do the equivalent of the C code I included here: https://play.nim-lang.org/#ix=2tKW
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