00:00:06zacharycarterfails with invalid indentation
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00:00:53zacharycarterAlright - need some help with some type design
00:01:07*zacharycarter sent a long message: < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/rqyOGjTBakxxlRhERpIoBlpG >
00:01:11zacharycarterI want to do something like this -
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00:02:00zacharycarterbut I don't know how to mix types for the value / 2nd generic param
00:03:33FromGitter<rayman22201> @zacharycarter this does not compile though: ⏎ ⏎ ```code paste, see link``` [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5b4e83c4ecc1f82e2fc08f01]
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00:04:41zacharycarterwill though
00:05:55FromGitter<rayman22201> interesting. You are correct
00:06:28FromGitter<rayman22201> That fixed that issue. Thanks! The compiler could probably use a better error message there.
00:06:59zacharycarteryeah - may want to file an issue
00:07:09FromGitter<rayman22201> I now get the error: ```lib/pure/pegs.nim(91, 11) Error: attempt to redefine: 'sons'```
00:07:12zacharycarterI don't think Nim supports declarations like that
00:07:41zacharycarterah yeah you can't redefinine a type attribute with the same name in multiple case clauses in the same varidic type
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00:09:05zacharycarterbasically if you have the type attribute bar defined under 0
00:09:08zacharycarteryou can't re-define it again under `1
00:09:21zacharycarterit has to have a different identifier
00:10:54FromGitter<rayman22201> is that behavior considered a bug / open issue, or is it just an accepted design limitation?
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00:12:02zacharycarterthis is as designed - it'd be very difficult to overcome this limitation
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00:12:33zacharycarterthe compiler would have to get very smart
00:12:48zacharycarterand it's already very smart
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00:14:20FromGitter<rayman22201> lol. ok? and?
00:17:10zacharycarterthat's the answer
00:17:35zacharycarterit's not going to be doable - not in the forseeable future of the language
00:17:45FromGitter<rayman22201> My question is why?
00:17:52zacharycarterI explained why
00:18:20zacharycarterit's extremely difficult to do in the compiler
00:18:31zacharycarterI didn't write the compiler
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00:18:41zacharycarterbug Andreas if you want a real answer
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00:37:23FromGitter<rayman22201> Nothing? Is there documentation on this limitation anywhere? Github wiki, Github issue, the forum? I'm not trying to be an ass, I just want to understand this limitation better.
00:38:20FromGitter<rayman22201> It seems like the kind of thing that should be in the docs at least.
00:40:10zacharycarterI'm pretty sure it is
00:40:38zacharycarteryou can always dig into the compiler to understand why it'd be difficult
00:41:30FromGitter<rayman22201> where does that document describe that limitation?
00:43:05FromGitter<rayman22201> neither is it described here: https://nim-lang.org/docs/manual.html#types-object-variants
00:43:11zacharycarterI'm not sure that it does - I was just linking to where I knew the doc was
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00:43:34zacharycarterwell - I guess the argument from the language creator would probably be that it doesn't assert that it allows for that either
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00:44:05zacharycarterand since Nim is built on top of C, it's on the user when they assert that the language does exhibit such a feature
00:44:16zacharycarterbut I don't disagree that a PR couldn't hurt
00:45:03zacharycarterbut I A) Don't know where the best place to put the comment would be or B) how it would be best phrased
00:45:27zacharycartermaybe an issue would be the best place to start - not sure if there is one already existing or not
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00:46:23zacharycartergoing to skate to the convenience store real quick, be back in a few
00:46:37FromGitter<rayman22201> πŸ‘
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00:50:29CodeVancerayman there's the docs for the compiler internal
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01:52:05skrylari bring more presents https://github.com/skrylar/raylib-nim
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02:16:19CodeVancethanks XD
02:17:23zacharycarterskrylar: zengine is basically a giant port of raylib πŸ˜…
02:17:31zacharycarterwith some added stuff
02:17:35zacharycarterand some missing stuff
02:17:59zacharycarterbut anyhow - I'm going to work on a new engine soon
02:18:06zacharycarterand skeasing will be in it for sure!
02:18:35zacharycarteralthough I really think you should name the library skeasy
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02:41:20skrylarzacharycarter, i did a big bugfix to skeasing the other day. and added physics springs
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03:24:33FromGitter<gogolxdong> Is there any SOAP nimble packeage?
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03:47:01skrylari don't see one
03:49:03skrylarzacharycarter, have you dealt with lattice deformations? having a trouble wrapping my head around them, although current best guess is to subdivide NxN lattices in to smaller 2x2's
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03:50:26skrylarwill probably have to shelve the question until i have a tesselator and preview rig though :\
04:10:07FromGitter<gogolxdong> then how to translate a SOAP python serializer to nim?
04:23:45skrylaruse custom pragmas for annotations, have a macro scrape those annotations and generate code using the xml module to produce xml output?
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04:42:38skrylarheh reading the 2017 survey; people wanted tk?
04:42:50skrylarI mean, i guess. Tk is a decently simple GUI, not a lot to it tho
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06:26:12FromGitter<gogolxdong> Is tk popular ? never heard of.
06:29:48FromGitter<gogolxdong> tried http://rosettacode.org/wiki/100_doors#Tcl
06:33:28Araqtk itself is undead
06:33:44Araqbut it's the standard UI lib for Python and maybe for Ruby too
06:34:36CodeVancetk would actually benifit from nim's macros
06:34:54Araqmost UIs would, see Karax.
06:34:56CodeVancesince theres so much boilerplate
06:35:15CodeVanceWhat I don't like about tk is the interface with its internals
06:35:30CodeVanceI know but tk especially.
06:39:59FromGitter<rayman22201> Good morning @Araq! Can you explain to me the situation with Variant types not being able to redefine type fields with the same name?
06:40:15Araqthere is a long issue about it
06:40:45FromGitter<rayman22201> Is there a github link I can read?
06:47:05FromGitter<rayman22201> Thank you! πŸ˜„ my search skills suck today
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07:42:43PMunchHmm, we should promote this pattern in the internal options menu: https://github.com/superfunc/maybe
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07:47:54FromGitter<mratsim> sounds good.
07:48:00Araqwhich pattern?
07:56:42PMunchInstead of doing a check if an option is valid, then try to access it's variable, have a block that exposes the value to you if it's there, and one where it's not there.
07:57:29PMunchRight now it would be entirely possible to do "if not x.isSome: echo x.get"
07:57:36PMunchWhich obviously won't work
07:58:43PMunchCame across this when looking at Toccata: http://www.toccata.io/2017/10/No-Booleans.html
07:58:55PMunchIt's a functional language that compiles to C, and it doesn't have booleans
07:59:04PMunchNo if clauses
08:00:13AraqI've seen that, yes.
08:00:23AraqAnd don't understand it.
08:01:01PMunchWhat do you mean you don't understand it?
08:01:16Araq"bool" is not a result from "goto" statements, it's stupid
08:01:53Araqboolean logic predates imperative asm programming by hundreds of years
08:02:36Araqnor is the compression of information "bad".
08:02:47Araqevery "sum" and "avg" operation does that too.
08:03:11PMunchYeah he's not saying that booleans comes from gotos
08:03:37PMunchHe was just using gotos as an example of things most modern languages have removed, or at least shuns.
08:04:30PMunchAnd compression of information, while not inherently bad, can be scary
08:05:01Araqcompression is the essence of perception.
08:06:41PMunchLook at the maybe/options use-case. By creating two scopes, one with the value present, and one without it, we don't lose any information about our maybe. This means that we can't mess up something which is obviously illegal.
08:09:02PMunchOr consider NULL pointers, not a huge problem in Nim, but it happens from time to time. By compressing the check myPointer == nil into a boolean you've essentially lost information about what that boolean means. Booleans as a type is yes true or false, without retaining any information about what they actually checked. By scoping this in a similar way to the options we ensure that we can't create null pointer dereferences as the null pointer isn't visible in
08:09:02PMunchour scope.
08:09:08FromGitter<mratsim> > As Conor McBride puts it, to make use of a Boolean you have to know its provenance so that you can know what it means. ⏎ […] ⏎ > Keeping track of this information (or attempting to recover it using any number of program analysis techniques) is notoriously difficult. ⏎ ⏎ Checking where a boolean comes from is difficult? [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5b4ef5a44b583a74a7250e46]
08:10:20FromGitter<mratsim> I’m fine with superfund/maybe pattern, currently reading the boolean blindness article but I think the hypothesis it’s starting with is flawed.
08:10:27PMunch@mratsim, if you only have a boolean it's impossible to know where it comes from
08:10:56FromGitter<mratsim> if you only have an int it’s impossible to know where it comes from, should we remove int?
08:11:51FromGitter<mratsim> i.e. use enums and a proper type system.
08:11:51PMunchNo, the idea is that while 5 is just a number, true carries some implicit meaning of what is true
08:12:27PMunchYeah, that is one way to solve a lot of the things they point out
08:13:00FromGitter<mratsim> 5 is not just a number, it can be kilometrs, miles, integer_overflow_error, launch the missile, health remaining, Passport ID
08:13:00PMunchI'm not saying we should go crazy and delete booleans from Nim by the way :P I just wanted to see it in the options module :P
08:13:26PMunchYes of course
08:14:01PMunchWhich is where distinct types comes in
08:16:49FromGitter<mratsim> I much prefer this essay by the same author: btw, it’s quite funny: https://steve-yegge.blogspot.com/2006/03/execution-in-kingdom-of-nouns.html
08:18:25PMunchI haven't actually read it yet, but I've seen it referenced. I think I'll read it right away :)
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08:30:49Araq"I’m fine with superfund/maybe pattern, currently reading the boolean blindness article but I think the hypothesis it’s starting with is flawed" exactly my position too.
08:37:22PMunchhttp://www.hxa.name/notes/note-hxa7241-20131124T0927Z.html <- This talks about the issue you raised mratsim of "5 is not just a number"
08:38:13PMunchAnd I agree with you, the same way a bool only carries its value, so does an integer
08:40:12PMunchImagine the case where we have many procedures which passes pointers around, each should check if it's null, even if that check was just done in the previous procedure.
08:41:02PMunchIf we had created a distinct type NonNullablePtr and required that for all our procedures along with creating some way to check and convert a pointer to a NonNullablePtr this check could be done once.