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00:22:26libmanPicking up from last night: the problem of some pages on the Nim web-site (ref https://archive.is/uJfZG#selection-1257.15-1257.37 ), setting User-Agent request header same as my Chromium makes no difference.
00:26:19libmanAlso, I thought I observed this 404 problem affecting all pages on the site, but I could have been mistaken. At present it doesn't seem to affect the main site (ex `curl -I https://nim-lang.org/question.html` => "HTTP/1.1 200 OK")
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00:28:16libmanBut any page on any subdomain I tried (forum, irclogs, any others?) returns "HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found"
00:31:08ftsf_libman, seems to be a problem with HEAD requests
00:36:10libmanI don't mean to annoy anybody with this, but some crawlers (ex archive.org) can't access those anymore...
00:37:05libmanSo this isn't about figuring out what headers to add to curl to get it working on my end.
00:51:24zachcarteralright the first tutorial is done - https://gist.github.com/zacharycarter/846869eb3423e20af04dea226b65c18f
00:51:55zachcarterfor osx anyway
00:52:08zachcarterI still need linux / windows build instructions but I’ll work on those this weekend when I have access to more machines
00:52:48zachcarterfeedback more than welcome :)
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02:57:32rausszachcarter: Looks great-
02:57:40zachcarterthank you!
02:58:18raussI will probably use your nuklear stuff once I get there in my game engine
02:58:28zachcarterawesome :)
02:58:29raussand will start helping at that point where I can
02:58:56zachcarterI’m working on a 2d game framework myself
02:59:10raussMine is a framework as well
02:59:21zachcarterah cool, what are you using for rendering?
02:59:26raussa la LÖVE
02:59:41rausscurrently sdl2, but only because I can't use bgfx on linux yet
02:59:59zachcartergotcha, yeah bgfx is nice that’s what I’m using atm
03:00:09zachcarterwhat’s the hangup on linux with bgfx?
03:00:47raussI can use bgfx with glfw currently (and will probably do that), but not sdl2+bgfx
03:00:57zachcarterah okay yeah I’m using glfw
03:02:25zachcarterI was using SDL2 but I ditched it, it seemed to be taking over a lot of my application when all I really wanted it for was windowing
03:02:38zachcarternot necessarily taking over, but crepeing into