00:05:27FromGitter<Obround> <rayman22201> -- I'm writing a compiler that transpiles to Nim. For that I need to disable a few Nim built-ins.
00:09:02rayman22201Why not catch the offending procs on your end (when you are parsing the source language)?
00:11:37FromGitter<kayabaNerve> That exception should be in a static block
00:12:00rayman22201no. I tested it, works just fine.
00:12:22FromGitter<kayabaNerve> *possibly*
00:12:29FromGitter<Obround> <rayman22201> -- Because I don't want to have a few reserved procs that do nothin
00:13:37rayman22201having a few extra reserved words seems much easier than trying to modify the target language... I'm just sayin...
00:14:08rayman22201That being said, as long as you control all the resulting nim code, you can use the methods above. Just be aware that you can't affect other nim code that you don't control. (I.E. other Nim library code)
00:18:18FromGitter<kayabaNerve> rayman22201: Not to function at all. To function properly.
00:18:28FromGitter<kayabaNerve> You can detect this at compile time. No need to do it at runtime.
00:20:15rayman22201you can't throw exceptions at compile time
00:21:11rayman22201or at least I can't: `/home/ray/.choosenim/toolchains/nim-#head/lib/system.nim(3421, 9) Error: cannot evaluate at compile time: e176018`
00:21:21rayman22201That is what happens when I put the exception in a static block
00:25:12rayman22201you could do this to make it error at compile time, which is cool:
00:25:15rayman22201`template echo(args: untyped) {.error: "no echo allowed" .} = discard`
00:26:26rayman22201@kayabaNerve, it's a good point anyway. This is a thing that can be caught at compile time.
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00:50:26FromGitter<kayabaNerve> Oh, sorry. I forgot about that.
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01:31:41FromGitter<ratiotile> Is there a way to make paths in nim.cfg relative to the project root, not the invocation dir? I'd like to avoid absolute paths, as that messes up the repo. I notice that my include path changes depending on where my working directory is
01:32:49FromGitter<kayabaNerve> ```code paste, see link``` [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5d27e341c3740260bb079489]
01:33:27FromGitter<kayabaNerve> My nims in under tests/. That uses a nimcache under build/. thisDir() returns the Nimscript file's folder.
01:39:57FromGitter<ratiotile> thanks
01:46:28FromGitter<metasyn> I'm seeing some interesting behavior between seq and array, that I've never noticed before. Is anyone familiar with why this might happen? I'm sending two UDP packets, but when I send it as an array, the data comes as I would expect - a sequence however, seems to mangle the datagram contents: ⏎ ⏎ ```code paste, see link``` ⏎ ⏎ When I am listening on tcpdump: [https://gi
01:46:29FromGitter... tter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5d27e6747dbfff3242911041]
01:51:24FromGitter<metasyn> If anyone has a clue, I'm super curious, this one for some reason took me a long time to figure out what was causing it, until eventually, I was trying to make a minimal repro, and then ran into this.
01:53:33FromGitter<metasyn> To the best of my knowledge, I cannot use an array here since the array size is dynamic and unknown at compile time
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02:18:47FromGitter<ratiotile> ugh, vs2017 detection is broken again
02:20:36FromGitter<ratiotile> I had fixed this before... https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim/pull/9672/commits/7b92086df919d4d1d0b1b5495cd18713d7a26394
02:20:46FromGitter<ratiotile> someone took out VS150COMNTOOLS
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02:47:53leorize[m]@metasyn that's not how you send a seq
02:48:24leorize[m]if you want the data pointer, do `seqData[0].addr`
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02:50:20*akito is now known as Guest36097
02:50:34leorize[m]a seq internally is an object with capacity, length and a data pointer
02:50:47leorize[m]so using addr directly on the seq gets you the object address instead
02:51:18FromGitter<metasyn> @<leorize[m]> Thanks! That was totally it. and completely fixes this issue. I see. So I need the address of the first item in the sequence, since, I'm already providing the length information to the sendTo proc and the capacity is more or less irrelevant
02:52:54leorize[m]that asides, someone really need to add a high level interface for sending sequences of byte
02:53:46leorize[m]we have one for string already
02:55:16FromGitter<metasyn> I see - cool. Thanks for helping me out :)
02:57:34FromGitter<ratiotile> turns out VS2017 works in devel, just not on 0.20
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03:51:26FromGitter<zacharycarter> Here's the issue re: hotcode reloading from last night - https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim/issues/11718
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04:01:52FromGitter<zacharycarter> shashlick - if I don't plan on reading from loaded plugins on any thread but the main thread - I don't need the shared stuff right?
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04:03:26FromGitter<zacharycarter> I mean the shared seqs / strings you're working on
04:12:26rayman22201I hate to say it, but I'm afraid we are going to end up with an annoying ecosystem split between HCR and shashlicks system. Similar to Status's async vs. the stdlib asyc....
04:15:13shashlickyes, but since the monitoring thread and main thread communicate about plugins to load when they change, it is still needed
04:15:18shashlicki'm still dealing with some bugs in shared
04:16:01FromGitter<zacharycarter> hmm okay
04:16:09FromGitter<zacharycarter> well - if HCR doesn't work for anything beyond simple toy examples
04:16:19FromGitter<zacharycarter> I feel like HCR will fall into that unmaintained experimental feature state
04:16:21shashlickwell, i'll eventually adapt the HCR stuff once it becomes more stable
04:16:58shashlickbut it also needs the ability to not reload, but i think i read it can be turned off as well, not sure
04:17:35shashlickone caveat is that HCR is invisible to the user, which means no DLLs show up
04:17:43shashlickplus you need nim to keep it working
04:17:55shashlicksince the dlls are loaded from nimcache
04:18:24shashlickanyway, my understanding is quite limited to the docs which i perused once
04:21:39rayman22201It's a chicken and egg problem. HCR needs more users to find the bugs. We need guinnie pigs lol
04:23:25shashlicki'm also spreading myself too thin
04:23:38rayman22201@shashlick: you make good points. I'm don't know much more either.
04:23:50shashlicki don't have the kind of time to keep up with any of this
04:24:06rayman22201Also fair. I totally understand
04:27:41FromGitter<zacharycarter> well regarding HCR - a guy was hired to implemented it - he implemented it and explained that it was basically a toy because of useNimRtl being untested - and useNimRtl has been around since I started using Nim
04:28:00FromGitter<zacharycarter> so I am not optimistic that it will ever become fully baked
04:28:39FromGitter<zacharycarter> shashlick: I threw together some of the files from fued using 0.20 and without your shared library, and here's what I got - ⏎ ⏎ ```code paste, see link``` [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5d280c774d750532412e717b]
04:28:59FromGitter<zacharycarter> I do have a dll now though :)
04:30:05rayman22201It's unfortunate. The guy was hired to basically made a prototype, and then he bailed... but it needs more ongoing support. ☹️
04:30:21FromGitter<zacharycarter> well he did make a prototype
04:30:37FromGitter<zacharycarter> but prototype doesn't always mean it's going to work beyond small simple implementations
04:30:49FromGitter<zacharycarter> he even states that in the grant proposal issue
04:31:00FromGitter<zacharycarter> it definitely needs someone who understands how it works - because lord knows I don't
04:31:19shashlickya don't use 0.20.0, it won't work
04:31:31FromGitter<zacharycarter> okay - I'll try with 0.19.6 - I remember you mentioning that last night
04:31:33shashlickuse 0.19.6 and boehm and it will be fine
04:31:56shashlickupgrading to 0.20.0 is what took me down this shared rabbit hole
04:32:00shashlicki've been in there for a month now
04:32:14FromGitter<zacharycarter> :P
04:32:36FromGitter<zacharycarter> well - writing code that is synchronized is not easy
04:32:41FromGitter<zacharycarter> so props to you for doing it
04:39:42FromGitter<zacharycarter> well - I'm still crashing - but it's because I can't find where `ctx.plugins` gets initialized
04:42:04shashlickwell it is a table so shouldn't need to be initialized
04:42:08shashlickthere's initPlugins()
04:42:17FromGitter<zacharycarter> tables have to be initialized I'm pretty sure
04:42:28FromGitter<zacharycarter> there's the method - `initTable`
04:43:24FromGitter<zacharycarter> heyyyy
04:43:24FromGitter<zacharycarter> it works
04:43:32FromGitter<zacharycarter> well - it does a thing anyway - when I init the table
04:43:51FromGitter<zacharycarter> may want to add the line - `ctx.plugins = initTablestring, Plugin ()` - to `initPlugins`
04:44:01FromGitter<zacharycarter> unless in 0.20 you don't need to init tables any longer or something
04:45:08shashlickya 0.20 doesn't need it anymore
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04:48:59shashlickactually, i'm using feud right now and it is built with 0.20.0
04:50:20shashlicki think the 64-bit build is broken, not 32-bit somehow
04:50:58shashlickif i had a better memory, i'd remember why i've been working on this shared stuff
04:58:36FromGitter<Obround> I have a (definitely simple) question I couldn't find the answer to. Is there a resource where I can learn how to slice arrays?
05:00:18FromGitter<zacharycarter> :P
05:00:24FromGitter<zacharycarter> I'm going to try compiling with 0.20
05:01:06FromGitter<zacharycarter> it works now with 0.20.0 too
05:01:37FromGitter<zacharycarter> cool - I gotta go to work but I'll play around more with it when I get home
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05:31:57shashlickcool beans
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05:54:34FromGitter<zacharycarter> shashlick: I didn't look at your plugin code too closely - do you have a way to manage state?
05:55:52FromGitter<mratsim> Very nice read on parser optimization: https://bjou-lang.org/blog/7-10-2019-self-hosting-a-million-lines-per-second-parser/7-10-2019-self-hosting-a-million-lines-per-second-parser.html
05:58:28shashlickwhat do you mean by state
06:02:51FromGitter<zacharycarter> shashlick: like if a plugin has its own state - some way to preserve that between loading and unloading of the shared library
06:04:26FromGitter<zacharycarter> nim HCR achieves this with before/afterCodeReload hooks
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06:19:44FromGitter<zacharycarter> honestly - luajit is looking more and more appealing, especially since stuff like - https://github.com/jangko/nimLUA - already exists
06:20:33FromGitter<Varriount> @mratsim That's a really nice article!
06:31:20FromGitter<zacharycarter> bJou looks interesting
06:33:20FromGitter<mratsim> luajit is not maintained anymore is it? Like it will forever lag behind Lua
06:36:16FromGitter<zacharycarter> I think certain forks are - but I know like raptorJit doesn't support Windows
06:36:30FromGitter<zacharycarter> does it really matter if it lags behind lua?
06:36:38FromGitter<zacharycarter> also - I wonder how difficult it would be to add HCR to - https://github.com/arnetheduck/nlvm
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06:39:04FromGitter<mratsim> The issue is the fragmented Lua community
06:39:10FromGitter<mratsim> just like Python 2 vs Python 3
06:39:17FromGitter<mratsim> or Perl (was it 5)
06:43:13FromGitter<zacharycarter> I think a lot of game engines are already using luajit - so I could just use the last stable version and probably never have to worry about updating it
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07:13:53FromGitter<zacharycarter> or maybe I could use terra and embed it in my Nim code
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07:39:50FromGitter<mratsim> Terra is also somewhat unmaintained I think.
07:40:16FromGitter<mratsim> The author is now working at Facebook and is maintaining their Arraymancer-like library
07:44:27FromDiscord_<Stuffe> Noob question; what does this error mean? Error: type mismatch: got <seq[morpheme_result]> but expected 'seq[morpheme_result]'
07:44:53FromDiscord_<Stuffe> I have a proc that returns seq[morpheme_result], (morpheme_result is a tuple)
07:45:04FromGitter<zacharycarter> ah
07:45:17FromGitter<zacharycarter> well - it seems like the options for supporting any sort of scripting are limited
07:45:20FromDiscord_<Stuffe> And I call the proc and store the result to a variable that I initialed with the same type seq[morpheme_result]
07:45:27FromGitter<zacharycarter> and hcr is unstable
07:45:28FromGitter<mratsim> it means a bug, :p
07:45:39FromGitter<zacharycarter> so - if anyone has any recommendations on this - I'm open to them
07:45:54FromGitter<mratsim> Are you using, generics, statics, typedesc, templates or macros? it seems weird with pure procs
07:45:55FromDiscord_<Stuffe> mratsim, I will make a quick poc then
07:45:59FromGitter<zacharycarter> my goals are basically to achieve some type of iteration improvement over having to re-compile my program every time I change things
07:46:20FromGitter<mratsim> why is HCR unusable?
07:46:59FromGitter<zacharycarter> it's not that it's unusable - but please see this issue I made this morning: https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim/issues/11718
07:47:06FromGitter<zacharycarter> it seems unreliable
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07:52:17FromGitter<mratsim> it's only 3 months old
07:53:34Zevvzacharycarter: what time zone are you in?
07:55:20FromGitter<zacharycarter> EEST
07:56:09FromGitter<zacharycarter> @mratsim - understandable, but the fact that it needs work still doesn't help me today
07:56:14Zevvstatistically, you don't sleep very much :)
07:56:31FromGitter<mratsim> yeah of course
07:56:41FromGitter<zacharycarter> I'm not trying to complain - I'm just looking for a solution to my need
07:56:45FromGitter<zacharycarter> Zevv: this is true
07:57:08FromGitter<mratsim> well, Lua or Terra are working, it's just the future that is more obscure, if you need somethign right now use those
07:59:25FromGitter<zacharycarter> yeah - I think I'll give luajit a go when I get home
07:59:34FromGitter<zacharycarter> I remember terra having some very funky things going on with types
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08:19:04FromGitter<zacharycarter> https://github.com/jangko/razcal/blob/master/razcal.nim - looks like a nice starting point
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08:26:11Araqhttps://www.twitch.tv/araq4k it's streaming time (apparently...)
08:27:45PMunchWhat's the topic for the stream Araq?
08:28:52Araqfinishing "araq-better-run"
08:28:56livcdnarimiran: you sound like you are angry :D
08:29:37livcddefinitely better ..brigthened my day
08:34:11*jjido joined #nim
08:34:16livcdBesser Ceee :D
08:35:04narimirannimBetterRun, or short: nimBeeR
08:35:16livcdI am wondering did you try to get some EU funding for Nim ? Or you did / dont want to do that ?
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08:37:07livcdI dont know more but VLC received some EU money
08:38:16livcdI never heard Araq crying this is a first :D
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08:50:30narimiranPMunch: did you report your VM problems?
08:50:37narimiran...from yesterday
08:50:43livcdcall him chipmunk :)
08:51:10livcdbut chipmunks are cute...
09:03:03narimiran"echo L.bufpos; L.bufpos = 0; echo L.bufpos -- They both echo the same thing."
09:03:46narimiran!eval import parsesql; static: (var p: SqlParser; echo p.bufpos)
09:03:49NimBotCompile failed: Error: unhandled exception: intVal is not accessible [FieldError]
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09:31:45PMunchnarimiran, nope
09:32:07narimiranPMunch: it's ok, we found it and we're working on it currently
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09:32:38PMunchWhat was the issue
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09:33:55Araqparseqsl uses inheritance twice :P
09:34:20PMunchYeah I thought that could be what caused it :P
09:35:49narimiranPMunch: now to more important question - how is your nick pronounced, the english way or the german way?
09:36:34livcdnarimiran: i think it's "german way"
09:36:45livcdhe pronounced it like that in his talk about Nim metaprogramming
09:38:28livcdnarimiran: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMkEJ__2Meg&feature=youtu.be&t=20
09:39:12narimiransounds like P.Munck :)
09:39:32narimiran(and that is the silent/german way)
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10:01:41FromGitter<zacharycarter> I wonder - has anyone ever tried to embed mono in a Nim application?
10:05:33FromGitter<zacharycarter> https://yizhang82.dev/hosting-coreclr - would be an interesting experiment to try out with Nim
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10:13:06FromGitter<zacharycarter> actually - forking the compiler and using - https://github.com/Serenitor/embeddedNimScript - might be a good option fo rme
10:13:09FromGitter<zacharycarter> for* me
10:13:29FromGitter<zacharycarter> only reason to fork the compiler is because of this - https://github.com/Serenitor/embeddedNimScript#areas-of-improvement
10:18:04narimiranstill streaming at https://www.twitch.tv/araq4k for those of you who missed the earlier announcement
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10:37:05PMunchlivcd, narimiran, well it's complicated..
10:37:49PMunchWe have stacks of correspondence with the national news channels on how to pronounce our family name
10:38:08PMunchThe way I pronounced it in that talk is not the same way I pronounce it in Norwegian
10:40:16FromGitter<zacharycarter> would there be any way to add vmhooks without having to fork the compiler?
10:41:49PMunchhttps://digitaltmuseum.no/011085440396/en-hilsen-fra-edvard-munch <- about 0:11 he says it the way we say it
10:46:04PMunchBy the way, ran into a new compiler error: http://ix.io/1Of6
10:48:22Zevvis this a bug: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/T8xkBfbT3X/
10:49:09ZevvTables mgetOrPut is modifyable but modififactions to the table value are lost
10:51:02leorize[m]looks like a bug to me
10:51:35Zevvwell no, shoot. It's not a ref
10:52:17Zevvhmm, so basically it makes no sens to do mget/mgetOrPut to a non-ref key type
10:55:04Zevvs/non ref key type/non ref value type/
10:57:18leorize[m]it should be possible. mget returns a hidden reference to the value
10:57:22leorize[m]so it should work
10:58:00Zevvoh it does?
11:04:33ZevvI get a copy now it seems
11:07:47Zevvdocs do not lie, it is modifyable :)
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11:10:12*laaron joined #nim
11:11:53FromDiscord_<demotomohiro> Zevv:You can modify like this way:
11:11:55FromDiscord_<demotomohiro> https://wandbox.org/permlink/0J15tZWvcrar6sw9
11:13:42Zevvyeah, that makes sense - but it might still not be expected behaviour
11:13:44FromDiscord_<demotomohiro> ``mGetOrPut`` returns l-value, and your code is copying returned l-value to var u.
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11:19:48FromDiscord_<kodkuce> is new runtime still heppening?
11:22:00alexander92Araq, have you seen any langs with alias-like annotations
11:22:27Araq'restrict' in Ansi C?
11:22:37alexander92yeah but mor egeneral
11:22:57alexander92one idea i found before, which i thought might work for a toy lang was
11:23:28alexander92to somehow parametrize them, e.g. you have
11:24:08FromGitter<ahcm> hmm Error: ambiguous call; both io.open ... memfiles.open, so how do you disambiguate?
11:24:53Araqsystem.open vs memfiles.open
11:25:04FromGitter<ahcm> ah, system, not io
11:25:06FromGitter<ahcm> thx
11:25:22alexander92change(arg: Text, other: Text not on arg) (equivalent to e.g. if #<a> is an um unique path to the expr: change[First, Second: First != Second](arg: Text#First, other: Text#Second) -> Text#First)
11:25:33alexander92change(arg: Text, other: Text on arg) -> Text on arg etc
11:25:58alexander92somehow overloading/specifying when certain things alias with each other or dont and specialize code based on that
11:25:59FromGitter<zacharycarter> Reading through - https://github.com/Serenitor/embeddedNimScript#areas-of-improvement - does anyone know what is being referred to by `get type from VmArgs`? I don't see anything like that in ast.nim
11:26:21*jjido quit (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
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11:33:25FromDiscord_<kodkuce> nice
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11:39:11PMunchahcm, you can also prevent the import of memfiles.open if you only use the system version
11:40:31*absolutejam joined #nim
11:45:43lqdev[m]so nimscript can be embedded? I'd refrain from doing that since pulling in the whole compiler seems like a pretty big dependency
11:47:53FromGitter<zacharycarter> lqdev[m]: any suggestions for achieving a scripting system where I can reload scripts at runtime?
11:48:38FromGitter<zacharycarter> right now I think the most promising options are - 1) shashlick's plugin code 2) lua
11:49:31*jjido joined #nim
11:50:55lqdev[m]Lua is a pretty good option
11:51:27lqdev[m]dunno about feud's plugin system
11:51:50FromGitter<zacharycarter> yeah - lua + moonscript might be a good option too
11:51:56PMunchHmm, if you import the compiler and only run NimScript stuff, will deadCodeElim be able to trip away all the stuff you don't use?
11:52:32lqdev[m]just keep in mind the high-level nimLUA wrapper is broken on latest stable, and you'll have to fix it.
11:53:16lqdev[m]PMunch: but doesn't NimScript use the whole Nim parser and whatnot? seems like a really big dep.
11:53:40PMunchWell yeah the parser is obviously in there..
11:53:49PMunchI wonder how big it would be though
11:54:16FromGitter<zacharycarter> I don't mind updating the nimLua wrapper
11:54:33FromGitter<zacharycarter> probably will be easier than figuring out how to make other options work
11:54:39FromGitter<zacharycarter> famous last words
11:55:23lqdev[m]that's partially why I started working on rod, I needed a scriping language for Nim with a small footprint. but, I haven't worked on it for ages since I burnt myself out with constant changes I was making to the language
11:55:45*jjido quit (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
11:55:54FromGitter<zacharycarter> heh - maybe it's time to actually start reading crafting interpreters :P
11:56:17lqdev[m]ha, except crafting interpreters isn't finished so you're on your own with a lot of stuff
11:57:02lqdev[m]but it's getting there
11:57:35FromGitter<zacharycarter> yeah - maybe by the time I finish reading it and implementing what I learn in the available chapters it will be :P
11:58:42lqdev[m]rn I want to achieve something simple (variables, flow control, procs, structs) without super-fancy stuff
12:01:45FromGitter<zacharycarter> that'd be nice
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12:07:23Araqwell I do know about VmArgs but I don't see the problem
12:07:51Araqyou need to do a MyType -> PNode, PNode -> MyType translation, sure
12:08:04Araqbut you have to do this translation with Lua or Python too
12:08:39Araqalso, this works with 0.18 and we're at 0.20 and the API did become more useful in the meantime
12:08:54Araqsee tcompilerapi for an example of how to use it.
12:09:12AraqI also used it in my 'NimEdit' project as the scripting environment
12:10:07Araqbut even if you're unhappy with nimscript, copying the VM from compiler/ and throwing away the stuff you don't need is one day of work. writing a VM from scatch takes months.
12:22:49*shomodj joined #nim
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12:26:29FromGitter<mratsim> This is nice: https://repology.org/project/nim/badges, https://repology.org/project/nim/versions
12:29:10*jjido joined #nim
12:29:28FromGitter<arnetheduck> I've often wondered what a small, script-focused c or rust implemenation of nim would entail / how big it would be.. the more we can outsource to the std lib, the better
12:30:40shashlick@zacharycarter sorry was asleep - you have plugin local data which can come and go with dll reload
12:31:07shashlickThere's also data stored in ctx if you want it preserved thru reload
12:31:17shashlickSee pluginapi.nim
12:31:34shashlickAlso see the plugins - how it is done
12:32:14FromGitter<mratsim> @arnetheduck it would look like csources? :P
12:32:39shashlickEvery plugin dll is a first class citizen so it has full access to everything thru ctx
12:33:29narimiranis there a way to pass a cstring to a proc that takes openArray? (other than `$myCstring`)
12:33:33FromGitter<mratsim> I think that's one of Araq's goal, like reimplementing the ^1 operator with BackwardsIndex instead of a compiler magic
12:33:52FromGitter<mratsim> @narimiran, no, because cstring don't have a size
12:34:15FromGitter<mratsim> and scanning the cstring to get a size, and then rescanning it in the proc would be extremely inefficient.
12:34:16FromGitter<arnetheduck> except the generated c code is horrible :) nim is a compiler, remember, not a transpiler. very important and convenient distinction.
12:34:50narimiran@mratsim i will need its `len` either way. so `$` is my best course of action?
12:35:10FromGitter<mratsim> http://composition.al/blog/2017/07/30/what-do-people-mean-when-they-say-transpiler/
12:35:57FromGitter<mratsim> if you don't care about perf for it's use, use $
12:36:22narimiranand if i do care? :)
12:36:42FromGitter<mratsim> if you do some operation in a loop on the cstring, and that is perf critical, you should get the length later ideally, just apply the algorithm and stop when you get \0
12:36:52FromGitter<mratsim> and save that.
12:37:27FromGitter<arnetheduck> I solved it by calling it a translator: https://github.com/arnetheduck/j2c :)
12:37:31FromGitter<mratsim> also it depends if it's something that you will always use in the future or if it's just a proof of concept
12:38:26FromGitter<mratsim> And if you like parsing cstring, this article is my highlight of the day ;) https://bjou-lang.org/blog/7-10-2019-self-hosting-a-million-lines-per-second-parser/7-10-2019-self-hosting-a-million-lines-per-second-parser.html
12:39:14narimiranthanks for the link, will read it later :)
12:40:39FromGitter<mratsim> but to be honest, I didn't yet focus on string performance and parsing. Later for natural language processing, like in 6 months :p
12:41:36*jjido quit (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
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12:53:07*tiorock is now known as rockcavera
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13:29:21FromGitter<zacharycarter> thanks shashlick
13:29:57FromGitter<zacharycarter> and Araq
13:30:00*Xe joined #nim
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13:44:13alexander92arnetheduck, what do you mean by scripted-focused
13:44:15alexander92and by small?
13:44:33alexander92like , an implementation of a subset of nim?
13:45:58alexander92as an embeddable vm? i have to agree, if its just nim, nimscript's compiler dep shouldnt be such a big dep, after if you dont depend on parser/etc, you just have to write them on your own anyway
13:50:38*Senketsu joined #nim
13:50:55FromGitter<arnetheduck> a mini-implementation, yes, akin to lua or sqlite - something that's easily embeddable..
13:54:42*blackbeard420 joined #nim
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14:10:01disrupteki'd love to hear how and where you think you can do better than lua, but i'll have to take my answer off the air. ;-)
14:14:20Araqyou can replace 'while'/'break' etc by 'goto' in Lua and then you'll have a smaller Lua
14:14:51Araqand then you can slowly transform Lua into a Forth
14:15:29FromGitter<arnetheduck> to start with, we get `!=` instead of `~=`, that's a win already :)
14:15:52AraqI patched my Lua to use '&' instead of '..' back then
14:16:26FromGitter<arnetheduck> lua is small enough that you can actually do that :)
14:18:21Araqback to the topic: create a Nim without the configuration subsystem (omg, please can we remove this...), that ignores the effect system pragmas, that only compiles to C++ and that uses --newruntime and --quirkyExceptions
14:18:24FromGitter<alehander42> i guess having a good jit should be important then? iirc luajit is still preferred in a lot of cases
14:18:41FromGitter<alehander42> and this is more work than the scripting lang itself probably
14:18:52Araqand then you would have a pretty nice, minimal Nim
14:19:41Araqextra points for removing the VM by simply creating helper .exe files via the C++ codegen
14:19:57*PMunch quit (Remote host closed the connection)
14:20:47FromGitter<alehander42> hm btw i wondered these days: hcr/repl is hard because native code
14:21:10FromGitter<alehander42> but its still probably going to be slower because of indirection even with dll-s
14:21:31FromGitter<alehander42> what if the repl/hrc just ran nim into something like a emulator
14:21:51FromGitter<alehander42> where you just interpret the native code anyway
14:24:07Araqgood idea, there are x86 emulators around
14:24:21shashlickI had some questions about shared mem and threads
14:25:03shashlickWhen you use createThread and pass an arg, I've seen typically use ptr object
14:25:45shashlickIs that object expected to have been allocated using allocShared?
14:26:02shashlickOr a regular object ptr okay?
14:26:14Araqwell it's shared
14:26:31Araqthat means either allocShared or addr of a global or thread local
14:28:58disrupteknim->llvm->graalvm, then you get access to the jvm and anything that can target it.
14:29:14shashlickI've used a thread local object and it's worked fine so far but wondering what best practices are
14:29:41shashlickSo what is the intent of =deepCopy
14:30:26shashlickWhat would you really do in it if you were to override it
14:30:31Araqit's called for parameter passing to a different thread. more or less
14:31:41*MarderIII joined #nim
14:33:33FromGitter<mratsim> btw, I was looking into Nim threadpool to see which primitives can be reused, and the cache line size is wrong :/ https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim/blob/master/lib/pure/concurrency/threadpool.nim#L46, all X86 are 64 bytes, and most ARM are 64 bytes as well (with some 32, or apparently 128 for Samsung designs)
14:34:13shashlickAraq: so i have been using thread local objects so that they can get destructed with my custom =destroy
14:34:19disruptekanyone here have a 4k display?
14:34:25shashlicki noticed you cannot have a =destroy for a ref type
14:36:46FromGitter<mratsim> you have finalizers
14:36:50shashlickokay, so another question - if I share a thread local object across threads, is the GC careful to destruct it only after it goes out of scope out of the last thread using it?
14:37:04FromGitter<mratsim> the GC is not multithreaded
14:37:30shashlickyes, that's why i'm doing this whole shared project so that I can get strings and seqs safely across threads
14:37:59shashlickbut i am using regular objects since only those have =destroy where i can do the shared mem maintenance
14:38:05FromGitter<mratsim> you need to hold a reference to it one way or another, possibly using GC_ref()
14:38:05shashlickwhat's a finalizer
14:38:18FromGitter<mratsim> new myRef, myfinalizer
14:39:00FromGitter<mratsim> example: https://github.com/mratsim/Arraymancer/blob/master/src/tensor/backend/opencl_backend.nim#L42-L44
14:39:18FromGitter<mratsim> and it's associated to the instance here: https://github.com/mratsim/Arraymancer/blob/master/src/tensor/backend/opencl_backend.nim#L51
14:39:21FromGitter<mratsim> in the new proc
14:39:35FromGitter<mratsim> so the GC automatically calls it when the ref reaches the end of its lifetime
14:40:10shashlickoh nice, i didn't know that
14:40:42shashlickso right now, my code works fine since i create the object in main thread, send it to child thread and i can share just fine
14:41:13shashlickbut when the object goes out of scope in the child, =destroy doesn't get called, so it all works fine since the parent calls join and then =destroy gets called
14:41:44shashlicki'm just wondering if i do the opposite, will it still work - is the GC aware that the object is still in use in the parent even if it was created in the child
14:42:16*Senketsu quit (Quit: WeeChat 2.5)
14:43:51FromGitter<mratsim> you need to GC_ref() from the child
14:44:33shashlickbut then you need to manually GC_unref() somewhere in the parent
14:44:55shashlickeffectively, i'm trying to give a stdlib experience with shared objs
14:45:57shashlickanyway, i think part of the deal is that the child wouldn't even be able to share it with the parent after the fact - you'd have to have some shared obj which points to it that was initially shared via createThread
14:46:10FromGitter<mratsim> TBH, that seems very difficult without a GC designed for multithreading from the ground up. And multithreaded GC are very difficult
14:46:24shashlickcan you take a look at my shared implementation?
14:46:47shashlickactually, let me push these changes first then it will be great if you can see what i'm doing
14:47:27shashlicki'm basically using thread local objects that point to shared memory which i maintain
14:47:34FromGitter<mratsim> Also make sure to watch this video: https://youtu.be/zULU6Hhp42w?t=1776
14:48:02FromGitter<mratsim> if you don't have time just the next 2 minutes from the time I linked, otherwise the whole thing.
14:48:49FromGitter<mratsim> I.e. if you want mutability, you will need to manage contention and it's very easy to have bad perf or worse deadlocks
14:49:40FromGitter<mratsim> Looking into https://github.com/genotrance/shared
14:50:02shashlickwell, performance is not the goal right now, so there's a lot of copying and a single global lock
14:50:38shashlickthat can be considered later
14:55:04*jjido joined #nim
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14:58:08FromGitter<mratsim> so to append a new element to a sharedSeq, you copy to a seq in the main thread, append there, and copy back to a shared seq?
14:58:32shashlickyep, it's super inefficient, but good for a first version
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15:08:59shashlickso right now, i was wondering whether i should create a duplicate copy of the thread local object in =deepCopy but pointing to the same shared memory inside
15:09:26shashlickbut =deepCopy works on refs or ptrs only, so I cannot create a thread local object in =deepCopy since it goes out of scope right there
15:09:45*Senketsu quit (Quit: WeeChat 2.5)
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15:17:08FromGitter<arnetheduck> unless it's a queue, it's rare that a collection is the right granularity for shared data.. java learned this the hard way when they (practically) deprecated Vector and the other locked collections.. it's mostly about correctness, even though efficiency plays part of it as well
15:18:49FromGitter<zacharycarter> I'm attempting to compile NimEdit's nimscriptsupport.nim, and I'm running into - `Error: unhandled exception: assignment to discriminant changes object branch; compile with -d:nimOldCaseObjects for a transition period [FieldError]`. Does the compiler currently get compiled with that flag?
15:20:08shashlickyou might be better off using c2nim's or nimble's instead
15:21:45leorize[m]@zacharycarter: yea
15:21:57FromGitter<zacharycarter> gotcha - thanks!
15:22:17leorize[m]Araq said the language development outpaced the compiler's
15:22:44shashlick@zacharycarter - gave up on feud plugin? let me know if you need any help with it
15:22:54shashlicki recently removed the compiler from nimble
15:23:11FromGitter<zacharycarter> I didn't give up - but I'd prefer a scripting system over a plugin system if I can achieve such a thing
15:23:48shashlicksee what i did in nimble - i just run `nim e` and it works fine
15:23:48*sealmove quit (Quit: WeeChat 2.5)
15:24:04shashlickof course, it runs in a separate memory space so not quite as powerful
15:25:17FromGitter<ratiotile> why do {.importcpp.} variables need to be var, even if in c++ they are a const? The Nim compiler will allow assignment, which is then caught in the C++ compiler.
15:26:25leorizelet requires a value
15:26:28leorizethat's the only reason
15:27:05leorizeI've never tried, but maybe you can make a template that {.emit.} the c code directly so it won't be a variable
15:29:36FromGitter<ratiotile> it seems I can importcpp into a temp var, then assign to an exported `let`.
15:30:03leorizeit'll allocate memory for the let
15:30:06leorizeso not optimal
15:30:53FromGitter<ratiotile> so shouldn't the language support importcpp into let directlly then?
15:31:33leorizenice to have, but not much of a priority when you think about it
15:31:49leorizeand tbh giving them `let` is still not enough
15:32:07leorize`unsafeAddr` can take address of `let` variables, but constants don't have address
15:32:40FromGitter<ratiotile> the problem with const is that the compiler would have to read the imported cpp code
15:33:29leorizeeither you hardcode that to your wrapper, or you do the `var` thing
15:33:33leorizeI'd recommend hard coding
15:33:44leorize`#define` usually never changes
15:34:43FromGitter<ratiotile> right and constexpr should never change either
15:35:59leorizealso hard-coding let you do compile-time maths
15:36:17FromGitter<ratiotile> yeah sounds like something to add to c2nim
15:36:32*alexander92 quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
15:36:42leorizedoesn't c2nim already do that?
15:37:05FromGitter<ratiotile> no, it makes a var, which is what made me ask
15:38:18leorizeare you using the --header switch?
15:38:18leorizeoh, you're working with C++ interop, right?
15:38:33FromGitter<ratiotile> yeah does the --header not work with c++ headers?
15:38:54leorizeyou must use that switch for proper c++ interop actually
15:39:03leorizeand a side-effect is that it won't convert const
15:39:31FromGitter<ratiotile> well, if the code is already there to convert const, it should be simple to fix
15:39:46leorizewithout --header you can't import C++ functions
15:40:46FromGitter<ratiotile> I mean to invoke that code on header variables that are assigned literal values
15:41:02FromGitter<ratiotile> since in C++ you can assign values directly in header files
15:42:00*Trustable joined #nim
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15:54:49*nsf joined #nim
15:59:22Araqthat would require the concept of a "const without value"
15:59:30FromGitter<mratsim> yeah I agree with @arnetheduck, probably queue and hashmaps are worth sharing but I don't think a vector is @shashlick
15:59:36Araqwhich would suck
15:59:54Araqthough maybe not as much as not having it
16:00:31AraqskConst is used 41 times in the compiler, we would need to go through all 41 occurences to check for "hasValue"
16:00:47Araqin other words, PRs are welcome :P
16:01:22FromGitter<ratiotile> Yeah I'll work on it, after I get done with a couple of other C++ features
16:01:45Araqwow, thanks
16:01:52FromGitter<ratiotile> can someone review the 2 PRs I have open?
16:02:06AraqMonday is our review-day
16:02:10FromGitter<ratiotile> ok
16:02:54FromGitter<mratsim> cc @cooldome: https://forum.nim-lang.org/t/3762#23453
16:04:33shashlickwell, i'm not building for traditional high performance multi-thread use cases
16:04:48FromGitter<mratsim> what's your use case?
16:05:09shashlickmost people use seqs all over the place and more cores = more threads
16:05:37shashlickmaking seq usable across threads is worthwhile instead of using channels and queues
16:06:46shashlickin my use case, i have a monitor thread that checks if code has changed and recompiles dlls
16:06:51shashlickit then notifies the main thread to reload
16:07:05Araqwe should distinguish between 'shared' and 'locked'
16:07:16Araqor maybe 'transferable' and 'shared'
16:07:35shashlickso nothing complex but i have to invent some bogus protocol across channels to coordinate
16:07:43Araqshashlick wants to have transferable seqs (something with Java, C#, C++, etc give you out of the box)
16:07:45*lritter joined #nim
16:08:11shashlickand sharedlist and sharedtable don't allow non GC'd values so they are very limited
16:08:19AraqRust calls it 'sendable' iirc
16:09:03shashlicki'm not transferring Araq, i am sharing across threads and coordinating with locks, if that's good terminology
16:09:34shashlickso both threads can read and write, perhaps main thread owns but that's what i'm trying to figure out how to ensure the destructor/finalizer runs at the right time
16:19:39*ng0 joined #nim
16:20:55shashlickAraq - if I have ptr object and I derefernce with [], should overloaded `=` still be used? http://ix.io/1OgB
16:32:54*Senketsu quit (Quit: WeeChat 2.5)
16:41:40FromGitter<zacharycarter> I just finished updating - https://github.com/Serenitor/embeddedNimScript - to work with 0.20.0
16:42:52*shomodj quit (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
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17:17:05FromDiscord_<Sporgity> Hey, um when I run `finish.exe` it doesn't seem to install mingw and I tried to run a file and this shows an error
17:17:05FromDiscord_<Sporgity> `Hint: used config file 'C:\nim-0.20.0\config\nim.cfg' [Conf]
17:17:05FromDiscord_<Sporgity> Hint: system [Processing]
17:17:05FromDiscord_<Sporgity> Hint: widestrs [Processing]
17:17:05FromDiscord_<Sporgity> Hint: io [Processing]
17:17:06FromDiscord_<Sporgity> Hint: test [Processing]
17:17:07FromDiscord_<Sporgity> CC: stdlib_io.nim
17:17:09FromDiscord_<Sporgity> Error: invocation of external compiler program failed. The system cannot find the file specified.
17:17:14FromDiscord_<Sporgity> Additional info: "Requested command not found: \'gcc.exe -c -w -mno-ms-bitfields -IC:\\nim-0.20.0\\lib -IC:\\Users\\Rizwan\\Desktop\\Projects\\Nim! -o C:\\Users\\Rizwan\\nimcache\\test_d\\stdlib_io.nim.c.o C:\\Users\\Rizwan\\nimcache\\test_d\\stdlib_io.nim.c\'. OS error:" 2`
17:18:01FromGitter<zacharycarter> I think I had a similar issue - and just ended up installing mingw without finish.exe
17:19:53FromDiscord_<Sporgity> so. where do I install mingw? I tried to download it from https://nim-lang.org/install_windows.html and for some reason it was corrupted
17:20:51*shomodj joined #nim
17:22:10shashlickTry again, it is good
17:22:28FromGitter<ratiotile> I am currently able to call inherited C++ functions by manually creating a proc importcpp in derived_class.nim that points to base_class.h. Is there a better way to get Nim to recognize functions inherited from the base class?
17:22:30*nsf quit (Quit: WeeChat 2.4)
17:22:42FromGitter<zacharycarter> https://nim-lang.org/download/mingw64-
17:22:49FromGitter<zacharycarter> assuming you're after a 64 bit version
17:23:23FromGitter<zacharycarter> what would be the best way to grab a specific directory from a git repository
17:23:47FromDiscord_<Sporgity> wdym by that
17:23:56FromDiscord_<Sporgity> the git repo one
17:24:25FromGitter<zacharycarter> I need a copy of Nim's stdlib but I don't want to clone all of Nim
17:24:39FromGitter<zacharycarter> I just want to grab the stdlib when someone installs my project
17:25:23FromGitter<zacharycarter> and I don't want to depend on subversion - I know it's possible with that
17:25:42FromGitter<kaushalmodi> @zacharycarter You can get the latest release from https://github.com/nim-lang/nightlies/releases
17:25:46FromGitter<kaushalmodi> and extract out the lib/ dir
17:26:23FromGitter<zacharycarter> that's not a bad idea - thanks @kaushalmodi
17:26:34FromGitter<kaushalmodi> that way you can get the tested libs
17:26:57FromGitter<kaushalmodi> if the devel update breaks any test, the nightlies release does not happen
17:27:42shashlickThere's also sparse checkout but @kaushalmodi idea is better
17:28:10FromGitter<kaushalmodi> relevant: https://forum.nim-lang.org/t/4533#29113
17:28:45FromDiscord_<Sporgity> oh
17:29:37FromGitter<zacharycarter> now I just need to find a way to do this on windows :P I guess I could just mandate the user has wget
17:30:24FromGitter<kaushalmodi> curl is more widely available than wget (not sure about windows though)
17:30:38FromGitter<kaushalmodi> but for Linux/OSX compatibility, curl wins
17:31:07FromGitter<kaushalmodi> https://superuser.com/questions/299754/wget-curl-alternative-native-to-windows
17:31:27FromGitter<ratiotile> yeah nim needs a cross-platform download utility. Choosenim has the same problem with wget which doesn't work with Windows 7
17:33:57shashlickThat isn't a download issue, it is an extraction issue
17:35:31shashlickJust httpclient should be enough
17:36:43FromGitter<zacharycarter> I'll just assume people have powershell these days
17:36:52FromGitter<zacharycarter> you can download as well as unzip files with it
17:38:34*elrood joined #nim
17:40:28shashlickPowershell 2.0 is still around
17:40:51shashlickThat's the issue @ratiotile found
17:42:47FromGitter<zacharycarter> well - until someone else needs to use my game engine I wont worry about it :P
17:42:52FromGitter<zacharycarter> and then I'll let them figure it out haha
17:43:24*actuallybatman quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
17:47:37FromDiscord_<Sporgity> brb
17:52:24shashlick@zacharycarter - https://github.com/nimterop/nimterop/blob/master/nimterop/git.nim#L60
17:52:57FromGitter<zacharycarter> nice! thank you!
17:53:26*clyybber joined #nim
17:53:48shashlickThis also didn't work for @ratiotile, that's what they were referring to
17:53:58*lf-araujo quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
18:04:46*shomodj quit (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
18:05:05disruptekwhat was the result of that dive into async stdin readline. i remember there being some confusion on whether it worked as expected. was that a pebkac or what?
18:06:02*lombak joined #nim
18:07:28FromGitter<Obround> Could somebody give me a reference where I can learn to slice arrays? I couldn't find any on the internet...
18:08:34FromGitter<Obround> ?
18:08:46Araqhow to slice things
18:09:09FromGitter<Obround> ok, so I convert an array to an open array?
18:14:02*lombak quit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:14:48FromGitter<kaushalmodi> @Obround use the HSlice `..`
18:15:22FromGitter<kaushalmodi> with an array var `foo`, `foo[1 .. 3]` (assuming these indices are valid for that array)
18:18:17FromGitter<Obround> @kaushalmodi -- Ok, thanks, I did that, but how do I get suppose the values of "two" and "three" in an array like this: ⏎ ⏎ ```let my_array: my_array_type = ["one", "two", "three"]``` [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5d28cee9c3740260bb0e04c7]
18:20:00*laaron quit (Quit: ZNC 1.7.1 - https://znc.in)
18:20:50FromGitter<Obround> <narimiran> Oops, I meant one and three; My mistake.
18:22:40*laaron joined #nim
18:26:25FromGitter<ratiotile> does anyone have an example of wrapping a C++ class w/inherited functions?
18:26:37FromGitter<eptification> has anyone tried teaching nim as a first language to people with no experience at all?
18:27:36narimiran@eptification i wrote a tutorial for that public, but i have no information if it is okay for that cause (https://narimiran.github.io/nim-basics/)
18:28:04narimiranmost of the feedback i got is from people who are already experienced
18:33:08FromGitter<eptification> this is excellent. will report back. i dont *REALLY* know how to code.
18:33:54narimiranplease do, feedback would be much appreciated
18:34:23FromGitter<eptification> i'll look it over the weekend along with nim in action.
18:34:42disrupteki've thought about teaching nim just so i can learn it.
18:36:15FromGitter<eptification> i got tired of doing javascript tutorials and i saw nim on orange website
18:36:50FromDiscord_<Sporgity> I've seem to be getting this error for some reason, I installed mingw
18:36:50FromDiscord_<Sporgity> `Error: execution of an external compiler program 'gcc.exe -c -w -mno-ms-bitfields -IC:\nim-0.20.0\lib -IC:\Users\Rizwan\Desktop\Projects\Nim! -o C:\Users\Rizwan\nimcache\test_d\test.nim.c.o C:\Users\Rizwan\nimcache\test_d\test.nim.c' failed with exit code: 1
18:36:52FromDiscord_<Sporgity> In file included from C:\Users\Rizwan\nimcache\test_d\test.nim.c:9:0:
18:36:54FromDiscord_<Sporgity> C:\nim-0.20.0\lib/nimbase.h:493:13: error: size of array 'Nim_and_C_compiler_disagree_on_target_architecture' is negative
18:36:57FromDiscord_<Sporgity> typedef int Nim_and_C_compiler_disagree_on_target_architecture[sizeof(NI) == sizeof(void*) && NIM_INTBITS == sizeof(NI)*8 ? 1 : -1];
18:36:57FromDiscord_<Sporgity> ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
18:36:58FromDiscord_<Sporgity> `
18:37:16narimiranwrong version of mingw? 64-bit vs 32-bit
18:38:52FromDiscord_<Sporgity> 64 bit wasn't working for me for some reason
18:38:56*abm quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
18:40:05FromGitter<ratiotile> aha, I think the problem is the generics that c2nim generates out of C++ templates. The wrapper seems to work when I remove all the generic typenames.
18:40:51FromDiscord_<Sporgity> ?
18:43:07FromGitter<ratiotile> @Sporgity, I'm referring to my previous problem
18:43:17FromDiscord_<Sporgity> oh
18:45:17AraqSporgity: Please use a nightly build and finish.exe to setup mingw
18:46:34FromDiscord_<Sporgity> Okay.
19:03:39*alexander92 joined #nim
19:10:32FromDiscord_<Sporgity> It always seem to fail https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/587622975298207754/599316511940935737/unknown.png
19:14:40*zacharycarter_ir joined #nim
19:14:51zacharycarter_irI'm here
19:18:00Araqzacharycarter_ir, ok, what's the problem again?
19:18:32zacharycarter_irI'm trying to add a custom `getFoo` to vmhooks - here's what I tried: https://gist.github.com/zacharycarter/d91ce643d6b047f8ec802379cf171ebe
19:19:14Araqterrible :-)
19:19:25Araqyou can't 'cast' it
19:19:32zacharycarter_irhaha - well I figured as much
19:19:43zacharycarter_irit being terrible I mean
19:19:52zacharycarter_irdo I have to create a new NimNode or something?
19:20:07Araqin the compiler it's called PNode, but yes
19:20:30zacharycarter_irso would I do this using a macro or something?
19:20:35zacharycarter_iror a template?
19:21:21Araqbefore you can automate it, you need to understand it
19:21:36Araqthe PNode needs to be an nkObjConstr
19:23:15Araqassert that it's a rkNode
19:23:40Araqand the slots[i].node then should have an nkObjConstr, you can use
19:23:54Araqastalgo.debug(slots[i].node) to see what it contains
19:25:07zacharycarter_irah okay awesome - thank you
19:28:57zacharycarter_irsince TRegisterKind isn't exported from vm.nim - do I just assert on the ordinal or something?
19:30:10Araqactually there is already
19:30:18Araqproc getNode*(a: VmArgs; i: Natural): PNode
19:30:21Araqthat you should use
19:30:31Araq(it also asserts for you)
19:32:56*sschwarzer joined #nim
19:35:42FromDiscord_<Sporgity> I've installed the nighty build and I got the same error about the gcc thing
19:36:33*abm joined #nim
19:38:06sschwarzerI noticed that the documentation links for the standard library don't point to the correct source files or at least the correct line numbers.
19:38:33Araqsschwarzer, bah, master vs devel problem?
19:38:36Araqnarimiran, ?
19:39:23sschwarzerAraq: I was about to give an example :) , but yes, that's probably it. :)
19:40:00Araqzacharycarter_ir, there is also proc setResult*(a: VmArgs; n: PNode)
19:40:22zacharycarter_iroh - that makes things much easier
19:40:30sschwarzerI also wasn't sure if the standard lib documentation is generated from devel or from the last release.
19:40:42Araqfrom the 020 branch
19:40:44sschwarzerlast -> latest
19:41:18*stefanos82 quit (Quit: Quitting for now...)
19:42:12rayman22201This is the devel docs, they are better: https://nim-lang.github.io/Nim/lib.html
19:42:19sschwarzerAraq: So it seems that's a well-known problem? I considered filing an issue on nim-lang's Github repository, but wanted to make sure it doesn't already have a ticket. I wasn't able to find one.
19:43:01FromDiscord_<Sporgity> hello?
19:43:19Araqsschwarzer, I don't know and for some reason narimiran is away.
19:43:37Araqit's almost like his working day has ended already... strange
19:44:12clyybberAraq: This fails to compile on the cpp backend. It's really tricky to fix.. http://ix.io/1OhF
19:44:12rayman22201@araq, @sschwarzer 0.20 had broken docs links that have since been fixed in devel. I don't think the fix has been backported / pushed to the main site yet.
19:44:23narimiranit's the problem with master docs which is already solved in devel
19:44:40sschwarzerrayman: yes, this seems to work better. But I think this should work for the official docs, too. :-)
19:44:44narimiransschwarzer: until 0.20.2 is out, use https://nim-lang.github.io/Nim/lib.html for your documentation needs
19:45:01Araqclyybber, 'var ref' has no subtype relation
19:45:13Araqthis shouldn't compile :-/
19:45:26clyybberBut I explicitly convert it
19:45:34sschwarzerrayman, narimiran: ok, so this will be fixed with the next release when `devel` becomes the next release tag?
19:45:34narimiransschwarzer: the link i sent you is also official ;)
19:45:52rayman22201anybody have any help for @Sporgity?
19:45:53sschwarzernarimiran: *lol* I see. :-D
19:45:55Araqclyybber, ah I missed that
19:46:33dom96hello all, how's things?
19:46:47*absolutejam joined #nim
19:47:02rayman22201the main site needs a "version picker" for the docs... That's the feature request to fixe @sschwarzers problem lol
19:47:03sschwarzerHi dom96, I'm fine. Writing my first (ok, second) Nim program
19:47:06clyybberdom96: Hi, great, how bout you?
19:47:24dom96sschwarzer, awesome. Welcome :)
19:47:46sschwarzerdom96: The first was a very simple calculation with two small procs, just to get a feeling.
19:48:20rayman22201@sporgity, did you remove the old version of Nim before you installed nightly?
19:48:45sschwarzerdom96: And now I do some "glueing", calling external programs, reading, modifying and writing XML.
19:48:52*Senketsu quit (Quit: WeeChat 2.5)
19:48:54FromDiscord_<Sporgity> oh hold on
19:49:00FromDiscord_<Sporgity> I haven't
19:49:00rayman22201my hunch is that your pc is still invoking the wrong version of mingw
19:50:08*actuallybatman joined #nim
19:50:42sschwarzerdom96: I'll also get your book; actually I have access to it via Safaribooks Online. But at some point I thought I should start programming instead of only reading. I read the tutorial and half of the manual so far. Very interesting, although the manual is a bit dry.
19:51:11rayman22201I highly recommend Dom's book. <3
19:51:15dom96:D <3
19:51:57FromDiscord_<Sporgity> I removed the old version and it still shows the same error.
19:52:17sschwarzerrayman: I can imagine. I really want to read it. But I'm undecided if I should finish reading the manual and start with the book. Somehow I tend to finish the manual first.
19:52:31dom96rayman22201, version picker is an "easy" jester web app away ;)
19:53:02sschwarzerAnother thing: The software behind play.nim-lang.org is https://github.com/zacharycarter/nim-playground ?
19:53:34rayman22201idk if it needs jester lol. I think old school javascript and a dropdown might be good enough...
19:53:39sschwarzerOr is this another Nim playground software?
19:54:12dom96rayman22201, do you really want to add a JS snippet to each of our old docs?
19:54:39dom96I guess it wouldn't be too hard, but a Jester solution would be cleaner :)
19:55:31lqdev[m]sschwarzer: afaik the new one is made by PMunch
19:56:23Araqah damn, I mess up #11719
19:57:08sschwarzerlqdev: The thing is that the compiler and program output don't escape HTML entities and I don't know where to file a bug. :)
19:57:27Araqha, classic
19:57:52sschwarzerSo for example, if you do `echo "<b>foo</b>"`, "foo" is displayed in bold.
19:57:57FromDiscord_<Sporgity> I don't what I should do know
19:58:08rayman22201@dom96, meh, it would also require more machinery on the server end, which is just a static jekyll site iirc... idk if @narimiran wants more complicated deployments :-P
19:59:17sschwarzerAlso, for compiler error messages which involve a <Type>, the type isn't visible. ;-/
19:59:20lqdev[m]sschwarzer: ah no, it's the one you linked. I just remember PMunch doing some work related to it
19:59:39rayman22201@Sporgity. Start from a clean slate. Delete both versions of nim that you installed, and re-download and install.
19:59:47lqdev[m]but this one is 10 commits ahead https://github.com/PMunch/nim-playground
20:00:08lqdev[m]yeah, it's this one
20:00:17dom96rayman22201, just need to deploy it once
20:00:47dom96(unless you want to change the jester app)
20:01:26Araqah no
20:01:26FromDiscord_<Sporgity> alright
20:01:34AraqI didn't mess up, I got it right, good.
20:01:46FromDiscord_<Sporgity> I'll be back later or tomorrow
20:01:52rayman22201choosenim should work on windows these days, try this: https://github.com/dom96/choosenim
20:03:14*brakmic_ joined #nim
20:03:22sschwarzerOk, entered ticket #4
20:03:26*brakmic quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:06:16sschwarzer( https://github.com/zacharycarter/nim-playground/issues/4 )
20:07:33*brakmic_ quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
20:08:57*ofelas joined #nim
20:09:47sschwarzerAraq: I got your exec proc to work with one or two small changes. I guess in the long run it would be good to let `waitForExit` also read stdout and stderr to avoid blocking? In that case I wouldn't have to have a custom execution proc.
20:15:15Araqmakes sense
20:15:59sschwarzerOr even go further and introduce something like Python's `communicate`? https://docs.python.org/3/library/subprocess.html#subprocess.Popen.communicate
20:16:32sschwarzerThough I'm not sure that's needed. Having a fixed `waitForExit` would be good anyway.
20:16:45AraqPRs are welcome
20:17:04sschwarzerAraq: That's what I hoped to hear. :-)
20:17:07AraqI think I'm the only one who actually likes osproc's API
20:17:35AraqI mean, ok, I wrote it. But it's the only API that makes sense :P
20:17:39sschwarzerI saw there are lot PRs, some from last year, and was wondering if/when a PR from me would get in.
20:18:40sschwarzerAraq: I think the generic API based on `startProcess` is ok. On the other hand all the `*exec*` functions look a bit arbitrary and unsystematic.
20:18:55*alexander92 quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
20:19:14rayman22201why is this not good enough? https://nim-lang.github.io/Nim/osproc.html#inputStream%2CProcess
20:19:43sschwarzerrayman: I didn't say it's not good enough. I was just asking. :)
20:20:12rayman22201you were talking about PR's, so I just wonder what issues you are having.
20:21:09sschwarzerrayman: I was referring to the limitation of `waitForExit` that it may block. I was thinking it should contain code similar to `execCmdEx` that reads the "remaining" output before trying to close the process.
20:21:36Araqwell yeah, I'm sorry, we need to do something about the PR queue
20:21:43sschwarzerrayman: Only that it may need to read stdout _and_ stderr.
20:21:58Araqnow if only the PR queue would address our bugs tagged with
20:22:13Araqcrash, regression, high priority
20:22:24Araq^ this is our v1 todo btw
20:23:17*Vladar quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:23:47sschwarzerI think there should at least be something like "consume and return stdout and stderr that wasn't consumed yet". This would make it easy to write a two-line(?) `communicate` and it should help in removing the potential blocking from `waitForExit`.
20:24:23Araqwell changing/fixing waitForExit is easier than introducing communicate
20:25:02*Senketsu joined #nim
20:25:03Araq'communicate' would be in v1.1
20:25:04rayman22201you want `waitForExit` to return the stdout, stderr as well as the exitcode? I don't understand.
20:26:15rayman22201it looks like the Python `communicate` blocks as well.
20:26:49rayman22201Python `communicate` looks like `execCmdEx` with a timeout to me
20:27:08sschwarzerrayman: The most important thing for me would be to remove the potential blocking. I like it if a function doesn't do too much at once.
20:27:31rayman22201Python doesn't do that for you either?
20:27:40rayman22201so I don't understand the analogy
20:27:49sschwarzerrayman: As far as I know, `communicate` doesn't block. (I think on some platforms it even starts a thread to avoid this.)
20:27:53*alexander92 joined #nim
20:28:26rayman22201I read " Wait for process to terminate" as blocking
20:28:51rayman22201but idk much about new Python 3 stuff. I know Python 3 has async now, so does it use that?
20:28:55sschwarzerrayman: `execCmdEx` has the disadvantage that it couples the API (which is limited in comparison to `startProcess`) to start a process with dealing with the output.
20:29:21*shomodj joined #nim
20:29:46*narimiran quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
20:30:11dom96We should either just adopt asyncproc or tell everyone to use it as a package
20:30:23rayman22201ah I see. What you really want is a `asyncPoc`
20:30:26rayman22201yeah, exactly
20:30:27dom96creating an API that doesn't block but also isn't async is bad
20:30:52sschwarzerrayman: Ok, maybe that's a misunderstanding. I supose "wait for process to terminate" means that the process may still be running and `communicate` needs to wait for it to finish. To be clear, I don't have a problem with blocking, but I think `waitForExit` shouldn't _deadlock_ if it's avoidable.
20:32:36rayman22201I do like that `communicate` does not tie the waiting to the process exiting. It would not be a bad idea to have `waitForExit` just return / error on timeout and not try to kill the process internally.
20:33:01rayman22201Might also be a good idea to add an optional timeout parameter to `execCmdEx`...
20:33:05sschwarzerrayman: When I said `communicate` doesn't block, I actually meant deadlock.
20:33:26rayman22201lol. That is a very different concept :-P
20:33:35sschwarzerrayman: True! :-)
20:34:05sschwarzerrayman: Could be that I'm not 100 % attentive at the moment. :)
20:35:54sschwarzerrayman: According to the Python docs, `communicate` _does_ wait for the process to exit ("Interact with process: Send data to stdin. Read data from stdout and stderr, until end-of-file is reached. Wait for process to terminate."). That said, Nim _could_ have an API that doesn't tie waiting for output and terminating together.
20:36:05disruptekis it a bug that i only get potential object case transition warnings when i'm actually compiling, as opposed to also receiving them when i'm issuing a `nim check`?
20:36:52Araqdisruptek, kinda, yeah
20:38:22zacharycarter_iryay - got the custom get vmhook working!
20:38:46zacharycarter_irnow we just need a lib like ast pattern matching for this :P
20:38:54sschwarzerWhat's the policy regarding tests going with PRs? If I enter a PR, what amount of tests does it have to have?
20:40:09Araqyou check for some existing test and patch it to be more extensive
20:40:28sschwarzerAraq: Thanks!
20:40:39Araqthere is tosproc.nim and tosprocterminate.nim
20:41:35Araqtosprocterminate.nim is a thing of beauty
20:41:50*nsf joined #nim
20:43:04sschwarzerAraq: Where are these files? I looked into https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim/tree/devel/tests/osproc , but you seem to mean another location?
20:47:50sschwarzerAraq: Nevermind. A local `locate` run answered my question. :-)
20:48:40sschwarzerI also found https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim/blob/devel/doc/contributing.rst
20:50:25*absolutejam2 joined #nim
20:50:50Araqhttps://www.twitch.tv/araq4k we're about to stream
20:51:29Araqtopic: make FlowVar work with Future
20:52:00*absolutejam quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
20:53:09Araqand we're live!
20:56:11dom96hah, guess I should watch
20:58:12sschwarzerWhich Nim-related plugins do you use for (Neo)vim?
20:59:05kungtotteI use https://github.com/alaviss/nim.nvim and the suggested async completion plugin https://github.com/prabirshrestha/asyncomplete.vim
20:59:25Araqproc foo(): int = 42; proc myAsync() {.async.} = let flowVar = spawn foo()
20:59:52dom96Who's actually streaming here?
21:00:03rayman22201Araq is streaming my pc :-P
21:00:17rayman22201terrible lmao. so professional
21:00:32dom96At least it's not a webcam pointed at his screen :P
21:01:34sschwarzerkungtotte: I use these, too. :) So far I don't have/see the function previews in the extra window (as in the ascinema video on the Github page). I guess I need to look more into this.
21:02:15sschwarzerkungtotte: But it's already great that "goto definition" works. That's very helpful.
21:03:01dom96Araq, rayman22201 of course it compiles, it won't wait for the result though
21:03:18dom96let res = await flowVar # this is what you want
21:03:58*natrys quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
21:04:27dom96I can hook up my mic and join if you guys like
21:06:06kungtottesschwarzer: you need to activate the async completion plugin following the steps on the nim.nvim readme.
21:06:28dom96Araq, okay, how do I join?
21:06:30*absolutejam3 joined #nim
21:06:37dom96oh, I see the PM
21:06:54FromGitter<eptification> @disruptek i would be a prime candidate for instruction
21:06:59kungtottesschwarzer: and make sure you've got nimsuggest set up properly (using choosenim this should automatically be the case)
21:07:33sschwarzerkungtotte: Yes, this seems to work fine. Also very helpful. :)
21:07:49sschwarzerI installed Nim with choosenim
21:07:54*nsf quit (Quit: WeeChat 2.4)
21:08:22*absolutejam2 quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
21:15:47sschwarzerkungtotte: When you write a proc name and an opening parenthesis, do you get anywhere a display of the signature? For me the signature is in the completion dropdown, - but only _until_ I type the parenthesis (which isn't very helpful ;-) ).
21:16:20*natrys joined #nim
21:16:32sschwarzerI mean the signature is of course helpful, but it would be great if it was shown somewhere after I typed the parenthesis. :)
21:18:18*solitudesf quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
21:24:05sschwarzerOne more thing regarding the osproc API: IMHO there should be a rather flexible API like that introduced by `startProcess`, but it would be nice to have this in a "run program and return an object returning the results", similar to https://docs.python.org/3/library/subprocess.html#subprocess.run . One should be able to use arguments to control what goes into the returned value. For example, if you don't
21:24:11sschwarzerwant/need the output, it wouldn't make sense to store it, also because the output could be large. (I don't want to push anything here, I just want to offer an idea. :-) )
21:25:15sschwarzerFor the record, if I refer to Python so often, it's not because I think that Nim should do everything like Python. ;-) The background is just that Python has been my main programming language for 20 years and I'm very familiar with it and its APIs.
21:25:33zacharycarter_irlooks like nimscript + hot reload is going to work very well
21:27:21sschwarzerkungtotte: I'm leaving now, but feel free to write answers. I'll check the IRC log from the Nim website later.
21:27:50sschwarzerBye everyone. Thanks for the interesting conversation!
21:28:17*sschwarzer left #nim (#nim)
21:31:10zacharycarter_iris there a way to import one nimscript module into another?
21:33:39zacharycarter_irfigured it out
21:41:51zacharycarter_irrayman2201: this might interest you - https://github.com/sheosi/tart
21:42:52zacharycarter_irmore specifically - https://github.com/sheosi/tart/tree/master/tart/structures
21:43:10*Trustable quit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:44:33FromGitter<eptification> @narimiran I'll just put all the on using notes here -->https://eptification.github.io/improved-octo-computing-machine/about. I already started on nim basics and nim in action.
21:45:43*actuallybatman quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
21:55:06*zacharycarter_ir quit (Remote host closed the connection)
22:12:17*actuallybatman joined #nim
22:13:29clyybberAraq: What happens to a fields of an SubObject, when we downcast the object? Do their destructors get called?
22:21:53*abm quit (Quit: Leaving)
22:26:37*elrood quit (Remote host closed the connection)
22:29:50Araqclyybber, well destructors are called for 'var' / 'let'
22:30:02Araqnot for object conversions
22:33:22clyybberAraq: I mean what happens when we have:
22:33:31clyybber Obj = object of RootObj
22:33:41clyybber SubObj = object of Obj
22:34:13clyybber someMemberWithADestructor: someType
22:34:26clyybberAnd we then cast SubObj to Obj
22:34:39clyybberSince nim supports non ref object inheritance right?
22:46:38Araqwell the destructor is created by calling '=destroy' on every field
22:46:46Araqjust like in C++, I don't see the problem
22:47:08Araqand there is some logic to use a 'virtual' destructor if required
22:51:37clyybbergood night
22:51:38*clyybber quit (Quit: WeeChat 2.5)
22:51:51Araqas promised, here is a link https://ux.stackexchange.com/questions/30682/are-there-any-recent-studies-of-the-keyboard-vs-mouse-issue
22:51:58Araqwhich leads to the study
22:53:22Araqbut admittedly it's not about a programming context
22:53:47Araqstill, using a pointing device to point into the text makes some intuitive sense :P
22:54:31shashlickwhat's the TLDR
22:54:39Araqmouse and keyboard are complementary, so you win when you use both.
22:54:54shashlickmiddle ground as always
22:56:00Araqand no, the "context switch" doesn't make you that much slower that you want to use the keyboard for pointing-like activities. Especially when you don't even type so much anyway, but browse some source code
22:57:35*rockcavera quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
22:57:56dom96that was fun
22:59:11Araqyeah, it was. And it did require the teamwork.
22:59:28rayman22201Was definitely fun :-) Thanks for convincing me to do it @Araq
22:59:32Araqgood night!
23:00:36dom96lol, all your streams are called "nim programming live stream"
23:00:42dom96You need to update that!
23:07:17*shomodj quit (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
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23:09:10rayman22201@dom96 this is the autocompleter for vim that I use btw: http://ycm-core.github.io/YouCompleteMe/
23:11:29dom96best name ever
23:12:14*ng0 quit (Quit: Alexa, when is the end of world?)
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