00:05:17FromGitter<awr1> @gogolxdong not quite sure what you're doing but you probably need a template or macro instead of a proc
00:12:32FromGitter<awr1> i don't know if you can do it without hacks
00:12:39FromGitter<awr1> specifically because https://forum.nim-lang.org/t/643
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00:15:43FromGitter<awr1> it depends largely on where buildhtml is
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01:54:47FromGitter<gogolxdong> seems have to generate the code for a macro.
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06:03:25alexander92hm, where is lq
06:03:26alexander92coming from
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07:25:21PMunchHow do I install a devel package with nimble?
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07:26:16Araqnimble install [email protected] or something
07:26:31Araqor @#head, can't remember
07:27:02PMunchTried to fix the jsonschema issue by the way, but now I'm faced with Error: unhandled exception: invalid format string [ValueError] from compiler-0.20.2/compiler/commands.nim(59, 64)
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07:43:54PMunchAh nice, installing [email protected]#head, pulling the devel branch of Nim into the nimlsp subdirectory, and building with Nim devel it now all works
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07:46:59alexander92so, if i want to use it from e.g. my ide
07:47:17alexander92what should i do? write a plugin that talks with your lib with a socket?
07:47:53PMunchWell, hopefully your IDE already has a LSP plug-in
07:48:57PMunchOtherwise you need to write a LSP client. It will start nimlsp when it detects that it's running a Nim file, then it will send messages over stdio to the nimlsp process
07:51:04alexander92so, one nimlsp process for the whoel project
07:51:58PMunchAs long as your IDE does the right thing, then yes
07:53:37alexander92and should my ide detect eventual crashes and restart it?
07:53:39*ZORR0W joined #nim
07:54:25PMunchOr, rather the LSP client installed in your IDE
07:55:35AraqPMunch, I had the same problem and I don't know the cause
07:55:48Araqbut it is related to your weird setup
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08:00:37PMunchWhat same problem, the one with the invalid format string?
08:06:26PMunchThere, pushed fixes for jsonschema and nimlsp that should make them both compile on devel
08:07:43Araqcool, we can enable it in important_packages then
08:08:06PMunchIt still crashes..
08:08:22PMunchBut I guess important_packages doesn't check for that anyways
08:10:15PMunchNew error message though /home/peter/.nimble/pkgs/compiler-#head/compiler/int128.nim(71, 11) `arg.sdata(3) == 0` out of range [AssertionError]
08:12:14PMunchAnd I sometimes get this error message when trying to build with 0.20.2: http://ix.io/1USQ
08:14:13PMunchnimlsp could definitely benefit from a simpler build system, but since it requires Nim sources at runtime there are a lot of pieces that need to fit together..
08:15:18Araqsubmit nimlsp to Nim devel, maybe
08:15:48PMunchLike put it in the main nim repo?
08:16:15PMunchI guess that would make it easier, but doesn't choosenim for example delete the sources after Nim is built?
08:16:42PMunchOh wait, it doesn't it seem
08:16:45Araqwhy would it matter, we ship nimslp much like we ship nimsuggest or nim or nimpretty
08:17:06PMunchYeah that makes sense
08:17:31PMunchAh, now I remember why I didn't do that
08:18:00PMunchIt depends on the external jsonschema and astpatternmatching modules
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08:28:56FromGitter<dumjyl> Who stole the 's' from stdlib: `CC: tdlib_system.nim`?
08:29:02*fov60 joined #nim
08:29:10fov60any one here?
08:32:37narimiranfov60: nope, you're alone
08:32:42*abm joined #nim
08:33:08PMunchdumjyl, its wasn'ts mes
08:35:07Araqdumjyl: @yuriy did
08:35:33Araqapparently nobody can ever get quoting rules right
08:40:03FromGitter<dumjyl> thats ok, nim make up for it with a great tandard lib
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08:43:15fov60is there a difference between openarrays and seqs when accessing their pointers?
08:43:43PMunchfov60, can you access the pointer of an OpenArray
08:44:30PMunchHuh, well I guess not then
08:45:26*shodan45 joined #nim
08:45:40PMunchOpenArray isn't technically it's own type in the same way that array and seq are. It's essentially a way to pass either a sequence or an array in as the parameter for a procedure.
08:45:59PMunchYou can also create OpenArrays from slices of seqs and arrays
08:46:42Araqwell *technically* it's exactly that, it's own type :P
08:46:50*alexander92 quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
08:48:05PMunchReally? But you can't have an OpenArray as a field in an object or as the type of a variable can you?
08:48:16PMunchAnd does it have it's own memory representation?
08:48:35Araqit doesn't matter, it's a type of its own
08:48:46Araqit's not a first class citizen
08:49:18Araqbut that doesn't matter, plenty of types are restricted like this, unfortunately Nim's spec still lacks a grammar for types
08:53:44*btop joined #nim
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09:10:05fov60open gl has been kicking my as all day and night, and I've finally got it
09:11:32*fov60 left #nim ("WeeChat 2.5")
09:13:13livcdbtw i have to say that installing nim is surprisingly easy
09:14:08PMunchlivcd, why surprisingly?
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09:43:49huj123[m]fov60: what did you have problems with?
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09:44:28PMunchhuj123[m], he logged off
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09:57:24ulpindhi all
09:58:14ulpindI'm trying to learn Nim, but it's been an uphill struggle so far because packages typically don't work. For instance, I've installed both WebSocket packages I've found.
09:58:31ulpindThen I plug in the examples on the corresponding github site, and I get obscure compile errors.
09:58:42ulpindAre these packages just out of date or am I missing something?
09:59:43PMunchWhich packages are these?
09:59:58PMunchAnd what Nim version are you using (nim --version)
10:00:19ulpindSo far, almost everyone I try :D Example: https://github.com/treeform/ws gives me (4, 25) template/generic instantiation of `async` from here
10:00:36ulpindNim Compiler Version 0.20.2 [MacOSX: amd64]
10:00:41ulpindInstalled via brew
10:06:13PMunchIt seems like the `sendPacket` procedure has been renamed to just `send`
10:06:23PMunchSo if you change that in the example it should work fine
10:07:59PMunchCreated an issue for you ulpind: https://github.com/treeform/ws/issues/6
10:08:06PMunchBut just using `send` should work fine :)
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10:23:01ulpindPMunch: changed, but same error o: is the nim compiler caching something...
10:23:07*Hideki_ joined #nim
10:24:19ulpindPMunch: but the first error is before, the "async" on line 4
10:24:24Araqulpind, 'ws' package is covered by our list of "important packages"
10:24:46ulpindok, what does that mean?
10:25:00ulpindsorry, total Nim noob here
10:25:25Araq'ws' is a websocket implementation
10:25:26ulpindI grab a package, try the example on the github page and it generally doesn't work :/
10:26:02ulpindAraq: yes, I did nimble install ws
10:26:30Araqwell be more specific, what's the error message ?
10:26:41ulpindI posted it above verbatim
10:26:50ulpind(4, 25) template/generic instantiation of `async` from here
10:27:12ulpindthe example is the server her: https://github.com/treeform/ws
10:27:53ulpindThe other websocket package I found has other errors, can post that too if interesting
10:28:55Araq"instantiation from here" is never the full error message
10:30:21ulpindok, I changed the errornous sendPacket to send (was two places)
10:30:55ulpindthanks guys
10:32:19*NamPNQ joined #nim
10:33:16narimiranulpind: can you send a PR fixing the example in 'ws' readme?
10:33:23ulpinddisconnecting a websocket client kills the server, I wonder if that's intensional
10:38:20huj123[m]Araq: yet the vscode nim plugin only displays that part in case there is one -_-
10:39:01huj123[m]the fact vscode is built on electron and the plugin doesn't leverage nimsuggest very well makes me want to create my own text editor
10:39:21narimiranhuj123[m]: just use neovim and leorize's nim.nvim plugin
10:40:10huj123[m]please no
10:40:16huj123[m]i don't want to learn vim
10:40:23huj123[m]I just want to write code
10:41:05narimiranyeah, you're right, it is easier to make your own editor, than to learn some vim commands :P :D
10:41:20huj123[m]it's always a learning experience :)
10:41:28huj123[m]in both cases
10:41:50huj123[m]but I feel like some extra gui implementation knowledge would be pretty nice
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10:42:29huj123[m]vim is rather different from what I'm used to after all these years, I gave it a shot once but it didn't really work for me
10:43:12leorizeif you can do emacs, I heard that the plugin is decent enough
10:45:21leorizefor neovim there are different clients that looks/act like VSC if you're into that
10:45:44leorizeI've never tested my plugin with such frontends though
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11:04:10FromGitter<Vindaar> @narimiran: created a PR to fix them
11:05:02ulpindIs the timeline for a stable Nim version decided, roughly? I'm reluctant to commit to Nim for larger projects if there will be major breakage.
11:05:06*narimiran thumb up
11:05:07ulpindOr will changes be minor at this point?
11:05:54narimiranulpind: v1.0 is around the corner, if you use devel (v0.20.99), that is basically v1.0
11:05:58ulpindI like what I see so far, main peeve is compile times but that should improve too right
11:06:03ulpindawesome, thanks
11:06:15ulpind0.20.2 is what I have
11:06:21ulpindbecause that's what brew gave me
11:07:23*sagax quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
11:07:31leorizejust target 0.20.x
11:12:38*Vladar joined #nim
11:14:26PMunchulpind, generally it's better to install choosenim from brew and then install Nim through there
11:14:44PMunchMakes it a lot easier to change Nim versions, and you don't have to wait for a package maintainer to do anything
11:15:05PMunchCompile times? I've found that Nim is super fast at compiling
11:15:42*MarderIII joined #nim
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11:29:28Zevvnot my macros :(
11:33:37*ulpind quit (Quit: ...)
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11:37:14PMunchAh yes, macros can really slow things down a bit
11:39:53ZevvI was wondering how to profile that
11:41:13Araqpatch the VM so that it gives you some instruction counters
11:41:46ZevvI'd like to measure cpu time or wall time, but it's not in there
11:42:02ZevvHaving cpuTime() would be cool
11:44:22Araqthe first thing that happens:
11:44:39Araqsomebody uses cpuTime to initialize a compile-time random number generator
11:44:51Araqproducing inherently unreproducible builds
11:45:07Araqand it's all nim's fault for even offering something helpful
11:45:54Zevvwell, without Nim there would indeed be a lot less problems here
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11:47:00*nif joined #nim
11:50:38PMunchAraq, you don't need cpuTime for that: http://ix.io/1UTC/Nim
11:52:43AraqPMunch, covered by the big filter (TM)
11:53:24Araqthe big filter is: does it compile and run on Windows? if not, it's junk ;-)
11:54:49PMunchDoesn't staticExec work on Windows?
11:55:46ZevvWell, I found a way. I fill my macros with echos and run this while another program sends a dot to my terminal every 10 msecs. Then I count the dots between echos, isn't that fancy!
12:00:15*NamPNQ quit (Remote host closed the connection)
12:08:48*rockcavera joined #nim
12:11:15AraqPMunch, staticExec does but what the fuck is /dev/urandom? :P
12:11:24*dddddd joined #nim
12:11:56PMunchAraq, /dev/random and /dev/urandom are "files" that when read from generate "random" data
12:12:26PMunchAnd I can't get staticExec to work on Windows, or at least not the same way as on Linux.. I try to do a simple echo statement, but nothing is returned..
12:13:17Araqthere is no echo.exe
12:13:39PMunchOooh, echo is a cmd built-in thing..
12:13:48Araqyeah I know what /dev/random is. I also know why it's bad for security ;-)
12:14:19PMunchWell I wasn't using it for security here, I was using it to break predictable builds, for which it is plenty random enough :)
12:14:29Araqyou can setup a system where /dev/random is just a text file, everything is a file, remember? turns out some files really must be streams, d'oh
12:14:35livcdPMunch: works here ( i just tried)
12:14:47livcdahh you were using echo
12:15:28PMunchYeah, I was trying to do "echo %RANDOM%" :P
12:15:50livcdsorry i am only reading what I want to read
12:18:20Araqand yeah, of course Windows has the same horse shit... :-(
12:18:27Araqecho %RANDOM%
12:18:35Araqset RANDOM=4
12:18:44Araqecho %RANDOM%
12:18:49Araq^ lovely
12:19:11PMunchHaha, will it always read 4 then?
12:19:49Araqyup. https://xkcd.com/221/
12:21:10Araqeither you have APIs or you have a clusterfuck of string based non-solutions with terrible quoting rules and non-existent security
12:21:11PMunchYeah I've seen that one :)
12:22:10PMunchBut creating a simple bat file with echo %RANDOM% you can easily create an unpredictable build :)
12:22:26PMunchSo this passes your big filter :P
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12:51:38*planetis[m] sent a long message: < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/NxwWlAovzBfYYUXoKyQdnGKs >
12:56:14*laaron quit (Remote host closed the connection)
12:58:02*laaron joined #nim
13:06:58*sagax joined #nim
13:09:27planetis[m]Hi all, in my macro I'm trying to type cast only if the type is distinct.
13:09:27planetis[m]so I get the base type recursively and what I'm missing is the correct check
13:09:28planetis[m]My code is like this:
13:09:45*planetis[m] sent a long message: < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/vkUgxKneeiJEmkUXVouYDyMD >
13:09:53planetis[m]Is the if condition correct?
13:10:54Araqwhy not check for ntyDistinct via getType?
13:23:20planetis[m]right missed that
13:26:16PMunchHmm, is there something like `any` for Futures?
13:26:34PMunchThere is `and`, `or`, and `all` in asyncfutures: https://nim-lang.org/0.19.0/asyncfutures.html
13:26:38PMunchBut no `any`
13:27:50*nif quit (Quit: ...)
13:28:01*nif_ joined #nim
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14:00:40disrupteki have an `any` if you want it.
14:01:48disrupteki think `or` shoulda been done differently, too, but i haven't published that one.
14:02:34*shadowbane quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
14:04:36*shadowbane joined #nim
14:08:44PMunchNice :)
14:13:01*PMunch quit (Remote host closed the connection)
14:14:45*owl_000 joined #nim
14:18:04*btop joined #nim
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14:42:25Zevvdisruptek: why not upstream that? Make it use openArray instead and build `or` on top of that?
14:42:51disrupteki think it's a poor name, for one thing.
14:43:15disruptekthe main reason is that i just don't want to argue about the semantics.
14:43:27Zevvthat is a pretty good reason :)
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15:14:13planetis[m]is it normal for nnkIdentDefs to have typeKind ntyBool?
15:14:37FromGitter<mratsim> no
15:17:11*Trustable joined #nim
15:17:34*rupertdev joined #nim
15:19:43*Hideki_ joined #nim
15:24:32planetis[m]but what would it have?
15:26:12disruptekthe ntyBool string repr should be "no, thank you"
15:28:29*ZORR0W quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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15:33:06planetis[m]my macro finally works!
15:33:31owl_000i have some questions
15:34:03owl_000ref object is reference of some type stored in heap?
15:34:13planetis[m]not mine actually, I made a Pr to csvtools repo
15:34:19*ZORR0W joined #nim
15:36:01Araqowl_000, yes, 'ref' is *always* on the heap
15:36:15Araqno matter the GC you use or --newruntime or ...
15:39:16owl_000i have a `type rect = object` and `var field = rect(...)`, then `var field2 = field` , here in this case field2 contains copy of field one, because of no ref object..
15:42:22owl_000https://play.nim-lang.org/#ix=1UUA please read this code and comments, it will better instead asking questions
15:45:03*ZORR0W quit (Quit: leaving)
15:45:24FromGitter<kaushalmodi> owl_000: You have a typo in line 22
15:45:38*couven92 quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
15:45:44FromGitter<kaushalmodi> I believe you meant to write `var fieldRef2= fieldRef` and not `var fieldRef2= field`?
15:47:16owl_000yes, (i am a moron) lol. all those comments are true than because i get output what i expected.
15:47:40planetis[m]found your bug
15:48:17planetis[m]you are assigning variable named field not fieldRef
15:49:13owl_000i am reading lot of things to understand ref. (tut2 complex). so my comments are true then?
15:50:59planetis[m]owl_000: yes sure
15:52:34FromGitter<kaushalmodi> owl_000: btw you can print the whole obj or ref obj like this: https://play.nim-lang.org/#ix=1UV8
15:52:51FromGitter<kaushalmodi> Now if you make that typo of writing `field` instead of `fieldRef`, it won't compile :)
15:53:53owl_000oh yes, thanks, learn something new from you.
15:56:07owl_000that typo occured, because i copied from previous, (being lazy is very bad)
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19:41:07huj123[m]also, see `system.repr`, it's way more helpful than manually dereferencing the objects
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21:28:26FromGitter<awr1> was going to ask if macro result caching was ever discussed but i see it is part of the incremental comp PR
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22:33:52FromGitter<erhlee-bird> @mratsim I was looking into the Arraymancer fizzbuzz example and trying to get it working for a cuda backend. Did you ever end up porting it? I'm having some trouble getting it to work
22:34:28FromGitter<mratsim> No, I didn’t, I wanted to rework the low level backend first
22:35:56FromGitter<mratsim> the main blocker is that I didn’t add cuda support to the domain specific language
22:36:29FromGitter<mratsim> but lack of time and such
22:36:38FromGitter<erhlee-bird> gotcha
22:36:46FromGitter<erhlee-bird> do you still do gpu work in Nim?
22:37:39FromGitter<erhlee-bird> I'm trying to get started and thought it would be a nice chance to try out arraymancer for some work stuff
22:42:26*oculux quit (Quit: blah)
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22:44:09FromGitter<mratsim> I still do, I recently fix everything related to GPU 2 weeks ago in arraymancer
22:47:01FromGitter<mratsim> for example: https://github.com/mratsim/Arraymancer/pull/372
22:49:18FromGitter<erhlee-bird> Awesome, I'll poke around. Thanks for the pointer
22:50:19*oculux quit (Quit: blah)
22:50:35FromGitter<mratsim> one useful thing for example would be to wrap Cudnn’s GRU
22:50:44FromGitter<mratsim> if you like low-level code
22:50:53*oculux joined #nim
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22:51:51FromGitter<mratsim> otherwise plugging the matmul/convolution to the autograd
22:52:04FromGitter<mratsim> but unfortunately i didn’t write example code for the cuda part yet
22:53:35*laaron joined #nim
22:53:46FromGitter<mratsim> anyway, if you have something you want to do, open an issue, and I can create example code to get you started
22:53:49Araqis shashlick or PMunch around?
22:53:50FromGitter<mratsim> or give you pointer
22:54:05FromGitter<erhlee-bird> I will do that
22:54:08FromGitter<erhlee-bird> thanks @mratsim
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22:55:18FromGitter<mratsim> or maybe easier, Cudnn’s maxpool so that we can do the digit recognition on GPU
22:56:29FromGitter<mratsim> but I find wrapping cudnn routines very annoying, not Fortran level annoying (cc @brentp https://github.com/mratsim/Arraymancer/pull/372) so I suggest you pick something that excites you
22:56:37FromGitter<mratsim> I can do the low-level stuff
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23:02:37Araqsent you a personal message
23:03:20shashlickare you on gitter?
23:03:33Araqno, but I can join
23:03:37*Hideki_ joined #nim
23:04:21shashlickyou could ping me on #shashlick on irc
23:04:44shashlicknot sure if it still works though, am bridging so
23:05:46FromGitter<Araq> hmm
23:06:03*test151 joined #nim
23:06:47shashlicklogged in with webchat with test151
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23:37:47FromGitter<brentp> @mratsim , you mean: https://github.com/mratsim/Arraymancer/issues/376 ?
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23:58:40FromGitter<erhlee-bird> ahh yeah I just ran into mratsim/Arraymancer#372