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05:49:50FromDiscord<Richard Anaya> hey all
05:50:18FromDiscord<Richard Anaya> Curious what's the simplest way to make non-emscripten web assembly with nim
05:52:59FromDiscord<Richard Anaya> thanks
05:53:19FromDiscord<Richard Anaya> I created a dom access library for Rust, i'm curious how hard would be to port for Nim
05:56:34FromDiscord<Richard Anaya> is the `nlvm` an official supported project under nim?
06:00:10FromDiscord<Richard Anaya> i'm familiar with compiling C -> llvm -> wasm
06:00:15FromDiscord<Richard Anaya> I'm wondering if there's a route that way too
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06:09:28Araqdefine "officially supported", not really; but I would assimilate it into Nim's core if it comes to it
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06:33:12FromDiscord<Richard Anaya> is it possible to compile nim without the standard lib?
06:34:35Araqsure, --os:standalone and --gc:none and similar
06:34:49FromDiscord<Richard Anaya> thanks Araq
06:39:25FromDiscord<Richard Anaya> is there any equivalant of `__attribute__((visibility("default")))` in nim
06:39:26FromDiscord<Richard Anaya> ?
06:40:36leorizeit's always the default... but if you wanted to export stuff, just use {.exportc.}
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06:41:09FromDiscord<Richard Anaya> 🙏 thanks
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12:25:33clyybberAraq: Curious, why is it owned(SomeRefType) and not owned[SomeRefType] ?
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12:54:16FromDiscord<Richard Anaya> hmm, super confused, no matter what I do, I have a simple function that doesn't get exposed on web assembly
12:54:30FromDiscord<Richard Anaya> proc fib * (): int {.stdcall,exportc,dynlib.} = 42
12:54:48FromDiscord<Richard Anaya> nim c -c --cc:clang -d:release --cpu:i386 --os:standalone --app:lib --gc:none greetings.nim
12:55:08FromDiscord<Richard Anaya> ; Function Attrs: noinline nounwind optnone
12:55:08FromDiscord<Richard Anaya> define hidden i32 @fib() #0 {
12:55:08FromDiscord<Richard Anaya> in llvm
12:55:41FromDiscord<Richard Anaya> I feel I must be missing something 😛
12:59:54FromDiscord<Richard Anaya> not sure why its hidden
13:02:10clyybbergotta ask @arnetheduck
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16:41:00clyybberAraq: I think I got a proper fix now.
16:41:09clyybberJust have to push it...
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16:43:24[rg]nim is what I've been search for, thank you :)
16:44:37FromGitter<deech> Araq: In a `const` expression why are variant types disallowed from object fields? On the whole I don't understand why this check exists: https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim/blob/devel/compiler/semstmts.nim#L615
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16:50:56FromGitter<deech> Also is this the best forum to ask about Nim internals?
16:51:13federico3https://forum.nim-lang.org/ or here
16:52:06clyybberdeech Yeah probably.
16:52:23clyybberIRC is quick
16:52:36clyybberand direct.
16:53:06FromGitter<deech> Since the forums are bridged asking here is the same as asking from IRC right?
16:54:51FromGitter<deech> Thanks!
16:55:08clyybberthough I'd recommend IRC over gitter if you can, since gitter sucks considerably IMO
16:55:29clyybberit sometimes fucks up the order of messages when
16:55:47clyybberyou were away for some time.
16:56:35clyybberAnd its process of marking unread messages as read is also somehow complete bollocks.
16:57:28clyybberAlso when people write code on irc, gitter often reinterprets that code as some formatting stuff and doesn't display it correctly.
16:58:02FromGitter<liquid600pgm> I'd consider this ^ a bug in the bridge bot, it should escape those characters properly imo
16:58:43clyybberIt can't really detect the code on irc, since we can just write it how we want
16:59:12clyybberproc some[T](test: int) = discard
16:59:22FromGitter<liquid600pgm> oh yes
16:59:26FromGitter<liquid600pgm> proc someT = discard
16:59:26clyybberhow should the bridge detect that?
16:59:47FromGitter<liquid600pgm> it could have a markdown parser and escape any markdown it detects
16:59:51clyybberyeah but I actually wrote `proc some[T](test: int) = discard`
17:00:00clyybberits just that gitter swallowed the rest
17:00:13clyybberinterpreting `[T](test: int)` as a link
17:00:32clyybberliquid600pgm Huh, that could work, yeah
17:04:31FromGitter<liquid600pgm> I'm not sure if rod (my interpreted programming language) should be fully statically typed, or allow for dynamic typing
17:04:38FromGitter<liquid600pgm> any suggestions?
17:05:11FromGitter<liquid600pgm> for those who don't know, it's meant to be embedded into Nim applications
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17:07:13clyybberliquid600pgm What advantages does dynamic typing actually bring?
17:07:53FromGitter<liquid600pgm> the language might be easier to pick up for beginners, but I wouldn't say static typing is that hard
17:08:00clyybberI would go for statically typed, but with very good type inference
17:08:18FromGitter<liquid600pgm> what do you mean by 'very good'?
17:08:54clyybberAlgorithm W
17:10:27clyybberor even better Algorithm J
17:10:32clyybberits a bit simpler
17:17:43FromGitter<liquid600pgm> I wouldn't say the type inference would go *that* far, I was thinking about something more resemblent of what Nim does
17:17:53FromGitter<liquid600pgm> I don't want to make the implementation very complex
17:19:09luis_As it is, you think Nim is not friendly enough to be used within programs written in Nim?
17:19:34luis_I guess my question is whether a new language is needed?
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17:21:44FromGitter<liquid600pgm> I think Nim lacks an *easily embeddable*, powerful scripting language
17:23:45FromGitter<liquid600pgm> well, we have bindings to Lua, but I find writing Lua scripts rather cumbersome
17:24:16FromGitter<liquid600pgm> I'd rather write in a type-safe language that has all the features I need
17:24:34clyybberMost users wont need a scripting language embedded in Nim, but I imagine it's pretty useful for gamedev
17:24:53clyybberfor example for allowing users to create their own levels and behaviours
17:25:05FromGitter<liquid600pgm> that's exactly what I need the scripting language for
17:25:16clyybberI thought so :)
17:25:30clyybberI'm served fine with HCR
17:25:39luis_Well, me too. But can' t Nim itself be used in a scripting environment? I am testing it in a REPL, so I think it can. But I am playing with it for some days, and I may be mistaken.
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17:25:55clyybberluis_ Yeah it can.
17:26:12luis_What is HCR?
17:26:13clyybberbut I imagine designing a language by yourself is also a great way to learn
17:26:20clyybberHot Code Reloading
17:26:22luis_yeah, definetly
17:26:34FromGitter<liquid600pgm> oh really? I couldn't find any docs on using the Nim VM in your own programs
17:27:49luis_Does nim script have HCR abilities?
17:27:54clyybberliquid600pgm The docs don't tell you how to do it.
17:28:02clyybberluis_ Nim itself has that ability
17:28:04FromGitter<liquid600pgm> yeah I noticed
17:28:18federico3clyybber: HCR? it does? Any link handy?
17:29:29narimiranfederico3: https://nim-lang.github.io/Nim/nimc.html#additional-features-hot-code-reloading
17:30:13federico3Nim never fails to impress me
17:30:53narimiranit's been merged into devel a month or so ago
17:31:16clyybbernarimiran was faster with the link :D
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17:33:30FromGitter<deech> Why is the following is allowed by the compiler: ⏎ ⏎ ```proc f():int {.compileTime.} = 999 ⏎ const ff = f``` [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5cb36eeaa84e0c501a2ef44e]
17:33:41luis_narimiran: Thank you for the link
17:35:18narimiran@deech both examples work on the latest devel
17:35:25luis_Did anyone implemented statistics GLM with Nim?
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17:36:56narimiranbtw, does it work if you call the proc? (`const ff = f()`)
17:37:16FromGitter<deech> narimiran: I'm on that branch and I pull about an hour ago.
17:38:42FromGitter<deech> narimiran: Yes.
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18:29:28luis_<liquid600pgm> Have you seen min language? https://min-lang.org/
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18:45:42Perkolhttpclient will fetch https websites even without ssl enabled as long as I put http at start intead of https?
18:46:16*luis_ joined #nim
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19:51:36clyybbernarimiran: What is the difference between fillWith vs newSeqWith in your PR?
19:52:35narimirannewSeqWith creates a new seq, which is then filled and returned; fillWith fills the existing container, which is more memory-efficient
19:53:13narimiranbut as already said in the comments, i need to explain it better :)
19:53:37clyybberWhy not replace newSeqWith then?
19:53:48clyybberI see
19:54:10clyybberBut there is still a subtle difference between those two, isn't there?
19:54:26clyybbernewSeqWith evaluates the untyped parameter for each element
19:54:46clyybberwhile fillWith doesn't, even though it is using an untyped parameter?
19:54:49narimiransee the runnable example
19:56:01clyybbernarimiran: I'm looking at it rn.
19:56:31clyybberSo does rand(10) get called n times?
19:56:38clyybberor does it only get called a single time?
19:57:02*[rg] joined #nim
19:58:32narimiranthe result is something like this: `@[3, 89, 18, 2, 95, 20, 9, 54, 37, 80, 51]`, similarly to the example for `newSeqWith`
19:59:09clyybberHuh, how does that work?
19:59:23clyybberit is calling fillImpl right?
19:59:56clyybberAnd that should call evaluate f to a concrete value right?
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20:00:13clyybberOh, nevermind...
20:00:20clyybberfillImpl is a template
20:01:53clyybbernarimiran: Why does fillWith have an untyped parameter then? Shouldn't T work too?
20:02:30narimiransee just a few rows above where you have `fill`
20:02:46*rnrwashere joined #nim
20:02:51clyybberyeah, but thats a proc?
20:03:12clyybberand fillImpl also has : T in its parameters instead of : untyped
20:03:44narimiranyes, you're right
20:05:20clyybbernarimiran: Shouldn't it be possible to replace the : untyped in newSeqWith with a generic : T too?
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20:09:54disrupteki feel like i've read some stuff about possibly deprecated multi-methods. what's bad about them?
20:10:02disruptek^deprecating, that is.
20:12:55*luis_ joined #nim
20:13:39clyybberdisruptek: Their implementation is relatively complex
20:13:50clyybberAnd they are rarely useful in practice.
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20:16:11disruptekso they should be avoided, right?
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20:20:51disruptekokie, thanks. :-)
20:21:21narimiranN.B. (single) methods aren't going anywhere and you don't need to avoid them
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20:25:26clyybbernarimiran: So the untyped is just there so we can use that special code block syntax?\
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21:08:39disruptekso i have a runnable example that relies upon an import where implemented, but the import is unavailable when the runnable example is actually run as part of the docs build. is there an idiom for this? trying to use algorithm exports in tables runnables...
21:12:45*[rg] left #nim (#nim)
21:16:55Araqthe runnable example is supposed to have the import statement
21:19:34disruptekoh, i thought it'd end up inside a block: thanks.
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21:23:18clyybberAraq: Hey, https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim/pull/11019 is ready now I suppose.
21:30:28*rnrwashere joined #nim
21:33:29disruptekrunnableExamples seems like a great system, kudos!
21:33:44disruptekany reason not to example upon it?
21:34:02disruptekexpand, too.
21:34:28Araqclyybber: merged, thanks
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21:35:21I_Right_Iclyybber: "I suppose"...lol is that a disclaimer?
21:36:23*shomodj quit (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
21:38:08I_Right_II only say that because I cross my fingers every commit.
21:46:28*shomodj joined #nim
21:46:39clyybberI_Right_I: :D It's because I cast an adress of a (what C interprets to be a) scalar type to a struct.
21:51:04clyybberand that doesn't sound too good on paper.
21:52:38I_Right_Iyeah its sounds like something that might work now but be a bug in 3 years
21:54:41clyybberI hope not.
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23:26:52FromDiscord<Richard Anaya> I just read the Nim Basics page https://narimiran.github.io/nim-basics ... so good !
23:27:23FromDiscord<Richard Anaya> I created a good handful of issues I think could improve it, but wow, it helped me get up to speed on Nim the fastest of all things i've encountered
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