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01:05:54FromDiscord<Quibono> Does VSCode give nonsensical warnings to anyone else?
01:07:33FromDiscord<Quibono> Okay nvm, it seems that the tab sizing was giving it a headache.
01:09:45FromDiscord<Quibono> Nope, it still thinks I'm not using strformat when I've got a fmt() in there.
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01:45:30FromDiscord<nikki> can we see the code in question / screenshot?
01:45:41FromDiscord<nikki> but yeah some times nimsuggest keks out
01:50:26FromDiscord<Quibono> @nikki I think I might just be bad at Nim at this point. Like this code errors out (Generic instantiation of async for one) and I have no clue why. https://play.nim-lang.org/#ix=2F1z
01:56:11FromDiscord<Quibono> Okay, I figured out why it was unhappy with the headers. Still feel like I'm walking through sand.
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01:59:39FromDiscord<Quibono> Can somebody explain what the hell "Generic instantiation of x" means, and how I avoid it? That seems to be a frequent error I see.
02:03:37FromDiscord<nikki> it's ok, it's just the string that happens to be in the compiler for that case, it's nothing personal ๐Ÿ˜„
02:05:08FromDiscord<nikki> bc. of the amt of metaprogramming involved some times errors cause a chain reaction and the result is abstracted away from the specific fix you need some times; esp. if specific types of common human errors aren't explicitly watched out for by the compiler
02:06:02FromDiscord<nikki> anyways when you have `proc foo[T](... x: T ...): ... T ...` -- an instantiation is a when you materialize a specific version of that proc for a specific `T` like `int` or `string` or one of your own types like `HealthData` or whatever
02:06:32FromDiscord<nikki> the compiler is doing this when compiling the program, and refers to that concept in error messages
02:07:57FromDiscord<nikki> i haven't written a ton of code against the apis you're using in that code snippet, so it's hard to say without looking at the actual error message itself (which i can't get by running it on play-nim because it imports some module that isn't standard)
02:08:34FromDiscord<nikki> ah you ned to declare the `var` outside the `if`
02:08:46FromDiscord<nikki> so likes 10-13
02:08:48FromDiscord<nikki> can you replace that with
02:09:04FromDiscord<nikki> `var baseUrl = if live: liveURL else: demoURL`
02:09:28FromDiscord<nikki> can explain once you try
02:09:36FromDiscord<nikki> it may also not solve the entire issue
02:09:52FromDiscord<Quibono> Yeah I realized that a little bit ago and fixed the issue, I guess I'm just salty the compiler can't read my mind.
02:10:01FromDiscord<nikki> the other thing is -- i honestly recommend not using `fmt` for what you're doing here (which is appending two strings)
02:10:05FromDiscord<nikki> just do `a & b`
02:10:14FromDiscord<nikki> but if you're planning to evolve this to a larger format, maybe i can see the reasoning
02:10:38FromDiscord<nikki> that's not a train of thought worth going down (whether the compiler can read your mind)
02:11:21FromDiscord<nikki> but yeah i just use `a & b` and also if i have a proc that tends to take a "long message"
02:11:32FromDiscord<nikki> i make it take a `varargs[string, $]`, like `echo` does
02:11:48FromDiscord<nikki> which lets you do `foo("hey there, ", name, "!")` type stuff
02:13:19FromDiscord<nikki> also just initializing a local `var buf: string` and then doing `buf.add("stuff"); buf.add($3)` etc. over and over is nice for a 'build things up' use case
02:14:24FromDiscord<nikki> --โ†ตalso has anyone managed to get `collect` from 'sugar' working with constructing json collections?
02:14:39FromDiscord<nikki> like `collect(newJArray): for elem in something: elem`
02:15:03FromDiscord<nikki> maybe `%elem` in this case
02:15:10FromDiscord<nikki> haven't been having success here
02:15:14FromDiscord<Quibono> I didn't realize you could use &, thank you.
02:15:40FromDiscord<nikki> yeah `&` should work for most cases
02:15:58FromDiscord<nikki> the compiler usually figures out a nice string init + append + append + append ... for you behind the scenes
02:21:13FromDiscord<Quibono> Thank you. I'm trying to write an API interface and it's erm very interesting being new to Nim.
02:21:18FromDiscord<Quibono> And a fairly novice programmer.
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02:24:57FromDiscord<nikki> is it fun
02:25:59Zoom[m]Eh, does std have a sorted table?
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02:27:40Zoom[m]I'd like to iterate over countTable in order (by keys, not by value)
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02:39:04FromDiscord<Quibono> have you looked through the tables library in the std? IDK if it has it, but it's the only tables one.
02:54:10mipriOrderedTable's .sort looks useful
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03:19:09FromDiscord<nikki> is there some shortcut for `block: let thing = ...; ... stuff with thing ...; thing`
03:19:23FromDiscord<nikki> that maybe just names it `it`
03:19:33FromDiscord<nikki> in the standard library
03:19:35FromDiscord<nikki> looks like no
03:19:58FromDiscord<nikki> just have some code that looks like: https://play.nim-lang.org/#ix=2F1U
03:20:33FromDiscord<nikki> maybe i should make a `blockIt` macro lol
03:20:59FromDiscord<nikki> also wish `collect` worked on json types -- but maybe i'm just doing it wrong when i tried
03:38:20FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> @nikki so did you implement the blockit? ๐Ÿ˜„
03:44:08FromDiscord<nikki> haha for now this doesn't happen often enough that i'd wanna
03:44:12FromDiscord<nikki> but maybe i will if it comes up
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03:44:47FromDiscord<nikki> still working toward reaching parity with the c++ engine; once that happens it'll be a good point to give the code a look over
03:44:49FromDiscord<nikki> have been collecting some notes
03:45:30FromDiscord<nikki> actually may just make `blockIt` anyways outside the project as an exercise
03:45:51FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> It's a rather quick to make macro
03:46:00FromDiscord<nikki> yeah seems like it should be
03:46:14FromDiscord<nikki> i think it's just a template
03:46:34FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> Yea you should be able to use a template
03:47:04FromDiscord<nikki> `template blockIt(expr, body): block: var it {.injected} = expr; body; it`
03:47:06FromDiscord<nikki> that seems like it right
03:47:09FromDiscord<nikki> where `;` is newlines
03:47:39FromDiscord<nikki> ugh sorry i barfed on the `: untyped =` at the end of the header
03:52:05FromDiscord<Quibono> Is there a better way to insert something in the middle of a string than fmt?
03:52:24FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> There are string templates
03:52:43FromDiscord<nikki> @Quibono depends on what exactly you mean tbh
03:53:05FromDiscord<nikki> if you have mostly literals on either side, that's different from inserting sth in the middle of a runtime string (say, something a variable is referring to)
03:53:33FromDiscord<Quibono> So I've got a url "/v3/accounts/{accountid}/instruments"
03:53:55FromDiscord<nikki> ah, this is actually a case to consider fmt
03:54:08FromDiscord<nikki> i'd probably just use `&` myself bc. /shrug
03:54:24FromDiscord<Quibono> Lol is either faster under the hood?
03:54:30FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> https://nim-lang.org/docs/os.html#/%2Cstring%2Cstring
03:54:30FromDiscord<nikki> like `"/foo/" & thingy & "/bar"`
03:54:34FromDiscord<Quibono> like double & vs fmt
03:54:42FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> Just use the proc i gave
03:55:00FromDiscord<nikki> that proc decides based on the os you're running on, which is probably not what you want for urls
03:55:28FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> ~~Fuck windows~~
03:55:42FromDiscord<nikki> better just write good code instead
03:56:02FromDiscord<Quibono> lol
03:56:06PrestigeI agree, Beef
03:56:10FromDiscord<nikki> @Quibono i can try out both and let you know on a bit, will just look at the generated C
03:56:10FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> I'm saying fuck windows using `\` as the default seperator
03:56:27FromDiscord<nikki> i just think using the os module for concatenating urls is just bad coding
03:56:32FromDiscord<nikki> because urls aren't about operating systems
03:56:56FromDiscord<nikki> the format is a separate spec from file system path specs
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03:57:15FromDiscord<nikki> even though it looks like the character is the same
03:57:24FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> I mean i didnt read url so...
03:57:49FromDiscord<nikki> yeah "/v3/accounts/{accountId}/instruments" seems like a v classic url situation
03:58:05FromDiscord<Quibono> Yeah it's a URL for a forex broker.
03:58:20FromDiscord<nikki> is there urlutils or sth
03:58:49FromDiscord<nikki> in any case, if it were to exist, that's what to use. otherwise, that's what to build up yourself or depend on. or just use `&` haha
03:59:00FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> the uri module possibly
03:59:18FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> https://nim-lang.org/docs/uri.html#basic-usage-combine-uris
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03:59:39FromDiscord<nikki> https://nim-lang.org/docs/uri.html#%2F%2CUri%2Cstring
03:59:45FromDiscord<nikki> @Quibono this is actually pretty spot on for what you wanna do
04:00:45FromDiscord<Quibono> Cool, thanks.
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04:14:34FromDiscord<treeform> Why does strformat raise ValueError? Should I wrap all of my $ to not raise it? Is there a way to use strformat so that it does not do that?
04:15:03disruptekconcepts will let you down. stay away from them for now.
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04:16:30FromDiscord<treeform> @nikki I made this url library because I found current urls not sufficient https://github.com/treeform/urlly
04:18:34FromDiscord<treeform> @Quibono So you want a url thing that can easily add paths to together? How do you think that should look like?
04:20:03FromDiscord<Quibono> Honestly I just want something that looks pretty and is fast. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
04:22:39FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> Treeform i noticed pixie doesnt end with a y, you have to legally change that
04:24:10FromDiscord<treeform> Original name was pixxy
04:24:18FromDiscord<treeform> but its to foreign looking
04:24:33FromDiscord<treeform> pixie is a real word and sounds like its ends on a y
04:24:54FromDiscord<treeform> so we went with a real word
04:25:20FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> I forgive you
04:25:34FromDiscord<treeform> thanks, means a lot.
04:26:33FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> Well i did respect you, but now you lie to my face
04:26:47disruptekget used to it.
04:31:53FromDiscord<treeform> @ElegantBeef I am not laying to you, just playing along, cheer up!
04:32:08FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> I was also joking around
04:32:15disrupteknot me.
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05:45:58planetis[m]disruptek: whats genSym artifacts and how do i catch em?
05:46:32planetis[m]Oops wrong choice of words, this can go south
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05:56:40disrupteka symbol created with genSym needs to be rendered as `ident(repr sym)` in order to capture the unique name correctly.
06:12:06planetis[m]ok thanks will try that
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06:43:32FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> Has anybody tried using raylib forever?
06:43:45FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> For me, the raylib.nim file has errors
06:43:50FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> and so I can't use it
06:47:16FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> What are the errors?
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06:57:04FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> I don't know
06:57:06FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> how do I tell
06:57:34FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> Compile it
07:01:55FromGitter<cupen> Hello guys. I'm experiencing a little problem.
07:02:28FromGitter<cupen> Here is my code. โŽ โŽ ```code paste, see link``` [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5fba0d046a738b71d35761f0]
07:03:17FromGitter<cupen> It compiled failed. beacuse https://github.com/nim-lang/redis/blob/c02d404aa3989fd4d464e9c4ed497e28c6926fa2/src/redis.nim#L92.
07:04:11FromGitter<cupen> So, what is `6379.Port` ? โŽ โŽ ```proc open*(host = "localhost", port = 6379.Port): Redis =``` [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5fba0d6a0451324f152ac8d2]
07:05:09FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> Port is a distinct uint16, so that's converting 6379 to Port
07:06:18FromGitter<cupen> > *<FromDiscord>* <ElegantBeef> Port is a distinct uint16, so that's converting 6379 to Port โŽ โŽ Thanks, where is the `Port` 's define?
07:06:28FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> https://nim-lang.org/docs/nativesockets.html#%24%2CPort
07:07:05FromGitter<cupen> Thanks again. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
07:10:38FromGitter<cupen> Another my stupid question. How to convert a int to Port? or how to convert a string to Port?
07:10:58FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> int to port is just the `Port(int)` or `int.Port`
07:11:04FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> string requires you to parseint from strutils
07:11:30FromGitter<cupen> > *<FromDiscord>* <ElegantBeef> int to port is just the `Port(int)` or `int.Port` โŽ โŽ Thank you very much.
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07:29:48bung`await request.client.recvInto(request.buf[0].addr, maxLine,flags = {})` stucked but recvLine works on macos, any idea ?
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08:01:02FromGitter<deech> Why does calling `varargsLen` in a `proc` always `1` but in a `template` it returns the right number of `varargs`? โŽ โŽ `````` [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5fba1abe0451324f152ae26d]
08:01:05FromGitter<deech> https://play.nim-lang.org/#ix=2F3a
08:04:38FromGitter<deech> Boy that was a train wreck, let me try again: โŽ Why does calling `varargsLen` in a `proc` always return `1` but in a `template` it returns the right number of `varargs`? eg. https://play.nim-lang.org/#ix=2F3a
08:09:33FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> I have no idea why, but you can just use `.len` in a proc
08:10:05FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> Actually it's a macro so that's probably the reason ๐Ÿ˜„
08:10:05FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> I noticed this earlier
08:10:07FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> probably a bug
08:10:14FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> oh mayeb
08:10:15FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> probably
08:10:29FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> if it's a proc just use .len I think
08:10:34FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> yeah beef is right
08:12:12FromGitter<deech> That makes sense. Thanks! Should probably be part of `varargsLen` docs.
08:12:46FromGitter<deech> Or better yet a warning if used in a proc that way, it's almost certainly not what was intended.
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08:20:54FromDiscord<ElegantBeef> Weirdly it's just `len`
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10:07:25FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> I have, could you please describe the error?
10:09:49FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> If you're using the files generated from https://github.com/Guevara-chan/Raylib-Forever, id on't know why it doesn't work even after i tried many things
10:10:49FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> But then i found https://github.com/tomc1998/nim-raylib which uses a few of those files and has some extra utilities and it works fine for me with no issues
10:10:54FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> Hope that helps!
10:20:37FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> I'll eb sure to take a look into that! thanks
10:20:45FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> No worries!
10:21:28FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> It seems slightly out of date
10:21:43FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> A month or so
10:21:54FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> shouldn't be a hueg problem, but idk
10:22:01FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> Yeah, but it works fine
10:22:12FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> I tried wrapping it myself using c2nim, but got the weirdest of errors
10:22:23FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> `/mnt/d/Scripts/Misc/Nim/Nim/raylib-nim/raylib/src/raylib.h(99, 1) Error: did not expect #`
10:22:28FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> I used it a few weeks ago and i tested out the examples (i rewritten them into Nim code but eh)
10:22:35FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> Hm
10:22:51FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> If I can get it to work, I think I will try using nimterop
10:22:57FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> I'm not an expert at that type of stuff but maybe Nimterop would be better?
10:23:00FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> Oki!
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10:24:50FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> I tried using the toast tool
10:24:57FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> which is commandline for nimterop I think
10:25:05FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> but it doesn't seemt o want to actually convert the code
10:25:12FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> Hm
10:25:17FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> It just gives me the first x lines of the acualy raylib.h file
10:25:28FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> toast raylib.h -p -o=raylib.nim --check
10:25:31FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> is the ammand I used
10:25:33FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> command
10:25:42FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> There should be an alternative wrapper you can use which is better, but idk
10:25:50FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> I couldn't find any
10:25:58FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> Hm
10:26:06FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> Worst case I use the one you sent, which is completely ok
10:26:14FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> latest release I think was aug 1
10:26:22FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> Yeah :/
10:26:22FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> https://github.com/define-private-public/raylib-Nim
10:26:28FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> https://github.com/Skrylar/raylib-nim
10:26:32FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> Found those 2
10:26:51FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> there are quite a few
10:26:53FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> but they're not update
10:26:55FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> d
10:27:16FromDiscord<Recruit_main707> whats the issue with raylib forever?
10:27:23FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> Yeah, that's the only issue :/
10:27:31FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> raylib.nim has 9 compile errors
10:27:33FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> It gives an error
10:27:52FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> In the one by tomc?
10:28:01FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> no, the raylib forever bindings
10:28:33FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> Oh, yeah that's what happened when i tried using them too
10:28:34FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> oh the ones by tomc don't ahve raygui etc
10:28:37FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> I think I need raygui
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10:29:00FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> I just used raygui from raylib forever, since there's no errors there
10:29:06FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> oh that's a good idea
10:29:13FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> Yeah haha
10:29:15FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> That's really smart
10:29:25FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> That pretty much solves all the problems
10:29:31FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> Yeah lmao
10:29:33FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> But I am interested to see if I can make bidnings for raylib
10:29:57FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> That'd be cool if you did, i'd definitely like to be updated on that
10:30:11FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> If I get it to work, I'll post it on nim forums
10:30:15FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> Although i don't use discord much anymore
10:30:26FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> @ElegantBeef sorry for the tag, but any idea why c2nim complains that
10:30:28FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> That'd be cool, looking forward to that!
10:30:31FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> `/mnt/d/Scripts/Misc/Nim/Nim/raylib-nim/raylib/src/raylib.h(99, 1) Error: did not expect #`
10:30:56FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> nimterop is being super weird, I think I can't wrap on commandline or something
10:31:21FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> Also i recommend using https://github.com/tomc1998/nim-raylib/blob/master/src/raylib_util.nim as it might help you with Raylib development
10:31:43FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> oh that's nice
10:31:46FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> just some utility stuff
10:31:53FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> Mhm
10:32:06FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> I'll use that regardless of whether or not I end up wrapping it myself
10:32:20FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> Cool!
10:32:29FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> Glad i was able to help
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11:01:22FromDiscord<Scarecrow> in python there are ctypes. What s about nim - is it possible to use some c/cpp code directly from it?
11:02:26FromDiscord<Scarecrow> also is it possible to use python or some other scripting language (lua, angelscript, etc)
11:02:48PrestigeYou can use C libs in Nim with a wrapper, yes
11:03:33PrestigeThis might be a good read: https://gist.github.com/zacharycarter/846869eb3423e20af04dea226b65c18f
11:11:05FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> And Nim has NimScript
11:11:49FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> Supports nearly most features from Nim iirc (not all because some things need to be compiled, but don't quote me on that)
11:12:58FromDiscord<flywind> python: !repo nimpy
11:13:07FromDiscord<flywind> !repo nimpy
11:13:07disbotquery failed ๐Ÿ˜ข
11:13:21FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> https://github.com/yglukhov/nimpy
11:13:35FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> Nimpy is awesome, but pure Nim is even better-
11:13:42FromDiscord<flywind> lua: https://github.com/jangko/nimLUA
11:14:46FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> Just about to send that haha
11:14:49FromDiscord<Recruit_main707> @Scarecrow as they said, you can wrap c/cpp code in a similar way to how you do it in ctypes
11:14:59FromDiscord<Elizabeth Afton> (edit) "Just" => "Was just"
11:47:46Zoom[m]Guys and ladies, doesn't it concern you that STD doesn't have a sorted table? I thought having something like a B-Tree was pretty standard these days
11:56:14FromDiscord<haxscramper> we have binary tree in fusion
11:56:41FromDiscord<haxscramper> https://nim-lang.github.io/fusion/src/fusion/btreetables.html
11:58:13Zoom[m]Ah, thanks. That's better. How stable fusion is?
11:58:47Zoom[m]I mean, chances it migrates into STD proper are slim, right?
11:59:50FromDiscord<haxscramper> Fusion is stable
12:00:09FromDiscord<haxscramper> And it is shipped by default now, so you don't need to install it
12:00:10FromDiscord<Recruit_main707> iirc nim didnt want to have a huge stdlib, and tries to keep it simple
12:00:21FromDiscord<haxscramper> !eval import fusion/btreetables
12:00:23NimBot<no output>
12:00:56FromDiscord<Recruit_main707> !eval import opengl
12:00:57NimBotCompile failed: /usercode/in.nim(1, 8) Error: cannot open file: opengl
12:01:04FromDiscord<haxscramper> Yeah, AFAIK for 1.4+ it is shipped with regular nim installation, no additional work needed. So it is kind of std++
12:02:51FromDiscord<Recruit_main707> but i think there is no issue with having a simple stdlib, specially since nim has an official package manager and makes it very easy to add 3rd party libraries to your code
12:04:43ForumUpdaterBotNew thread by Fxn: Are these constants effectively saving computations?, see https://forum.nim-lang.org/t/7138
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12:39:20*PMunch joined #nim
12:45:39PMunchNew stream tonight! Adding some features to notifishower, and showing how it can be used to create custom notifications for things. Aiming to start at 17UTC.
12:47:01FromDiscord<Quibono> @nikki I just benchmarked it and using two & is about twice as fast as fmt()
13:00:48FromGitter<alehander92> Araq I can just revert and rebase to a working state
13:00:49FromGitter<alehander92> my pr
13:02:02*hmmm joined #nim
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13:11:51FromGitter<HJarausch_gitlab> I'd like to write a proc 'Sum' which has a can be passed a Slice or 'countup(...)'. What type should this parameter have. I cannot pass 'countup(..)' to parameter of type Slice. Thanks for a hint, Helmut
13:13:33PMunchWell, unfortunately for you `countup` is an iterator
13:13:59PMunchAnd iterators (not closure iterators) work by rewriting the AST, so they don't really have a type as such
13:15:05PMunchThere is a way around this however, and that is by creating an Iterateable concept and wrapping it in a closure iterator
13:15:24PMunchOr by making your sum proc a macro instead
13:15:34*tane joined #nim
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13:22:03FromDiscord<haxscramper> Or make a proc that returns closure iterator. https://play.nim-lang.org/#ix=2F5i
13:22:21FromDiscord<haxscramper> Kind of strange there is no `items` overload for closure iterators though
13:22:56*xace quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
13:25:03*habamax joined #nim
13:25:07*xace joined #nim
13:28:36FromGitter<HJarausch_gitlab> @PMunch How to "Iterateable concept and wrapping it in a closure iterator". @FromDiscord thanks for the example, still, I don't see how to pass [in Python syntax] either 'range(0,7)' or 'range(0,7,2)' - and 'Sum' was only a simple example
13:30:34PMunchWeeeell, it's a bit tricky..
13:31:00PMunchFor now just create a template `wrap` that wraps an iterator into a closure iterator and use that instead
13:32:42*aaronm joined #nim
13:33:11FromGitter<cupen> In nim way, how to write `for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++) `??
13:33:23PMunch`for i in 0..<100`
13:33:51FromGitter<cupen> Thanks
13:35:14FromDiscord<haxscramper> @HJarausch_gitlab if you only need something like python `range` you can do it just ifne with regular iterators - https://play.nim-lang.org/#ix=2F5t
13:36:09FromDiscord<haxscramper> Although `range` is an identifier name for a type from system, so you might want to use different name. That is, for python-like 'range'
13:36:21PMunch@haxscramper, I think he wants to take the equivalent of Pythons range as an argument
13:37:57*PMunch quit (Quit: leaving)
13:38:30FromDiscord<haxscramper> Then https://play.nim-lang.org/#ix=2F5y
13:41:23FromDiscord<haxscramper> Python's `range` is a class actually (I thought it is some kind of magic built-in) with `index` index defined, so example above should be pretty similar both from use-case standpoint and implementation (object (or object-like thing in case of `iterator(): int`) with some special magic going on inside).
13:41:55FromGitter<HJarausch_gitlab> @FromDiscord Yes thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for. Still, why do I need that 'iterator itemsT (it: iterator(): T): T', isn't that built into Nim already?
13:42:24FromDiscord<haxscramper> apparently no, although I was also surprised that it isn't
13:42:55FromDiscord<haxscramper> E.g. it is probably very logical thing to do
13:43:22FromDiscord<haxscramper> when you have closure iterator and want to use it in for loop
13:44:17FromDiscord<haxscramper> Maybe I should just PR it into stdlib now
13:46:24FromGitter<HJarausch_gitlab> I'd like to suggest to extend the 'collect' macro to include (standard Nim's bit) set. If that would be available I wouldn't need that "passing an iterator around" stuff in my current case. Still, it is very interesting.
13:49:51FromDiscord<lqdev> that's a good idea
13:50:02FromDiscord<lqdev> i'm quite surprised it doesn't support them
13:50:11FromDiscord<lqdev> probably an oversight
13:50:25FromDiscord<lqdev> @HJarausch_gitlab can you open an issue on github?
13:53:24FromDiscord<haxscramper> https://play.nim-lang.org/#ix=2F5K
13:53:24*hmmm quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
13:53:30FromDiscord<haxscramper> It does support `set[T]`
13:53:53FromDiscord<haxscramper> But again, you need to use some non-obvious `proc initSet[A](): set[A] = discard` thing
13:54:21FromDiscord<haxscramper> Which does not come with stdlib
13:55:20FromDiscord<haxscramper> I can add `initSet` too - will be PR'ing `items` for `iterator(): T` anyway so
13:56:59FromDiscord<haxscramper> Although I don't know where I should put it exactly. `newSeq` is in `std/system`, probably makes sense to add `initSet` too.
14:05:22FromGitter<HJarausch_gitlab> @FromDiscord I've tried to adapt your example (https://play.nim-lang.org/#ix=2F5R) but is crashes Nim 1.5.1 git hash: d9038ed792b923cfbb9593ab82825fdb48728adc)
14:06:08FromDiscord<lqdev> @haxscramper imo something like `collect(set[uint16] {})` should be supported too
14:06:58FromGitter<HJarausch_gitlab> I've fixed my example https://play.nim-lang.org/#ix=2F5T but it still crashes
14:07:21FromDiscord<lqdev> btw @HJarausch_gitlab, FromDiscord is the bot that bridges discord to IRC and Gitter. if you want to ping any of us, use the name in <> in the bot's message
14:07:26FromDiscord<haxscramper> `nnkCall, nnkIdent, nnkSym` - @HJarausch_gitlab you can only use identifier or call in `collect` argument
14:08:24FromDiscord<haxscramper> E.g. you probably expect it to work like this, but not it is not supported. But probablt should be though,
14:09:06FromDiscord<haxscramper> Becase it took me a good 10 minutes to figure out how return types are derived from argument+body
14:09:31FromDiscord<haxscramper> E.g. `collect(seq[int])` is perfectly reasonable way to write things
14:09:53FromDiscord<haxscramper> Well, not 'reasonable', but I can clearly see how someone tries to do this
14:09:57FromDiscord<lqdev> the details are revealed if you use `collect(set[uint16]({}))` - it does `set[uint16]({})[typeof(<body>)]`
14:10:33FromDiscord<lqdev> but you have to have an understanding of macros to actually know what the error message means
14:12:07FromDiscord<haxscramper> If only `expandMacros` worked for malformed code. But I guess it is quite hard to do right in the first place
14:14:59*kitech1 quit (Quit: ZNC 1.7.5 - https://znc.in)
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14:26:46FromGitter<cupen> Sorry, I have a new stupid question. why it's a syntax error? โŽ โŽ ```code paste, see link``` [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5fba7526771c185e0ebda9ed]
14:29:46FromGitter<cupen> oh, I see. โŽ โŽ ```code paste, see link``` โŽ โŽ this would be ok. [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5fba75daabf6a739a6ab1dd9]
14:58:29*luis_ joined #nim
15:07:43FromGitter<HJarausch_gitlab> Oh well, yet another problem. If I invoke Nim as โŽ nim c -d:DEBUG:true -r mytest.nim โŽ how can I get at the value of 'DEBUG' within a 'when' clause in mytest.nim? โŽ Checking โŽ when defined(DEBUG) ... [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5fba7ebfb03a464f08268a1a]
15:09:37FromDiscord<haxscramper> https://nim-lang.org/docs/manual.html#implementation-specific-pragmas-compile-time-define-pragmas
15:10:22FromDiscord<haxscramper> But I would recommend to avoid `SCREAMING` defines, and use `-d:debug` + `when defined(debug)`
15:28:54*luis1 joined #nim
15:37:47Zevvdoes "result" vs "return" help with RVO optimizations?
15:38:12Zevvoh wait, drop the last word, that's redundant
15:39:57FromDiscord<Rika> It should, yes
15:40:27ZevvI've been trying to make a practical example where I can see one performs better then the other, but I have failed up to now
15:43:56Zevvoh wait I *can*
15:44:07Zevvbut it's so trivial that I would have expected Nim to figure that on out
15:45:05Amun_RaZevv: there's a third way: a value alone
15:46:02Amun_RaZevv: https://play.nim-lang.org/#ix=2F6A
15:46:54Zevvbut I was wondering why Nim did not pick up a simple single assignment and return
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15:48:35*Guest94576 joined #nim
15:52:02Zevvdoesn't make sense to run that in debug mode tho
15:52:34FromGitter<alehander92> Araq
15:52:35ZevvWith the C++ backend the 3d option is twice as slow
15:52:37FromGitter<alehander92> ok i pushed
15:52:37Zevvas the other ones
15:52:42FromGitter<alehander92> a fixed old version
15:52:49FromGitter<alehander92> you can merge this .. eventually as an alpha
15:53:16FromGitter<alehander92> if it looks ok enough and if we fix the CI
15:53:44FromGitter<alehander92> it seems my strictnotnil enabled tests pass locally, but i am not sure why i had fails there, have to debug now
15:54:03Zevvstrictnotnil sounds like some kind of italian type of pasta
15:54:20*Guest94576 quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
15:54:22Zevvor a new covid vaccin with at least 96% success rate
15:54:39FromGitter<alehander92> this one doesn't include the optimized no-set-alias / or eventually newer stuff
15:54:41*waleee-cl joined #nim
15:54:45FromGitter<alehander92> which can be added later
15:54:57FromGitter<alehander92> and no smart return value analysis
15:54:59Zevvdude you are really getting that done
15:55:18*a_chou joined #nim
15:55:26Zevvthat is _very_ nice
15:55:29FromGitter<alehander92> so `result = (a, b)` can still lead to a bug on theory
15:55:38FromGitter<alehander92> (and in practice*)
15:55:46FromGitter<alehander92> but all this can be .. fixed later this year hopefully
15:56:09FromGitter<alehander92> zevv i literally just went to the original september branch
15:56:26FromGitter<alehander92> rebased and fixed a little and just enabled 1-2 more tests
15:56:28Zevvbut you got a long way with that right?
15:56:32FromGitter<alehander92> and removed some comments
15:56:38Zevvit's not _wrong_ IIRC?
15:56:40FromGitter<alehander92> well yeah
15:57:06FromGitter<alehander92> i mean it catches a lot of stuff the biggest problem is it is very slow for some huge `case` situations
15:57:29Zevvlike, the compiler
15:57:37FromGitter<alehander92> exactly :D
15:57:50FromGitter<alehander92> but .. this can be fixed, but my other version
15:57:58FromGitter<alehander92> had other bugs and couldn't pass the test suite
15:58:10FromGitter<alehander92> so for now i am pushing this
15:58:27FromGitter<alehander92> to not block everything so much
15:58:33Zevvso, if A. is willing to go with this as someting to start with. I bet it's way better then what was once in Nim right
15:58:34*Guest94576_ joined #nim
15:59:12FromGitter<alehander92> i guess the idea is we can merge that (or i can just disable the set-alias thing and then it can be very fast but catch less cases)
15:59:30FromGitter<alehander92> and see if it works at least well enough for the initial cases
15:59:37FromGitter<alehander92> as an experimental beta flag
15:59:46FromGitter<alehander92> and in the meantime
15:59:51Zevvright. if you want people to test it, it needs to go in I guess
15:59:52FromGitter<alehander92> i can fix the other cases
16:00:05FromGitter<alehander92> i was so blocked by the test suite thing, i think it's better to restart from here
16:00:25FromDiscord<ProfessorEevee> :o active community?
16:00:35Zevvdepends, I assume you know where you need to go from here?
16:00:42FromGitter<alehander92> hm, but all package tests seem to fail
16:00:43Zevvit's not that it's not complete and you have no clue how to fix that
16:00:55ZevvProfessorEevee: how so?
16:01:08FromGitter<alehander92> anyway, see you later, thank God that at least locally things started happening well
16:01:38FromDiscord<ProfessorEevee> Well, I just learned about this language and I was kind of surprised to find active people here considering how small it is right now
16:01:58*narimiran joined #nim
16:02:15FromGitter<alehander92> after all this blocking hm
16:02:19FromGitter<alehander92> see you after 9 :D
16:02:39ZevvProfessorEevee: oh I think this channel is the only reason I hang out with the language
16:02:52ZevvI don't program, but the people here are nice and spart
16:03:14FromDiscord<ProfessorEevee> Yeah idk, it's kind of cool, though
16:03:28Zevvsure is
16:03:39FromDiscord<ProfessorEevee> because I come from Python and a little bit of both C++ and Rust
16:03:51FromDiscord<ProfessorEevee> and this is just like the child of the aforementioned
16:04:08Zevvthe good thing of a small user base is that there's a clear sense of a community still
16:04:21FromDiscord<ProfessorEevee> Yup, I can see that
16:04:33Zevvthere's dozens of us :)
16:04:59Zevvno clue where 10k stars on github come from though
16:05:14FromDiscord<ProfessorEevee> I didn't even realize there was a repository
16:13:36*a_chou quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
16:14:48*PMunch joined #nim
16:17:56Zoom[m]Does creating of a result var postponed until the end of the proc, unless I use it earlier in the body?
16:18:23Zoom[m]I mean, I'd like to use a temporary variable insread of result and move it to result at the end
16:19:09Zoom[m]But I don't want to do it if the result is already there
16:19:44Zoom[m]I guess I should inspect C myself, but may be you can give me a quick answer
16:21:22Zoom[m]Or, I guess I should comply and use result everywhere instead
16:21:51PMunchIt is created as the first thing that happens in the procedure
16:22:16PMunchWhy don't you want to use result?
16:24:48Zoom[m]I'm not used to :)
16:25:21Zoom[m]I don't like the sound of it. If it's created first, how can I replace the initialization with my own?
16:27:47Zoom[m]For example, for arrays. Some types are filled with the default values, such as array. If the proc returns an array and has some user-defined initialization in the body, how can I avoid double init?
16:28:25Zoom[m] * Some types are filled with the default values, such as an array. If the proc returns it and has some user-defined initialization in the body, how can I avoid double init?
16:29:17FromGitter<HJarausch_gitlab> it's me again, sorry. My first trivial macro failed. I want a macro 'd_echo' which expands to 'discard' if a compile time constant 'DEBUG' is true. โŽ Otherwise it should generate an 'echo' statement. Here is what I tried โŽ const DEBUG {.booldefine.} = false โŽ import macros โŽ macro d_echo(Msg:varargs[string]) = ... [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5fba91dd29cc4d734824e299]
16:29:32Zoom[m]Sorry, I'm probably speaking nonsense. My mental model is still shaky.
16:33:39*ehmry quit (Quit: https://quassel-irc.org - Chat comfortably. Anywhere.)
16:36:20PMunchZoom[m], well Nim doesn't really have user-defined initialisation
16:36:28PMunchIt just inits everything to 0
16:36:49PMunchBut you can throw on {.noInit.} on the proc to avoid even that from happening
16:37:16PMunchBy the way, I'm streaming later if you didn't catch that earlier :)
16:37:20Zoom[m]But if it was lazy, and you could move to result then you could avoid double init
16:37:27Zoom[m]Ahh, that's better
16:38:19Zoom[m]Please, tell me If I'm concerned over stupid things
16:38:55PMunchI think you are :P
16:39:30PMunchWell, the init takes a little bit of time, but it's so little so it only really matters if you reaaally need to optimise something
16:39:47*apahl quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
16:40:11Zoom[m]You can tell me this every time it happens, I need to "world check" my ocd
16:40:16PMunchTypically the safety of knowing that default values are all zeros is better than the very tiny delay in nulling out some memory
16:40:26*apahl joined #nim
16:40:42PMunchI mean it's a valid concern, but in reality it's not that big of an issue
16:42:08Zoom[m]It's really an OCD. If I know I'm going to iterate over a container and fill it anyway, it just leaves a nasty feeling if you know you're not its first
16:42:31PMunchWell if it helps it isn't iterated over
16:42:38PMunchIt's just a single call to clear the memory
16:43:17PMunchLike a memset(result.addr, 0, sizeof(result))
16:43:55Zoom[m]You're right
16:45:48Zoom[m]You're streaming in 15 minutes, right?
16:47:19PMunchThat's the plan
16:47:43PMunchhttps://youtu.be/i4pDnyxC6HM <- Not live yet, but I think that will work once it's up and running
16:48:05PMunchHmm, it says 72 minutes though..
16:48:07PMunchThat's a bug
16:48:42PMunchI keep forgetting that Firefox forces UTC+0
16:49:51ForumUpdaterBotNew thread by Treeform: Is there some thing like `newSeqNoInit`?, see https://forum.nim-lang.org/t/7139
16:50:11Zoom[m]I have some fingerprint scrubbing turned on in about:config and I get messed time everywhere, including Element logs
16:51:07Zoom[m]I think it's UTC
16:54:51PMunchYeah it's UTC, and it confuses the hell out of stuff
17:02:50Zoom[m]Wait, intToStr takes int, but what's with int64?
17:04:47PMunchLink apparently didn't work, new link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_B3JMQSUCA
17:04:52PMunchOr twitch.tv/pmunche
17:07:21FromDiscord<lqdev> @Zoom: just use $ for everything
17:07:59*bung quit (Quit: Lost terminal)
17:20:11*abm joined #nim
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18:06:03ForumUpdaterBotNew thread by Moigagoo: NimSuggest Not Working with Karax's or Jester's Macros, see https://forum.nim-lang.org/t/7140
18:07:36planetis[m]can I get the module directory at compile time?
18:07:56*Guest94576_ quit (Quit: Guest94576_)
18:10:42FromDiscord<haxscramper> sent a code paste, see https://play.nim-lang.org/#ix=2F7t
18:11:32planetis[m]thank you haxscramper
18:11:37FromDiscord<haxscramper> sent a code paste, see https://play.nim-lang.org/#ix=2F7u
18:12:10*lritter joined #nim
18:12:39FromDiscord<haxscramper> And you also need to `export splitPath` for this template, since it depends on `std/os.splitPath`
18:13:35*sagax joined #nim
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18:16:03planetis[m]it didn't work for me, iwas getting ??? but there is `currentSourcePath.parentDir()` too
18:18:13FromDiscord<haxscramper> `currentSourcePath` is defined as `template currentSourcePath: string = instantiationInfo(-1, true).filename` so it is strange that `currentSourceDir` has different results.
18:18:48FromDiscord<haxscramper> But maybe it is some weird template instantiation interactions, can't really comment on that one
18:43:46disruptekdisbot: you awake?
18:43:47disbotyep. ๐Ÿ˜Š
19:01:57planetis[m]finally made gnuplot realtime https://github.com/planetis-m/gnuplotlib
19:02:10planetis[m]warning not well tested
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19:12:01FromGitter<alehander92> :)
19:13:31*waleee-cl joined #nim
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19:23:21PMunchHmm, what would be a good package to grab a div out of some HTTP?
19:24:03PMunchThe xmlparser stuff is a bit clunky to work with
19:24:47PMunchI just want client.getContent("<url>").parseHtml.getElementsByClasses("classname") or something like that
19:25:17*Q-Master quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:29:19disruptekisn't there an htmlparser?
19:29:58*Q-Master joined #nim
19:30:06disrupteki guess there are two, just to make things interesting.
19:30:52PMunchOh yeah there is
19:31:59PMunchBut it still relies on xmltree to actually get anything out of it
19:32:18disrupteka nice new project for your stream.
19:32:54PMunchOh wait, there's nimquery
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20:05:13FromDiscord<dom96> PMunch: you can use webdriver, downside is you will need to launch a whole browser ๐Ÿ™‚
20:06:56PMunchNimquery was enough to solve it for me :)
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20:27:12planetis[m]dom96: can you review please: https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim/pull/15919
20:27:13disbotโžฅ Httpclient improvements
20:28:12*iwq joined #nim
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20:36:26ForumUpdaterBotNew thread by BarrOff25: Can't create seq in callback function, see https://forum.nim-lang.org/t/7141
20:39:27*letto joined #nim
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20:43:48Zevvclyybber not here, right?
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21:32:15FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> anyone know why I might get thsi error?
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21:32:32FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> sent a code paste, see https://play.nim-lang.org/#ix=2F8N
21:32:52FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> I'm trying to wrap raylib for nim
21:36:32ForumUpdaterBotNew thread by Peter: Unhandled exception in httpbeast, see https://forum.nim-lang.org/t/7142
21:39:53FromDiscord<Recruit_main707> @iWonderAboutTuatara Guevara-chan says in the github issue all errors have been patched, have you tried since he said it?
21:40:31FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> I haven't
21:40:45FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> I would like to try to wrap a library myself though
21:40:50FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> because it's a useful thing to know
21:41:01FromDiscord<Recruit_main707> then go ahead, yeah
21:42:26FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> Do you know why it might be giving that error though?
21:42:50FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> the toast binary doesn't seem to be giving me a wrapper, it just seems to echo back the file itself
21:42:54FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> (from nimterop)
21:43:40FromDiscord<Recruit_main707> i have very little experience dealing with c2nim and nimterop errors
21:44:16FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> Oh I see
21:44:20FromDiscord<iWonderAboutTuatara> Hopefully someone else knows then
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22:42:38ForumUpdaterBotNew thread by JohnAD: Example of a simply UDP client, see https://forum.nim-lang.org/t/7143
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