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00:31:54FromGitter<arnetheduck> https://andrewkelley.me/post/full-time-zig.html
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02:19:24FromGitter<svnpenn> Does Nim have a simpler way to convert from binary to decimal - i see with hex ⏎ you can do this: ⏎ ⏎ ~~~nim ⏎ echo parseHexInt("f") ... [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5b1f2dac202c8f71f5f9df6d]
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02:36:04FromGitter<kayabaNerve> I have a lib for that
02:36:10FromGitter<kayabaNerve> Or file
02:37:18FromGitter<kayabaNerve> But it wouldn't be much better than that. It's weird it uses a var int versus a return value...
02:45:46FromGitter<kaushalmodi> Can one of the GitHub repo maintainers update the protocol of the Nim website from http to https: https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim
02:46:06FromGitter<kaushalmodi> It's in the area where you set the repo description and website.
02:48:28FromGitter<svnpenn> @kaushalmodi whats the point? it redirects anyway: ⏎ ⏎ ~~~ ⏎ $ curl -I nim-lang.org ⏎ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently ... [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5b1f347b70d89b3a318eadb2]
02:49:41FromGitter<kaushalmodi> I know. But still showing https links looks better in my opinion. Why would you want to advertise that your website is less secure than it actually is?
02:50:44FromGitter<kaushalmodi> If the Nim devs want to advertise http, then who I am to say.. I just brought it up as it looked that updating that was missed.
02:57:36FromGitter<kayabaNerve> Make a pull request
02:59:55FromGitter<kaushalmodi> ?
03:00:54FromGitter<kaushalmodi> Looks like you misunderstood.. I am talking about the description part of a GitHub repo, which only an admin can update.. it takes 5 seconds to update that even when you are on phone.
03:00:56FromGitter<kayabaNerve> Make a pull request to edit the docs to use https links
03:01:05FromGitter<kayabaNerve> The README?
03:01:15FromGitter<kayabaNerve> Make a pull request
03:01:33FromGitter<kaushalmodi> Ugh.. let me take a screenshot
03:06:35FromGitter<kaushalmodi> https://www.dropbox.com/s/vjtt7145ce37qns/Screenshot_20180611-230150.png?dl=0
03:07:14FromGitter<kayabaNerve> Oh. That. Nvm. Sorry
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03:10:21FromGitter<kaushalmodi> No problem. In the process I found that the Imgur app doesn't work, had to use Dropbox :P
03:29:47FromGitter<Varriount> @kaushalmodi I'll look into it
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04:01:50FromGitter<kayabaNerve> My Git install is borked. Therefore, I don't have Nimble. I can just manually download from GitHub, and the dependencies separately, and put the folders in my .nimble, right?
04:03:45shashlicki think you still need nimble to setup the import paths
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04:09:01CodeVanceHow to convert seq to array?
04:09:17CodeVanceshould be easy I'd imagine. But can't find it anywhere
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04:38:18FromGitter<kayabaNerve> Got it working
04:55:41FromGitter<Varriount> @kaushalmodi There. A single character added. :)
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07:21:51yglukhovis it possible to get MemRange of current gc?
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08:16:25yglukhovis gitter-irc down again?
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08:24:21PMunchyglukhov, well FromGitter appears to still be here
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08:24:53skrylarmratsim: wanted to boop in for a quick moment to say i finally retooled the TTS thing, and the gradients are finally going down :)
08:25:13Araqyglukhov, https://gist.github.com/Araq/9575d2df262d83208092a36ffe06de4b
08:25:22Araqbut it should be fixed in sysstr.nim
08:26:00yglukhov[i]Araq: awesome. should do for now. thanks.
08:30:28PMunchdom96, is this a known bug? http://ix.io/1d56/
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08:30:41PMunchJust by running "nimble test"
08:30:52PMunchDoesn't appear to do anything either..
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08:33:11Araqyglukhov[i], better also add a 'nil' check in isLiteral before the pointer deref
08:33:25yglukhov[i]Araq: got it
08:34:17Araqyou should really just make shallowCopy check for this flag though
08:34:27Araqif set, shallowCopy needs to do a real copy
08:35:22Araqand sysstr.nim has some disabled logic 'when defined(nimShallowStrings)' that is also relevant
08:36:58yglukhovAraq: in my case the shallowCopy is done to keep the value from being collected. So i just don't need shallowCopy at all when this is a literal
08:37:23Araqthere GC_ref / GC_unref for that
08:37:46Araqwhich cannot work on string literals either lol
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09:11:44yglukhovAraq: this trick doesn't work for seq literals (
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10:03:31Araqyeah I've seen your PR regarding this.
10:03:43Araqyou need to ensure 'reserved' is not used directly in seqs
10:03:56Araqso that the masking is properly done
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10:11:14yglukhovAraq: answering my own question "reserved" is used to store capacity. `space` template masks strlitFlag away. grepped through ".reserved" and found nothing that could break.
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10:35:30VindaarPMunch:yeah, that bug is known: https://github.com/nim-lang/nimble/issues/456
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10:46:56PMunchOkay, at least good that it is known :P
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10:56:31VindaarHaha, I guess. I tried understanding the issue, but it went way over my head
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12:56:22nc-xI just wasted 2 hours trying to figure out why `echo` was printing `...` for objects. And apparently the default `$` prints `...` for unexported fields which is obviously correct. Was this documented anywhere. Or are there plans to remove the default `$` for objects? I would rather have an error that says `missing $` rather than waste time debugging :(
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12:58:07Araqnc-x, I completely agree, this default $ for objects must go.
12:58:16nc-xIs the irc-gitter bridge not working?
12:59:01nc-xAraq: In that case, I will create an issue for it so that it is not forgotten.
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13:01:05fvswondering - is it possibly to check what version of nim a binary was compiled with?
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14:05:54Yardanicofvs, it's actually possible if this binary uses httpclient for network requests :)
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14:07:19Yardanicobecause by default httpclient has User-Agent - "Nim httpclient/<insert nim version here>"
14:07:32Yardanicoand you can easily get that string from the binary
14:07:47dom96Araq: nc-x: I disagree that $ for objects should go
14:07:59Yardanicofvs, but why do you need this?
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14:19:15fvsYardanico: just wondering, a cat/head on the binary is not showing anything resembling version string.
14:22:15Yardanicofvs, well, if you're not using httpclient it won't show nim version
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14:59:35Araqdom96, if the error message said "Foo lacks an $ operator, to give Foo an $ operator, write implementDollar(Foo)" would you still oppose it?
15:00:12dom96yes, $ is great for debugging
15:00:14AraqI think a single line to enable this feature on a by-type basis would do us good
15:00:24Araqwell for debugging you can use 'repr'
15:00:41Araqand probably we should rewrite the repr's implementation :-/
15:00:50*miran joined #nim
15:00:52dom96Not in all cases
15:01:03dom96One particular problem with repr is when you have a Table in your object
15:01:15dom96and then you get spammed with a bunch of empty cells in the repr output :(
15:01:23dom96$ will give you a nice {} syntax
15:01:41Araqyeah but given that 'repr' is impossible to kill we might as well make it work well
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15:04:48krux02Hello Humans!
15:04:53euantorI actually don't mind Rust's approach: `#[derive(Debug)]` is attached to any type and you get a debug representation
15:04:58*find0x90 quit (Quit: find0x90)
15:05:05shashlickwhy not instead use fieldPairs() and print out what can be printed - perhaps too much work for complex objects
15:05:13euantorAnd in Rust you can also implement the `Display` trait
15:05:46krux02euantor, well the nim approach is that you write a generic debug proc and it works for all types, no matter if they "derive" from it or not
15:06:20krux02so all of a sudden you don't have to deal with derive expressions at all anymore, you just have everything available
15:06:48krux02I prefer it a lot.
15:07:03krux02it allows to implement interfaces for foreign types
15:07:19krux02and that is what Rust explicitly forbids
15:07:46krux02it is by design, because their security relies on the fact that you can't implement foreign interfaces.
15:07:52krux02I don't like it
15:08:07krux02Araq: are you there, I have a question about macros
15:08:16krux02or better said the VM behind it
15:09:21krux02I would like to ask if the amount of registers on the VM is a hard constraint
15:09:32krux02I constantly run out of them, because I have too many local variables.
15:09:53krux02especially the ast pattern matching generates a lot of local variables
15:10:02Araqso generate a tuple
15:10:24Araqit's a hard limit but we could patch vmgen to do "spilling"
15:10:33krux02what is spilling?
15:10:35Araqthere are only 256 different registers
15:10:44Araqbecause we use 8 bits to encode them
15:10:58Araqspilling is when the compiler emulates a register with a stack slot
15:11:26*nc-x joined #nim
15:11:51krux02which stack?
15:12:11*find0x90 joined #nim
15:12:12krux02local variable stack?
15:12:37Araqusually, yes.
15:12:51nc-xAraq: dom96: Yes, please, remove $. And clean the output of `repr`. Remove all of its unwanted empty output. It makes repr unusable.
15:13:16*Yardanico joined #nim
15:13:29krux02remove $?
15:14:43Araqnc-x, what I used before was
15:14:49dom96krux02: for objects
15:14:55Araqproc `$`(f: Foo): string {.error.}
15:15:01Araqto make the compiler bail out
15:15:13*find0x90 quit (Client Quit)
15:15:23Araqwhich currently produces a terrible error message in 'echo' iirc...
15:15:55Yardanicoby the way, libman is boycotting github :D https://www.reddit.com/r/nim/comments/8q99ba/happy_5000_stars/e0i7etu/
15:15:56krux02yea, I think `$` should never crash
15:16:03krux02it should always return something
15:17:29krux02gitter irc bridge is down
15:17:48krux02I don't see irc on gitter nor gitter here on irc
15:18:03krux02Araq: I think for now I will try to create the tuple
15:19:59*nc-x quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
15:20:16Araqkrux02, the vmgen wouldn't do anything else
15:20:38Araqyou can also maybe generate helper procs
15:20:48Araqevery call frame gets a fresh set of registers
15:20:52krux02another option would be that my macro generates a local proc (λ) and executes it exactly once
15:21:08Araqthat would be faster.
15:21:30krux02ok, I will do that
15:21:43krux02I hope this won't break anything
15:25:20*shdown quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
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15:31:07krux02Araq: well I designed my ast pattern matching in a way, that it does not need a local proc
15:31:36krux02so when I write return in the of branch, it will actually return the function it is written in
15:31:41krux02but that is not the case anymore
15:31:53krux02now my return in the of branch is an error
15:32:19krux02of nnkXXX(...): if(...): return 123
15:32:22krux02doesn't work anymore
15:32:30krux02not very happy about that
15:41:08*rauss quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
15:41:27*rauss joined #nim
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15:50:32krux02Error: illegal capture 'result' of type <NimNode>
15:51:19krux02Araq: this "fix" to use a local proc, makes the usage so much worse
15:53:08Araqso use a tuple instead
15:55:46*nsf joined #nim
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16:10:36Yardanicomatrix bridge down again.. lol
16:13:53*skrzyp quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
16:13:57dom96seriously lol
16:14:19dom96The uptime isn't even 99%
16:14:55Yardanicoit seems that matrix-irc bridge has far less uptime than the free znc service I'm using for IRC
16:15:21*skrzyp joined #nim
16:15:48Yardanicowow - https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-appservice-irc/wiki/Channels-from-which-the-IRC-bridge-is-banned
16:18:52dom96I wonder how long it'll remain down
16:19:34Yardanicodom96, last time matrix bridge stopped (in my irc logs), it started working 2 hours later
16:19:57dom96Yeah, that's unacceptable to me
16:20:30krux02Araq: instead of a tuple, I used an array, because all local variables that I generate are all from the same type
16:20:44krux02but somehow nothing changes, still too many registers used
16:23:05krux02Araq: does the vim "optimize" arrarys of known length to individual registers?
16:26:15shashlickthere was a pretty interesting discussion on Telegram yesterday on bridges
16:26:24shashlickwhat's the general opinion here
16:27:30*Trustable quit (Remote host closed the connection)
16:30:32krux02shashlick, well today "bridges" don't work
16:30:40krux02no gitter people here
16:33:54Yardanicowait, gitter irc is down again? lol
16:33:58*pqflx3[m] joined #nim
16:34:05Yardanicoyay, matrix-irc bridge is up
16:34:50*jjido quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:36:51shashlickwell, i'm not particularly bothered if bridges go down and come back up since this is not some corporate space that demands uptime, but I'm curious if we need to push for some standardization and ditch all bridges or make these bridges better
16:37:48Yardanicoyeah, actually with recent discussions about bridges they have started failing a lot :P
16:38:02Yardanicoof course it would be great if we had one place for discussion
16:38:49m712hi, i imported asyncnet and asyncdispatch but i get "undeclared identifier: await"? what's the reason?
16:39:50Yardanicohow did you use "await" ?
16:40:04Yardanicom712, ah, I probably know why are you getting this
16:40:11Yardanicom712, await can only be used in async procedures
16:40:29m712if my main function is async, how do i wait on it? yield main?
16:40:55Yardanicoor runForever() if your code handles quit by itself
16:41:00m712main.nim|12 col 5 error| type mismatch: got <proc (): Future[system.void]{.gcsafe, locks: <unknown>.}>
16:41:17krux02Araq: can it be that the use of "block" already kept my use of local variables low, and my constraint comes from somewhere else?
16:41:17m712oh nevermind
16:42:18shashlickmeh, everyone isn't here so talking about bridges is pointless right now
16:42:44m712hurray, i'm getting messages now
16:42:45YardanicoI really think we should think about one service for everyone!
16:42:46krux02well the gitter is also pretty empty
16:43:21krux02the bridges really hold the community up, when they fail, conversation is a big problem
16:43:31shashlicki'm okay standardizing on one, but many people will not join since people do prefer their current app/service
16:43:43krux02oh, no, I thought for a moment the bridge worked again, but no
16:43:58krux02shashlick, and that is ok
16:44:19krux02computers adopt to people, not the other way around
16:44:38shashlickwell then it should be all bridges or no bridges, not some bridges
16:44:52m712/whois nimtestbot
16:45:17krux02shashlick, well some bridges are better than no bridges
16:45:36m71214 lines of code
16:45:51krux02but I honestly think irc and gitter are enough. All the others are pretty much pointless
16:46:05shashlickstatus quo
16:46:57*yglukhov[i] quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
16:47:13krux02Gitter has the simplicity that people expect, and irc has ... well, what does irc have? For sure it has many integrated clients
16:47:18krux02but usability as crap
16:47:23Yardanicokrux02, gitter is crap at mobile
16:47:28Yardanicothere's no good apps for it
16:47:36Yardanicoand web version is bad :(
16:47:49krux02what is so bad about the web version?
16:48:09Yardanicokrux02, it's very bad on mobile :(
16:48:13m712how can I async read from stdout?
16:48:25shashlicki first used riot.im for a while but it has become more unreliable recently
16:48:41shashlicknext, I tried gitter but just didn't like the web experience
16:48:46Yardanicoe.g. if I switch from my browser to another app, gitter will just send everything that I have in my input message box
16:48:46krux02m712, you don't read from stdout
16:49:00shashlicknow i'm using weechat so it's irrelevant - I am connected to irc and irc.gitter.im
16:49:12*hitchhooker[m] joined #nim
16:49:12*gh0st[m] joined #nim
16:49:12*federico3[m] joined #nim
16:49:13*solitudesf joined #nim
16:49:13*Abnegation joined #nim
16:49:13*yglukhov joined #nim
16:49:14*yglukhov[i] joined #nim
16:49:14*dyce[m] joined #nim
16:49:15*Miguelngel[m] joined #nim
16:49:15*unclechu joined #nim
16:49:19*marszym[m] joined #nim
16:49:19*narimiran[m] joined #nim
16:49:19*Jipok[m] joined #nim
16:49:19*sg-james[m] joined #nim
16:49:20*planetis[m] joined #nim
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16:49:20*petersjt014[m] joined #nim
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16:49:22*hohlerde joined #nim
16:49:23*xomachine[m] joined #nim
16:49:24*Demos[m] joined #nim
16:49:25m712oh boy
16:49:26Yardanicoyay, matrix-irc bridge is finally back :D
16:49:27shashlickand i can connect to telegram, discord, or whatever since it has plugins for everything
16:49:27krux02shashlick, I did the same with hexchat
16:49:28*zielmicha[m] joined #nim
16:49:31*sroecker[m] joined #nim
16:49:31*tyrion[m] joined #nim
16:49:32*notdekka[m] joined #nim
16:49:40krux02there are too many messenger protocols
16:50:18m712krux02: what do i do instead?
16:50:19krux02I wish that irc would evolve into something intuitive
16:50:28krux02m712, you read from stdin
16:50:34m712ah, true. lol
16:50:35krux02or you write to stdout
16:50:41m712how do i async read from stdin, then?
16:50:56krux02well you can peek if there is stuff on stdin to read
16:51:02krux02if not do whatever you want
16:51:18*thelounge44 joined #nim
16:52:13krux02well not sure I just checked if that actually is feasible
16:52:30shashlickthere's other interesting methods - https://thelounge.chat/ or http://shout-irc.com/
16:53:14Yardanicoyeah, I thinked about web irc too
16:53:26Yardanicoremove all community links from the website, add our own web-irc instance :P
16:53:27*nsf quit (Quit: WeeChat 2.1)
16:53:59shashlickthat might be an approach
16:54:11shashlickit has multi-user support so you can stay logged in
16:54:35shashlickbut of course, it is web only, need to still figure out mobile notifications, etc.
16:58:20Yardanicoshashlick, what's the difference between thelounge and shout-irc?
16:58:25Yardanicotheir websites look almost the same
16:58:33Yardanicooh, "It is run by a dedicated community as a fork of Shout. "
16:58:49Yardanicoah, shout-irc development is dead
17:02:02Yardanicowow, the lounge is actually very cool
17:02:10Yardanicohow many resources does it consume? I mean running instance
17:02:57shashlicki haven't tried it
17:03:03thelounge44testing it from the website
17:04:44YardanicoI would actually love to have that as an official nim "community"
17:06:55shashlickit would still be #nim on freenode irc though so other than giving people an easy way to connect, what's the benefit?
17:07:23shashlickare people using gitter because they want to stay connected? or some other reason
17:07:48Yardanicobecause for a lot of people it's easier to use something in their web browser instead of IRC client
17:08:00Yardanicoand yeah, freenode web-irc exists, but maybe people are scared of the word "IRC"
17:08:55shashlickso basically bringing people into IRC but providing a simple way to get in
17:09:21Yardanicobut yeah, one big problem with IRC - code snippets
17:11:25shashlickthere's a dime a dozen snippet services
17:11:35shashlickhttps://github.com/42wim/matterbridge <= wow
17:11:40Yardanicoyeah, but web-people usually don't think about it
17:11:46Yardanicoshashlick, I run this for our discord bridge :)
17:11:57Yardanico(it runs on nim vps, same vps where NimBot lives)
17:12:35m712i'm getting Incorrect procedure parameter list. when i try to run my program: http://ix.io/1d7C/Nim
17:12:44m712why is this?
17:12:54shashlickYardanico: why not use that one instance to bridge all protocols
17:13:23shashlickadd gitter to that same instance, so we don't need a separate gitter bridge running
17:13:41Yardanicowell, because Gitter irc bridge is much older than discord bridge
17:13:49YardanicoI actually asked about dom96 IIRC
17:13:59shashlickbut gitter bridge keeps going down
17:14:01Yardanico*asked <dom96> about it
17:14:07shashlicki idon't think the discord bridge has as of yet
17:14:30Yardanicom712, just a question - any reason why you are using gtk2 instead of gtk3?
17:14:43m712Yardanico: there's gtk3?
17:14:47m712lol i must have missed it
17:14:55m712no particular reason
17:15:16m712nimble can't find it
17:16:04m712gtk3 doesn't seem to exist except for https://github.com/ngtk3/nim-gtk3
17:16:04Yardanicom712, and yeah, why are you using async with gtk2?
17:16:09m712and this one's a year old
17:16:29m712Yardanico: trying to do an async program with gtk2
17:16:33m712is that not possible?
17:16:52Yardanicom712, it is, but gtk2 is blocking, no?
17:18:19Yardanicom712, https://github.com/StefanSalewski/gintro
17:18:45shashlicki'd like to see a bridge with telegram as well
17:18:50*cryptocat1094 joined #nim
17:19:02shashlickalthough telegram and discord aren't very vocal so far
17:19:04cryptocat1094What's Nim's intended use-case?
17:19:10Yardanicocryptocat1094, a lot
17:19:14m712cryptocat1094: same as C's usecase
17:19:17m712general purpose
17:19:29cryptocat1094I'm trying to see how it may be preferable (or not) to Rust.
17:19:31m712Yardanico: doesn't come up in search results. thanks
17:19:34m712hah! rust
17:19:56Yardanicocryptocat1094, well, personally I prefer nim's syntax, it's much simpler to read than Rust
17:20:18m712Yardanico: ;_; ** (process:12173): CRITICAL **: 20:20:02.855: g_irepository_get_dependencies: assertion 'typelib != NULL' failed
17:20:39cryptocat1094Yardanico: That's a fair point, yes.
17:21:03Yardanicocryptocat1094, also Nim usually has a very high perfomance (because of a C backend)
17:22:23cryptocat1094Both do, no?
17:22:49Yardanicowell, yes
17:22:53dom96shashlick> i idon't think the discord bridge has as of yet
17:22:54dom96It has
17:23:21dom96I consider it broken too though. It spams the channel if people paste code
17:23:29Yardanicom712, https://github.com/StefanSalewski/gintro/issues/24#issuecomment-369286991
17:24:03Yardanicoso we have no solution to our bridge problem :(
17:24:10dom96cryptocat1094: Lower learning curve. More expressive. Easier to use.
17:24:20shashlickwe could always patch the matterbridge - code is open
17:24:38dom96yes, or implement our own bridge :P
17:24:47Yardanicofor telegram, discord, gitter :P ?
17:24:52Yardanicowell, that's actually not hard
17:25:15shashlickYardanico: https://github.com/42wim/matterbridge/issues/40
17:25:34Yardanicoshashlick, but it's still not a solution
17:25:35m712Yardanico: i was missing librsvg dev files
17:25:44shashlicklooks like it already supports rate limiting
17:25:53Yardanicoshashlick, gitter bridge gives you a link if someone writes a big code snippet or a big message
17:26:43shashlickdoes discord have snippets?
17:27:26*thelounge44 quit (Quit: The Lounge - https://thelounge.chat)
17:27:37Yardanicoshashlick, yes, it does (kinda)
17:27:40Yardanicoyou can have code blocks
17:28:01Yardanicoalmost every messaging protocol/app has that nowadays :P
17:29:16shashlicki think matterbridge supports rate limiting so it should not spam irc anymore, might need some tweaking
17:29:28shashlickbut ya, it might not have ability to link to the full snippet like gitter
17:32:34Yardanicobest (possible) way would be to write a custom app which will allow to bridge telegram/discord/irc/gitter and make it use some paste service (like ix.io)
17:33:26dom96Matrix IRC bridge is written in Node, guess we shouldn't be surprised it fails so much :P
17:36:05*rockcavera quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
17:39:13Yardanicoactually it's VERY easy to write a gitter-irc bridge:https://gist.github.com/Yardanico/f9fc7a0894f467345f7884ff4afa680b
17:39:19Yardanico(from 8 months ago)
17:39:42Yardanicooh, there's some error here probably, but it doesn't matter :P
17:40:48Yardanicooh, sorry, this doesn't handle IRC side, I just mean that I don't know how to use async to listen to telegram/discord/irc/gitter
17:40:56Yardanicoat the same time
17:42:54*find0x90 joined #nim
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17:48:40oprypinHi people, during this day the Gitter <-> IRC bridge was not working, so your messages were not relayed.
17:49:33oprypinoh wait, it's still not working, something is busted on Gitter
17:56:26dom96I love how the GitLab acquisition seems to have made things worse for Gitter
17:56:32*find0x90 joined #nim
17:58:53dom96oprypin: Nim's httpclient raises an exception on non-200 :P
18:03:27Yardanicodom96, only on getContent :)
18:03:55Yardanicoand postContent
18:03:58*FromGitter joined #nim
18:04:52*FromGitter quit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:08:01*FromGitter joined #nim
18:08:24FromGitter<Yardanico> bridge up, fellow gitterers (?)
18:09:34oprypinHi people, during this day the Gitter <-> IRC bridge was not working, so your messages were not relayed. The reason for the outage: https://gitter.im/gitterHQ/api?at=5b1ed18537a2df7bed340a1b
18:20:16dom96oprypin: Btw thank you for running this bridge for our channel too :)
18:20:53oprypinnp :)
18:24:53*yglukhov[i] quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
18:25:17FromGitter<tim-st> httpclient.response.headers has Table of string -> seq[string] where seq.len always == 1; doesnt make sense
18:25:44Yardanicowhy is it always 1?
18:26:19Yardanicoas I remember it's used when there's more than one value for the same header
18:27:24FromGitter<tim-st> ok, didnt know this is possible
18:30:51FromGitter<tim-st> I think the "more than one value for same header" separator would be ";" or "," but it's not separated, is there any definition when it can has more values?
18:31:10*find0x90 quit (Quit: find0x90)
18:33:48*find0x90 joined #nim
18:35:16dom96It's definitely not always 1
18:35:49FromGitter<tim-st> do you have an example when it would be > 1?
18:35:51dom96the API is such that this is practically invisible until you need to get multiple values
18:37:33Yardanico@tim-st https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim/issues/5611
18:37:33dom96Check other implementations and you will see that they also have a similar Table
18:37:49*find0x90 quit (Client Quit)
18:39:32FromGitter<tim-st> ok, thanks, so as I assumed the separator used is ";" dont know if this is an official separator though
18:39:36*find0x90 joined #nim
18:40:00FromGitter<tim-st> If I set the text "Hello;world" is it splitted too?
18:44:28dom96Can't remember
18:44:29dom96try it
18:44:36dom96or check the source
18:45:00FromGitter<tim-st> ok, is gzip decompressed like in python requests?
18:45:26FromGitter<tim-st> I dont see the encoding in fiddler dont know what is used
18:45:54dom96gzip isn't supported
18:46:17FromGitter<tim-st> ok, thanks, I see, the problem was it is "json script"...
18:48:05*find0x90 quit (Quit: find0x90)
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20:14:15*krux02 joined #nim
20:30:06cryptocat1094Are there any beginner resources for learning?
20:30:58cryptocat1094I want to assume the tutorial in the official docs is good, but it's worth asking.
20:32:19Yardanicocryptocat1094, probably "nim in action" book, but it's not free. also there's two tutorials + manual in docs, and https://narimiran.github.io/nim-basics/ (but last link is not yet fully complete, so please don't share it on other websites)
20:32:33Yardanicoalso https://learnxinyminutes.com/docs/nim/
20:33:12Yardanicoalso maybe http://howistart.org/posts/nim/1/index.html
20:33:34Yardanicoalso https://xmonader.github.io/nimdays/#preface for some examples
20:34:14Yardanico(just some links)
20:39:42dom96some chapters of nim in action are free: https://book.picheta.me
20:42:07*find0x90 quit (Quit: find0x90)
20:42:37*yglukhov[i] quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:42:59cryptocat1094Thanks for the resources
20:43:30*UxerUospr quit (Quit: Lost terminal)
20:48:28*nsf quit (Quit: WeeChat 2.1)
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20:49:43Yardanicoomgf, again?
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20:54:31Yardanicocryptocat1094, if you had join/leave messages enabled you would see that all people using matrix/irc bridge left (second time today)
20:54:41Yardanicoso it means that matrix/irc bridge crashed yet again
20:55:19dom96Now imagine having 500 Gitter users leave at once
20:57:10Yardanicodom96, well, not all of them are online :)
20:58:27miran_Yardanico: about Nim Basics - i plan to "advertise" it tomorrow on Reddit, so i guess that "please don't share it" period is over :)
20:58:36dom96I wouldn't be surprised if the bridge doesn't handle this and just joins everyone that's in the channel :P
20:59:25cryptocat1094Oh they did. Heh
20:59:36*cryptocat1094 tends to have a filter enabled
20:59:46Yardanicomiran_, please gives us the link (here, and in telegram)
20:59:47*gb00s quit (Quit: The Lounge - https://thelounge.github.io)
20:59:49Yardanicoso we can upvote/share it
20:59:53Yardanicoand also make a tweet
21:00:09*cryptocat1094 left #nim ("Good day people")
21:00:19miran_will do, in about 10-12 hours
21:01:07Araq10-12 hours? we need it *now*. what are you planning to do? sleeping? #nim never sleeps
21:01:30Yardanicomiran_, it's 5PM currently in USA :)
21:01:48Yardanico(as google says)
21:02:00miran_Araq: haha, well, you can have it right now, just my "promotional stuff" won't happen until i get some sleep :)
21:02:29Yardanicomiran_, also hackernews
21:02:56miran_Yardanico: i thought about HN, but this seems too basic for people there
21:03:34miran_i aim for r/learnprogramming and similar beginner stuff
21:03:47Yardanicor/programming r/learnprogramming r/nim
21:03:50Yardaniconim forum
21:04:33miran_r/python or r/learnpython might me interested too....
21:04:40Yardanicoyeah, maybe
21:05:11miran_in any case, some upvotes for visibilily would be nice
21:05:46*find0x90 joined #nim
21:07:56*yglukhov[i] joined #nim
21:08:01*pqflx3[m] joined #nim
21:09:20FromGitter<Varriount> miran_ : Where should I submit grammer suggestions?
21:10:07*find0x90 quit (Client Quit)
21:10:11miran_@varriount if you would like to do it privately, maybe it is best to send me a private message(s) on gitter - @narimiran
21:12:17*yglukhov[i] quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
21:13:22*gb00s joined #nim
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22:26:28FromGitter<kaushalmodi> @xmonader https://scripter.co/notes/nim/ now shows TOC on small screens too -- I limited it to contain only 2 levels of headings.
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23:35:22FromGitter<kaushalmodi> @narimiran in your tutorial, you say:
23:35:30FromGitter<kaushalmodi> > Note however that Nim is both case- and underscore-insensitive
23:36:57CodeVanceexcept the first letter
23:39:05FromGitter<kaushalmodi> Even though you clarify that in the sentence that follows, it can confuse some. May be say "Nim ignores underscores in names (identifiers?) and cases of all characters in it except the first one.".. the manual calls this *style insensitive*.
23:39:25FromGitter<kaushalmodi> Yes.. was completing that, but somehow lost connection :)
23:40:44FromGitter<kaushalmodi> "Nim ignores underscores and cases of all characters in it except the first one in names (identifiers?)"
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