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00:12:14FromGitter<Varriount> @kaushalmodi Believe it or not, the identifier equivalence rules work quite well.
00:13:26CodeVanceI like the case-insensitive underscore-less idents
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00:57:51FromGitter<kaushalmodi> @Varriount I didn't get the context.. I was just repeating the rules as in the manual.
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01:11:04FromGitter<Varriount> @kaushalmodi Ah, ok.
01:18:32FromDiscord<lotzz> anyone have some info on where i could find good info for what to do with .nims files?
02:00:57shashlickyou can run .nims files with `nim e file.nims`
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02:13:09FromDiscord<lotzz> alright thanks for the link
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05:01:05CodeVanceIs it true that for a method to work you need to import the base method?
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06:04:36crptck_I'm super new to Nim. Excited to jump in.
06:06:35shashbotwelcome 🙂
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06:54:50shashbotInteresting - https://volt.ws/lang
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08:01:13user0Hello. Is there any `iterable` concept/type in the standard?
08:02:00user0If not what conditions must an iterable type satisfy?
08:02:27user0ah nvm it's x.high() and x.low() is x
08:02:45user0disregard me
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08:03:33user0Just tell me what's the equivalent to C++'s decltype please
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08:11:30PMunchuser0, for something to be iterable you generally need an "iterator"
08:11:50PMunchAlthough some general purpose ones exists
08:13:56PMunchAnd what are you trying to do with decltype?
08:14:01PMunchWhat is your goal
08:16:38user0I'm just making a table for unionfind
08:17:48user0Basically when creating a concept, I need to check decltype high x is decltype x
08:18:09user0decltype((high x )+ 1) is decltype(x)
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08:20:39FromGitter<alehander42> yeah
08:20:41FromGitter<alehander42> what you want is
08:21:07FromGitter<alehander42> ```type ⏎ A = concept a, type T ⏎ a.high is T ⏎ a.low is T ⏎ # ..``` [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5b20d3f232618e705eb64d85]
08:21:25FromGitter<alehander42> but for iterators a better way would be to directly showcase the usage
08:23:10user0^can you elaborate?
08:24:06FromGitter<alehander42> ```type ⏎ Iterable[T] = concept x ⏎ for value in x: ⏎ type(value) is T``` ⏎ ⏎ (I found it on github by @Yardanico , credits to him) [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5b20d4a6cf3b245b2cfa5f69]
08:25:17FromGitter<alehander42> this is probably also more correct, as one doesn't require 'high' or 'low' for type to be Iterable
08:25:53FromGitter<alehander42> what you do to make a type iterable is define ⏎ ⏎ ```iterator items(t: MyType): ElementType = ⏎ ... yield stuff``` [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5b20d51182b1b355c953b038]
08:26:58user0Okay, this is really nice. I just hope that it doesn't increase compile time by checking each of type(value) is T
08:28:11FromGitter<alehander42> no, it works on compile time, so it just checks that the concept "expressions" typecheck correctly
08:28:49FromGitter<alehander42> so the length of x doesn't matter, just the once-computed type of a value yielded by it
08:29:38user0Thank you. It was very informative.
08:33:14FromGitter<alehander42> no problem, feel free to ask more if things are ucnlear :D
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08:39:32PMunchGood to see you got it sorted :)
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08:41:57*_ is now known as pydsigner
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08:58:34FromGitter<narimiran> https://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/8qqwrh/learn_programming_with_nim_a_beginners_tutorial/
08:59:28FromGitter<narimiran> as always: upvotes for visibility, comments for initializing the discussion :)
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09:08:57FromGitter<gogolxdong> How to server staticDir with Jester ?
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09:19:23FromGitter<tim-st> Does someone has an idea how much work would it be to extend nimscript to support full pure nim like the python interpreter?
09:19:47FromGitter<tim-st> I'm wondering if this would be better than incremental compilation
09:21:15FromGitter<tim-st> (with pure nim I define all modules from "pure" directory also `os`)
09:23:10krux02tim-st: that is a bit complicated, especially the interface to C functions
09:23:57FromGitter<alehander42> I've thought about that, but not because compilation: it would make a powerful repl easier
09:24:05FromGitter<tim-st> My idea was to compile one single binary "nimStdLib.exe" that has all procs from all modules exported. Can nimscript call it?
09:24:28krux02you cannot call from an interpreted language into C functions, when you don't know the declaration of the C function at compile time of the interpreter
09:24:34FromGitter<Vindaar> @narimiran nice! upvoted :)
09:26:03FromGitter<tim-st> krux02: do you have a very small example?
09:26:20FromGitter<alehander42> well, I am not sure how the nimscript vm works, but this should be technically possible
09:26:28FromGitter<tim-st> yes, I think so too
09:26:37krux02you neet do know the calling convention in binary to understand this
09:28:00krux02so before you argue on how this could or should be done, pleas learn about all the different calling conventions of all targets of the C language
09:28:21FromGitter<narimiran> @Vindaar thanks :)
09:28:41FromGitter<tim-st> krux02: I assumed the user compiles this file on his own target architecture
09:28:44krux02including ARM, x86, powerpc, etc
09:29:10krux02the user compiles what?
09:29:20FromGitter<tim-st> the "nimStdLib" binary
09:30:11krux02well you could make interfaces for all functions in stdlib
09:30:27krux02but that would not enable you at all to call into other libraries
09:32:20FromGitter<tim-st> hm, ok, have a feeling though, that it works^^
09:32:32FromGitter<tim-st> *could work
09:34:30krux02well you can always make pull requests that allow more stuff from the stdlib to work in the VM
09:35:31FromGitter<tim-st> I just dont know how this goes on the low level like `os`. But python developers got it working to have all functions in an interpreted language. in nim some of these dont work
09:35:46krux02I would like to vent out my frustration again: the range type as first argument for the primitive array is a bad idea
09:58:05FromGitter<tim-st> I now found nimScript has `exec(command: string)` so that would work exactly like I assumed
10:00:08FromGitter<tim-st> (at least in a worst case that could be implemented this way)
10:01:20FromGitter<mratsim> @miran I still have to say that your tutorial is awesome
10:01:53FromGitter<mratsim> The presentation is top notch
10:02:21FromGitter<mratsim> I think the font should be larger, at least 16px or 18px.
10:15:54FromGitter<narimiran> @mratsim thank you very much for your kind words!
10:17:06FromGitter<narimiran> i'm a big fan of large font sizes, but i was afraid i might overdo it, so i have settled for the way it is now. but if other people want larger font, i will be very happy to provide it :)
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10:21:47FromGitter<mratsim> https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2011/10/16-pixels-body-copy-anything-less-costly-mistake/
10:22:15YardanicoI really dislike font size on Hackernews :D
10:22:19Yardanicoit's sooooo small
10:22:34FromGitter<mratsim> I’m on the fence between 18 and 19px fonts for my new blog :P
10:25:29FromGitter<ephja> changing the minimum size on firefox doesn't do anything for me on that site
10:25:40dom96Don't use pixel sizing for your fonts :P
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10:26:22FromGitter<narimiran> @Yardanico i read HN on 140% zoom
10:26:58FromGitter<ephja> nevermind
10:27:06FromGitter<ephja> was it changed to 16px?
10:27:14FromGitter<narimiran> @dom96 my font size is set as 1em, which should be 16px. i guess i should increase it to 1.125em (18px)
10:27:30FromGitter<ephja> I guess. that looks alright
10:27:39FromGitter<narimiran> what do others think about increasing it?
10:28:20Yardanicowell, there's a lot of empty space on the left and on the right of the text
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10:28:33Yardanicoof course that's good for reading
10:28:45Yardanicobut for me it's fine, maybe make it .5 pixels bigger
10:28:52FromGitter<narimiran> @Yardanico we had that discussion on/about nim forum - don't maximize your browser!! :D
10:28:55FromGitter<ephja> it depends on the window width
10:29:08Yardanico@narimiran why not? :P
10:29:24FromGitter<narimiran> waste of space :)
10:30:42FromGitter<ephja> for text at least
10:31:16FromGitter<narimiran> when i have my browser maximized, it is a 3-column setup: on the left are bookmarks, in the center is the content, and on the right are the currently open tabs (this is in vivaldi, which allows for these kinds of customization)
10:31:39dom96narimiran: yeah, I would increase it a bit
10:31:52dom96btw guys, $50 off 50 stickers on Sticker Mule: https://ctt.ac/9a7Mb+
10:32:01dom96So you can get 50 Nim stickers for $19
10:32:30FromGitter<narimiran> so the content once again is not 1920px wide, but maybe something like 1400px
10:33:12FromGitter<narimiran> @dom96 thanks, will increase it once i get home. btw, now you have my blessing to tweet about it :)
10:35:39FromGitter<narimiran> btw, i have no experience with html/css, so my style.css is basically copy-pasted some template and i changed/deleted some values. if any of you has an idea how to make it better - let me know, and/or submit a PR
10:35:58dom96ugh, stickermule makes it far too difficult to share designs
10:44:58dom96narimiran: tweeted :)
10:45:31Yardaniconim twitter squad, go and re-tweet!
10:46:59FromGitter<Vindaar> done :)
10:47:51FromGitter<narimiran> "brilliant"? now i'm blushing!
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10:57:51FromGitter<tim-st> I now took a deeper look at nimscript and it should be possible to support complete? "pure" directory without too much work, especially because much of `os` is already implemented in system/nimscript and most problems are missing `when nimvm` checks e.g. parts of `strutils` doesnt work with nimscript, when I have more time I try to fix some parts, I think an interpreter based on nimscript for pure nim only would be
10:57:51FromGitter... enough for most modules and would evaluate very quickly like python
11:06:50FromGitter<dandevelo> Is there any slurp/staticRead alternative that will read the file into an array instead of a string?
11:07:59FromGitter<mratsim> you have to slurp it and then parse the string with a macro which accepts a static[string] input
11:08:28FromGitter<mratsim> or a template, just make sure to assign the result to a const if using a template
11:08:43FromGitter<ephja> compile time proc?
11:09:08FromGitter<dandevelo> Yes, need this at compile time
11:09:22FromGitter<dandevelo> This is a binary file that I am reading
11:09:25FromGitter<ephja> but you need to generate an array of the correct size
11:09:38FromGitter<dandevelo> Yes, that's also a concern
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11:11:57FromGitter<mratsim> unless you meant you wanted to put the file in an array of chars?
11:12:19FromGitter<mratsim> I’m pretty sure static string are arrays of char and not heap-allocated.
11:12:43FromGitter<dandevelo> @mratsim that's right, I need to read a file into a uint8 array at compile time
11:13:10FromGitter<dandevelo> create a const array out of that file
11:13:12FromGitter<mratsim> anyway macro getSize(x: static[string]): static[int] = x.len will give you the size at compile-time
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11:15:02FromGitter<mratsim> and `macro foo(x: static[string]): untyped = var r: seq[uint8]; for i in x.len: r.add x[i]` should get you started
11:15:23FromGitter<mratsim> compile time seq are transformed into const array
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11:20:00FromGitter<dandevelo> @mratsim would foo be called together with staticRead?
11:20:37FromGitter<mratsim> foo(staticRead(“yourfile”))
11:22:03FromGitter<mratsim> edited: for i in 0..x.len
11:22:11FromGitter<mratsim> not for i in x.len
11:22:24FromGitter<mratsim> ..<*
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11:37:51FromGitter<ephja> I usually use '0 .. x.high' instead of '0..<x.len' or '0..x.len - 1'
11:42:50krux02I use 0 ..< x.len
11:43:08krux02I try to completely ignore the existence of `high` and `..`
11:43:13krux02makes my life easier
11:43:38krux02question does anybody know how I get the two bounds of a range type?
11:44:22FromGitter<ephja> low/high?
11:46:33krux02hmm, seems that I can't just ignore high entirely
11:47:11Vindaarkrux02: why do you want to ignore high?
11:48:59FromGitter<mratsim> you need YourEnum.low .. YourEnum.high for enum as well
11:54:25FromGitter<ephja> there should also be a `..<`proc that creates a slice now that '<foo' is deprecated
11:56:43FromGitter<ephja> might as well just create a patch
11:59:29FromGitter<ephja> "template `..<`(a, b: untyped): untyped" "a shortcut for 'a .. (when b is BackwardsIndex: succ(b) else: pred(b))'. " 🤔
12:03:35FromGitter<ephja> perpetual confusion
12:07:41FromGitter<dandevelo> @mratsim how would r be accessed outside the macro?
12:08:14FromGitter<mratsim> result = r
12:09:15FromGitter<dandevelo> wouldn't result be a nimnode?
12:10:16FromGitter<dandevelo> r is a seq but result is a nimnode if I got this right
12:10:33FromGitter<mratsim> that should work
12:11:32FromGitter<mratsim> you might get away with {.compileTime.} proc instead of a macro now that I thing about it.
12:11:40FromGitter<mratsim> think*
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12:14:31m712is there a way i can have a poll-like timeout on asyncnet.recvLine?
12:17:44m712or maybe a way i can kill a thread manually
12:21:44FromGitter<ephja> asyncdispatch.withTimeout? it uses sleepAsync
12:22:17FromGitter<mratsim> you need a ..< x.len otherwise you’ll get an out of bounds
12:22:21FromGitter<mratsim> but yes
12:22:45FromGitter<mratsim> you miss the back quote arount the r in the result line
12:23:06FromGitter<mratsim> ```code paste, see link``` [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5b210ca9ebf21755ca2e2713]
12:23:32FromGitter<mratsim> let resources can be const
12:24:48FromGitter<mratsim> btw from a style/convention I prefer to use seq[byte] instead of seq[uint8] for binary blobs
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12:34:54FromGitter<kaushalmodi> @narimiran +1 on increasing font size.
12:35:30FromGitter<kaushalmodi> @ephja Yeah, I prefer foo.high too.
12:35:47FromGitter<oskca> @narimiran wonderful work 👍
12:39:14FromGitter<dandevelo> @mratsim I am wondering why the generated array is an int array instead of a byte/uint8 array
12:39:49FromGitter<dandevelo> NIM_CONST tyArray_mpdT9bBCsID6miIJlQmYP9ag resources = {((NI) 83), ⏎ ((NI) 65), ⏎ ((NI) 114), ⏎ ((NI) 0), [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5b21109386343c3a3201220a]
12:40:03FromGitter<mratsim> ugh, NimVM bug I guess >_>
12:40:50FromGitter<oskca> hi every one and @mratsim @dom96 can you have a look at the type mangling issue (https://github.com/dom96/nim-opencv/issues/9) I submitted yesterday, I got stuck recently
12:41:11FromGitter<mratsim> I remember struggling while trying to creat Int16Lit at compile time
12:41:51FromGitter<mratsim> ```code paste, see link``` [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5b21110f86343c3a320123ec]
12:41:57FromGitter<mratsim> argh
12:42:07FromGitter<mratsim> wait a sec I’m proposing a workaround
12:42:57dom96oskca: hrm, there might be a pragma that solves this.
12:43:01dom96maybe {.bycopy.}?
12:43:12dom96Try adding 'bycopy' to the TScalar pragmas
12:43:20FromGitter<mratsim> @dandevelo ⏎ ⏎ ```code paste, see link``` [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5b211167a0161836cb17b4df]
12:43:47FromGitter<mratsim> not sure if it works but who knows
12:44:00FromGitter<oskca> ok
12:44:34FromGitter<oskca> @dom96 i'll give it a try
12:45:34dom96@narimiran: your post is doing well :D
12:46:06FromGitter<oskca> well, it works
12:46:36FromGitter<oskca> but how? why is `TPoint` is ok, and `TScalar` needs `bycopy`?
12:49:52*dom96 needs some help here: https://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/8qk6w4/fo_an_experimental_language_which_adds_generics/e0lb4jc/
12:50:10dom96People have their own random definitions of what a "transpiler" is
12:51:03dom96oskca: AFAIK the Nim compiler decides whether to pass by copy or not. So for FFI you need to tell it to use bycopy. For TPoint we are just getting lucky, nowadays c2nim adds {.bycopy.} to everything (or maybe it's some other pragma that has the same effect)
12:51:09dom96In any case, the opencv wrapper is pretty old
12:51:13dom96PRs welcome
12:51:22FromGitter<mratsim> don’t argue on that >_>
12:52:25FromGitter<oskca> @dom96 I get it, thank you very much 😃
12:53:10FromGitter<oskca> I'm doing an opencv3 wrapper, when i'm done, i'll send the PR 😄
12:53:24FromGitter<dandevelo> @mratsim can't seem to make it work
12:53:41dom96mratsim: why?
12:53:49FromGitter<mratsim> it’s a lost cause
12:54:00dom96It's not
12:55:28FromGitter<mratsim> @dandevelo the easiest would be for the rest of our processing pipe to also accept string as if they were seq\[uint8\] seq\[byte\]
12:56:07FromGitter<mratsim> @dom96 then you have to try to find an argument by authority. From a well known dev (like LLVM dev …)
12:56:51dom96Wikipedia seems like a good authority
12:58:38FromGitter<mratsim> apparently Cython compiles to C as well: http://cython.org/
12:59:13FromGitter<mratsim> Ocaml too: https://github.com/bvaugon/ocamlcc
12:59:34FromGitter<mratsim> lots of example here - https://github.com/dbohdan/compilers-targeting-c
12:59:45shashbotoskca: have you considered nimgen for the opencv wrapper?
12:59:46Yardanico@mratsim cython compiles to C but uses Python's C API a lot
13:00:21dom96Apparently people don't consider C low-level
13:00:23dom96oh well
13:00:28FromGitter<mratsim> well the only point to demonstrate is that C is at a lower level of abstraction than Nim, Python or Ocaml
13:01:48FromGitter<ephja> didn't our BDFL dislike the term "transpilation"? :p
13:02:16dom96I dislike it too
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13:02:40dom96Tempted to write a blog post about this now
13:02:54FromGitter<mratsim> maybe for once you’ll get first place of HN
13:03:05dom96lol yep
13:03:16FromGitter<oskca> @shashbot i'll give it a try, but currently I'm doing it using c2nim
13:03:40FromGitter<mratsim> just give a shout out to all those other langs so that they get ready for a nice flame war
13:04:39FromGitter<alehander42> yeah, this different abstraction level thing is very subjective
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13:04:50FromGitter<ephja> trying not to ping the BDFL too much, but maybe he has enabled pings for "BDFL" 😝
13:04:54FromGitter<narimiran> @kaushalmodi ok, will increase it. btw, have you seen that `case` is now unindented? :)
13:05:04FromGitter<narimiran> @oskca thank you!
13:05:30FromGitter<alehander42> e.g. if you compile C to Nim, what would that be according to the transpiler-people ? :D
13:05:56FromGitter<mratsim> conversion
13:06:35FromGitter<ephja> inverted transpilation!
13:07:09FromGitter<mratsim> computer + translation = compilation?
13:08:49shashbotoskca: nimgen simply automates c2nim, generates wrappers on the fly based on a config file
13:08:51FromGitter<alehander42> makes sense :D
13:08:54FromGitter<mratsim> (https://files.gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim/YD4j/2018-06-13_15-08-20.png)
13:09:04*xkapastel quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
13:09:31FromGitter<mratsim> apparently it comes from French and Latin (compilare) that means pillage/plunder.
13:09:38FromGitter<alehander42> hah, weird
13:10:19FromGitter<mratsim> As a French, compilation means collection for me (like “une compilation de documents” for a curated collection of documents)
13:10:47FromGitter<kaushalmodi> @narimiran Yes, no one might have, but I did notice that change in case statements :) Yay for consistency/adherence with the style in Nim source/manual! 👍
13:10:57FromGitter<alehander42> yeah, we kinda have that in bulgarian too, e.g. compilation of musical hits
13:11:28FromGitter<mratsim> oh yeah we use “compilation de CDs” for music collections as well
13:11:34*DarkArctic__ quit (Quit: Leaving)
13:11:43FromGitter<mratsim> well used to use, now there is spotify and Deezer
13:11:48*DarkArctic joined #nim
13:12:49Araqthe transpiler people cannot explain why C is "compiled". after all, according to "common wisdom" (which is utter nonsense) C is close to assembler
13:12:51FromGitter<alehander42> yeah I wonder if one day we'll have CD stores with people browsing through very old school discs for their hipster cd players
13:14:12FromGitter<alehander42> on the other hand would you say that python, ruby etc are compiled? I would agree with such a classification
13:14:40Araqbut you never hear them say "C is transpiled to assembler" and so they don't believe their own fairy tales about different levels of abstractions
13:15:08AraqPython and Ruby are interpreted.
13:15:43FromGitter<alehander42> well, they are compiled and their bytecode is interpreted
13:15:53FromGitter<alehander42> hypothetically one could interpret the C code of Nim too
13:16:14FromGitter<alehander42> (which reminds me, cling is cooool)
13:16:41FromGitter<mratsim> anyway, I find arguing semantics a complete waste of time
13:18:29FromGitter<dandevelo> Sorry to interrupt the transpiled discussion. Should I open an issue for this bug? https://gist.github.com/dandevelo/7a742d06c74c46ba67a141db1905d990
13:19:18FromGitter<data-man> Is LuaJIT a transpiler? :)
13:19:28elroodthe distinction is pretty easy, actually. transpilation is commonly used to describe the process of transformation from one human-written language into another. compilation is from one language you'd write manually to machine-code
13:19:55Araqassembler is a human-written language.
13:20:12Araqdandevelop: yeah, report it
13:20:28elroodof course that's not a clear-cut distinction, and with cpus running more of a vm than directly executing machine-code it gets watered down even more
13:20:47elroodbut if you want to see the difference, you can. if you prefer to not see it, you can do that too
13:21:12Araqit's a deeply problematic distinction, GCC produces assembler as text files, at least it used to do that for years
13:21:32FromGitter<mratsim> wow: this feels like the reactions that could happen after “Gotos considered harmful” - https://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/8qk6w4/fo_an_experimental_language_which_adds_generics/e0kv6p2/
13:21:44elroodnim transpiles to a language which needs a completely independent toolchain and which is widely used in programming independently. thus transpiler
13:21:48Araqthen you can change it so that it directly produces the machine code
13:22:25elroodit's fine if you want to dislike the distinction and call nim compiled. nobody will lynch you for that. but people beg to differ and have other opinions
13:22:31Araqnow what? Was C transpiled and then it got compiled? dubious.
13:23:08elroodif you insist, c is transpiled to assembly and then compiled, but there the point starts to become moot
13:23:38Araqis Nim's LLVM backend enough to make Nim a "compiled" language?
13:24:13elroodif you implement eg. a llvm-based to first generate llvm-ir, does it compile or transpile? you can lose yourself in that thought
13:24:26FromGitter<mratsim> LLVM has more features than C so LLVM is a higher-level language than C (think Tail Call Optimization) so C Uppile to LLVM IR
13:26:04*nsf quit (Quit: WeeChat 2.1)
13:27:16*Vladar joined #nim
13:28:26FromGitter<ephja> how do you quantify the feature amount?
13:28:46FromGitter<mratsim> you don’t, that’s completely subjective
13:29:38FromGitter<mratsim> Funnily I posted that just 3 hours ago in #nim-offtopic: http://wiki.c2.com/?BlubParadox ⏎ ⏎ > As long as our hypothetical Blub programmer is looking down the power continuum, he knows he's looking down. Languages less powerful than Blub are obviously less powerful, because they're missing some feature he's used to. But when our hypothetical Blub programmer looks in the other direction, up the power continuum, he
13:29:38FromGitter... doesn't realize he's looking up. What he sees are merely weird languages. He probably considers them about equivalent in power to Blub, but with all this other hairy stuff thrown in as well. Blub is good enough for him, because he thinks in Blub. ⏎ > You can't trust the opinions of the others, because of the Blub para ... [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5b211c4270d89b3a31935902]
13:30:32dom96Araq: Apparently C is actually high-level
13:30:51dom96btw compilation of hits is also an English thing
13:30:51FromGitter<mratsim> high-level == not machine code
13:31:24elroodyou know languages can be high-level and low-level at the same time? abstractions are not orthogonal to providing access to hardware features
13:31:25dom96elrood: That's not how it is defined on Wikipedia
13:31:45elroodof course it isn't, ask three people and you'll get five definitions
13:32:21elroodchoose your own one of them and live happily ever after. it's not as if this was an argument with a solution or a correct or incorrect answer
13:32:23shashbotWikipedia makes it even more fun - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Source-to-source_compiler
13:32:26shashbotSo a transpiler is a compiler
13:32:33user0I think having namespaces would be nice
13:32:45dom96mratsim: that's hilarious lol
13:33:10FromGitter<ephja> not even 2 definitions per person?
13:33:13FromGitter<mratsim> Blub or not machine code?
13:33:19FromGitter<ephja> not too bad then
13:33:21dom96mratsim: Blub
13:33:26FromGitter<mratsim> =)
13:33:30dom96We now need a programming language called Blub
13:33:45dom96for ultimate lolz
13:35:29FromGitter<mratsim> it can be a Nim DSL ;)
13:37:04FromGitter<ephja> do we have a DSL for creating DSLs?
13:37:33*user0 quit (Quit: user0)
13:42:36dom96oh cool, somebody submitted miran's tutorial to HN
13:42:55dom96and it's on the front page :O
13:42:56*user0 joined #nim
13:43:01*user0 quit (Client Quit)
13:43:40FromGitter<Varriount> @dom96 Can this PR be merged? One of the checks failed, however I think it has something to do with the environment. https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim/pull/8002
13:44:09PMunchdom96, shows up on the top of the list for me :)
13:44:32FromGitter<mratsim> yes, top page for me too
13:45:09FromGitter<alehander42> yeah for me too
13:45:27dom96yep, just moved up there
13:46:32PMunchInteresting, the guy who posted it doesn't have anything in his GitHub about Nim
13:47:21FromGitter<alehander42> but he has a hunch about viral tutorial content!
13:47:47FromGitter<mratsim> the account was created 4 days ago
13:48:24*dom96 submits to lobste.rs
13:49:33dom9624 people on nim-lang.org because of this :)
13:49:39dom96at this very moment
13:49:48dom96Nice job @narimiran!
13:49:49FromGitter<mratsim> how many are playing snake?
13:50:36dom96looks like Snake isn't online
13:51:16subsetparkVarriount: don't you want to use runnableExamples for that sort of thing?
13:51:19FromGitter<mratsim> it works for me
13:51:22dom96huh, the server is running
13:52:03FromGitter<narimiran> @dom96 congratulate me when we see lots of new users here and on the forum ;)
13:52:31dom96mratsim: are you sure? Are you connected to the server?
13:52:31FromGitter<mratsim> when you see a lot of new bugs and feature requests and question about v1 ;)
13:52:48FromGitter<mratsim> maybe not, I just quit
13:53:05dom96what I mean is, can you see "1 users playing right now"
13:53:07dom96or something
13:53:25dom96The game will work happily with no server connection
13:53:38dom96but the high scores won't be synced
13:53:55FromGitter<mratsim> ah, I see. Well I quit anyway ;)
13:54:51dom96well, restarting helped
13:55:10dom96Guess after 3 weeks of uptime something gets messed up :)
13:56:18*Snircle quit (Quit: Textual IRC Client: www.textualapp.com)
13:59:29livcdyou did not post it to HN right ?
13:59:44dom96I didn't, no.
14:00:35livcdsorry I meant miran :D
14:01:10*zahary_ joined #nim
14:01:14*zahary_ is now known as zahary
14:01:19dom96@narimiran: do you have analytics on this?
14:01:36livcdopinions about office 365 being rewritten in TS and compiled to native code ?
14:02:03dom96My opinion "lolwtf are they smoking?"
14:02:06elroodoh, that wasn't just a joke?
14:02:08PMunchlivcd, we talked about this in #nim-offtopic earlier today :P
14:02:20livcdoh there's even nim-offtopic now
14:02:35PMunchBasically concluded that it's Microsoft/Dell/Intels plot to sell more machines to run the bloated JS apps :P
14:03:00PMunchlivcd, nim-offtopic has been a thing for quite a while
14:05:51PMunch"That is the clearest, most succinct explanation of variables, types and mutability I’ve ever read." - People seem to like the tutorial :)
14:08:52shashbotwe need to add all these beginner tutorial links to the http://nim-lang.org documentation page
14:09:12FromGitter<alehander42> is this going to change? "The default value of strings and sequences is nil"
14:09:32FromGitter<alehander42> I remember something about changing it but I might be mistaken
14:09:51dom96alehander42: yep
14:10:07FromGitter<alehander42> amazing tutorial, I haven't looked at it until now, do you plan on continuing it with more advanced concepts?
14:10:07dom96in fact, it's already changed AFAIK
14:10:20FromGitter<alehander42> oh nice
14:10:35FromGitter<alehander42> this is great, also I can't wait for the smarter init for tables / etc
14:10:53*Snircle joined #nim
14:13:40elroodbtw, does anybody know if that guy who wanted to use nim on his tiny arm developer board a few days ago had any success?
14:15:21*Perkol joined #nim
14:15:48clyybberalehander42 using nil or isNil on strings or seqs is going to be an error in the future
14:16:58*Snircle quit (Quit: Textual IRC Client: www.textualapp.com)
14:19:50*miran joined #nim
14:20:16PMunchelrood, haven't heard anything from him. But I know federico3 has gotten things like this working
14:20:47*shashlick quit (Quit: shashlick)
14:21:12FromGitter<narimiran> @dom96 i don't have analytics, unfortunately
14:21:28*shashbot quit (Remote host closed the connection)
14:21:47*shashlick joined #nim
14:21:56FromGitter<narimiran> @livcd: i didn't post it on HN, don't know if this is a suitable topic for them (it is too basic, no?)
14:22:49FromGitter<narimiran> @alehander42 i have a TODO note to change that part about nil once it hits the stable version. (that's why i wanted them to release 0.18.2 / 0.19)
14:23:40federico3elrood: what board is it?
14:24:50FromGitter<alehander42> @narimiran great
14:25:00elroodfederico3, i believe he mentioned it being named tomu or something alike a couldn't quite decide whether it was running an M3 or M0, but was on very constrained memory
14:25:40PMunch@narimiran, they seem to enjoy it :)
14:25:53PMunchLot's of comments and upvotes
14:27:06PMunchCurrently at the top of the page even
14:27:20*PMunch quit (Quit: Leaving)
14:27:20federico3ah - it's an M0 with 8KB of RAM. More than enough, Nim should work fine
14:27:20*endragor quit (Remote host closed the connection)
14:30:26PerkolHow do I declare untyped variable?
14:30:50Araqyou don't, it's only a metatype for the macro system.
14:33:50*afiskon left #nim (#nim)
14:35:18elroodfederico3, any special strings you had to pull to make things work?
14:36:32PerkolI just need to create buffer for readData from streams module
14:40:28Yardanicodom96, we have 160 users on our discord server btw :)
14:40:39Yardanico(I mean not online, but overall count)
14:41:54FromDiscord<ephja> didn't know I had been assigned a role
14:42:45FromDiscord<Yardanico> @ephja I did it now (just so we have enough moderators here)
14:44:48*shashlick quit (Remote host closed the connection)
14:45:39FromDiscord<ephja> ok
14:45:47Yardanicodom96, by the way, do we have irc guidelines for users?
14:45:48FromDiscord<ephja> that's a fancy name for your role
14:46:24dom96Yardanico: "Be nice. Don't ask to ask. Don't paste >3 lines."
14:46:40Yardanicodom96, I just want to add a pinned message to discord too
14:46:48Yardanico(kinda the same as "rules")
14:47:03dom96Just let people know that it's relayed to IRC
14:47:07dom96To be nice
14:47:14dom96and to use pastebin instead of pasting code into Discord
14:47:34dom96since our bot can't handle this fundamental feature (I still find that ridiculous :P)
14:47:48*shashlick joined #nim
14:48:48Yardanicodom96, I'll try to search if there's a discord-irc bridge which handles that :)
14:49:16FromGitter<tim-st> @ Araq: where is the body implementation "builtin" implemented for these procs: https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim/blob/devel/lib/system/nimscript.nim ?
14:50:48FromGitter<tim-st> oh, saw it already in the commit history
14:54:01mirananybody wants to write a response here? https://www.reddit.com/r/coding/comments/8qsrlm/nim_basics/
15:00:41federico3elrood: on which device? Usually it's a matter of using the right C compiler, disabling GC, adding the stacktrace shim...
15:01:14Yardanicodom96, ugh, now there's a link to discord from nim-basics tutorial
15:01:28YardanicoI really need to think how to solve this muli-line problem
15:01:37Yardanicobut I can't find a bridge which supports paste services
15:01:52miranYardanico: yeah, somebody has sent a PR. shouldn't i merge it?
15:02:07Yardanicomiran, it's okay
15:02:10miranbtw, font-size is now increased, as per the public opinion
15:12:56FromGitter<tim-st> I see nimscript is limited to iterations ("Error: interpretation requires too many iterations") can I increase the limit?
15:13:15Araqtim-st: if you use nimscript via the API, yes.
15:13:24Araqif you use it in the compiler, no.
15:13:33Araqthe compiler needs protection against endless loops
15:13:49Araqand making this a compiler switch would produce language dialects.
15:14:37FromGitter<tim-st> I use manually via nim e file.nims
15:22:25Araqoh that could be special cased to allow infinite loops indeed.
15:23:40FromGitter<tim-st> ok, I'm interested in extending this to support full pure nim, but have to read a bit into it to get `times` and network supported
15:24:02Araqmany tried ... :P
15:24:30FromGitter<tim-st> really? is there no way? how do python guys did this?
15:24:53FromGitter<tim-st> maybe even use javascript or something as a workaround
15:24:59Araqmisleading question.
15:25:12FromGitter<brentp> is there documentation on (new?) nimscript api? I assume this is to facilitate embedding nimscript?
15:25:19AraqPython's VM wasn't designed to run Python's AST to AST transformations at compiletime
15:25:23FromGitter<hoangphuoc25> I'm trying to use nim to interact with postgresql. From what i found db_postgres doesn't implement connection pool at all. Is there anyway to work around this?
15:25:30AraqNim's VM was.
15:25:46shashlick@brentp: https://nim-lang.org/docs/nimscript.html, https://nim-lang.org/docs/nims.html
15:25:49Araqyou can bold the FFI support onto Nim's VM, there is code for that
15:25:51FromGitter<tim-st> I have the guess that nimscript would skip long compile times, that's what I need
15:26:31shashlick@tim-st: i've been tracking this somewhat - https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim/issues/7383
15:26:44FromGitter<brentp> @shashlick, that doesn't look like an api.
15:27:43FromGitter<tim-st> @ shashlick thanks I saw it but some tests are wrong I think, e.g. `math` doesnt work in nimscript
15:28:20FromGitter<tim-st> oh, these are other test cases
15:28:23FromGitter<tim-st> will read this^^
15:28:29shashlickmath mostly works, there's a few calls that don't
15:28:52FromGitter<tim-st> all c calls dont work, there a quite a few
15:29:57*clyybber quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
15:30:05FromGitter<tim-st> I think the few procs in system.nim could easily be made quivalent using slower workarounds then e.g. `streams` and others and additionally all libs based on `streams` would work
15:30:12FromGitter<tim-st> *equivalent
15:30:44*sz0 joined #nim
15:30:54FromGitter<tim-st> also `export` doesnt work
15:30:58shashlickI had done some work on math, let me dig it up. i did add some test cases for ospaths /tests/newconfig/tfoo.nims
15:31:18FromGitter<mratsim> Congrats on reaching first place in /r/programming @miran
15:31:58miranthanks @mratsim! and thanks for writing your insightful comments there - they might attract the more experienced guys
15:32:04FromGitter<tim-st> it's a pitty that I cant test the kostya benchmark in ninmscript because of iteration limitation, otherwise I had a first guess on execution time
15:32:16mirandom96, Araq: should i add my beginners' tutorial to the nim-lang.org?
15:32:55FromGitter<mratsim> @tim-st the kostya bench are broken anyway >_>.
15:33:17FromGitter<tim-st> no, matmul works, but not in nimscript
15:33:29Yardanicodom96, I'll probably make a temporary limit to FromDiscord to handle only messages up to 500 chars and replace newlines by ⏎
15:33:41YardanicoAnd I'll create a discord-irc bridge in nim (it's not that hard because discord has web hooks)
15:33:47FromGitter<mratsim> well matmul benchmark allows Julia to use Fortran
15:33:47shashlick@tim-st: https://gist.github.com/genotrance/97aa4f2417165caa35779a9653b27111
15:34:19shashlickI was putting together test cases for all math functions in nimscript and found a few that didn't work
15:35:02FromGitter<mratsim> @tim-st this is as fast as Julia or D Mir GLAS in pure Nim - https://github.com/mratsim/Arraymancer/blob/master/benchmarks/integer_matmul.nim
15:35:03shashlickyardanico: why not make some PRs in matterbridge instead
15:35:11Yardanicoshashlick, I don't know Go
15:35:27shashlickif you know Nim, Go is easy
15:35:36FromGitter<tim-st> shashlick: nice, looks good, I think nimscript can be a big player for nim, compile times is the biggest downside of nim
15:36:01Yardanico@tim-st nim compile-times are still higher than a lot of other compiled-to-native languages
15:36:08FromGitter<mratsim> the matmul benchmark should use integers and not double to avoid library defaulting to BLAS.
15:36:09Yardanicoand they will get even better with incremental compilation
15:36:43FromGitter<tim-st> @mratsim ok thanks, I meant to get first guess on nimscript vs python and if work on nimscript would be sufficient because of this
15:37:13Yardanicooh look at that, we already have a discord library for nim!
15:37:26shashlick@tim-st: the lines commented out in test.nims are the procs that don't work
15:39:10FromGitter<tim-st> @ yardanico: incremental compilation is good, but I still think interpretion would be faster for testing your code, because if you change a small thing in your code it doesnt get patched but needs recompilation, unless the incremental compilation is very clever, more than one part of the code will be recompiled, and thus it will consume more time than interpretion from my first guess
15:39:24mirannow i see that somebody posted a link to the tutorial two hours ago on HN!
15:39:28FromGitter<tim-st> @ shashlick: ok, thanks!
15:39:51miranand it is on the 2nd place!? OMG WTF
15:39:56Yardanicomiran, ?
15:40:00Yardanicoah, HN
15:40:03Yardanico@tim-st but that's very hard to maintain
15:40:29Yardanicomiran, it got even more comments than on reddit already lol
15:41:01mirani might be too late to join that discussion....
15:41:06miranwhat a time to be alive :)
15:41:32FromGitter<mratsim> lol
15:41:49FromGitter<mratsim> let’s how many people mentions Rust on HN :P
15:43:06miranbut hitting the front page on HN! i thought that is an impossible task
15:45:46FromGitter<mratsim> I think it’s for you @dom96: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17304009
15:47:24FromGitter<tim-st> @ Yardanico: maybe with an early version with incremental comp. support we could test some examples that work for inc. comp. and nimscript and then regard the pros and cons (for small code base, big codebase, different operation systems, compilers, etc); tbh I'm not sure which one is better, at least both are better than having it not ;)
15:52:26*Perkol quit (Quit: Leaving)
15:52:55*nimtestbot joined #nim
15:53:19nimtestbotHello! this is a test GTK IRC client i wrote using gintro and nim
15:53:41nimtestbotIt seems to work so far
15:53:55m712^ this is me
15:54:47Yardanicom712, you can also use #nim-offtopic for this (so you can have more freedom in your messages like colored IRC messages, etc)
15:55:00Yardanicom712, good luck to your irc client :)
15:55:04nimtestbotoh, okay then. Thanks
15:55:30nimtestbotIt was a simple test to see if I could make it work; won't really go anywhere :)
15:55:47*nimtestbot quit (Client Quit)
15:56:07shashlickwhere does it say: "the compiler is in development and some important features are still missing" in our FAQ?
15:57:13Araqthe FAQ used to say that
15:57:20Araqno idea if it still does
15:57:37Yardanicodom96, it seems that I already can use discordnim for our bridge (it's trivial to implement paste services and things like that), but I don't know how stable it is
15:57:49dom96Yardanico: Ship it :D
15:57:59m712also, nim.vim doesn't really like it if you use threading code; is there a place i can set the compiler flags?
15:58:13shashlickhow come the faq isn't linked from any page? or am i missing it
15:58:16m712it yells about system.Channel and system.Thread not existing
15:58:33Yardanicom712, yes, create nim.cfg in your project's folder
15:58:39Yardanicoor in source folder (if you have that)
15:58:57Yardanicoand put "--threads:on" in there
15:59:32shashlickaraq: why do we say that important features are missing? you can build perfectly capable apps. is that really something a user needs to see? sounds like a Nim language designer opinion to me
16:00:09Araqremove it from the FAQ.
16:00:17Araqthis was written when Nim lacked closures.
16:00:23m712Yardanico: okay, thank you
16:01:10m712Yardanico: woohoo thanks a lot
16:03:00*yglukhov[i] quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
16:06:28*Trustable joined #nim
16:08:28shashlickdoes the changelog only capture changes since the last release? where are the older changes saved?
16:09:17Yardanicoshashlick, in git history? :)
16:09:33Yardanicoalso you can check the changelog for 0.18.0 on nim website
16:13:53dom96Nim website posts have all the changelogs
16:17:36shashlickdo we have a success stories page?
16:18:32*zahary1 joined #nim
16:18:43*krux02 quit (Quit: Leaving)
16:20:39shashlickfeedback requested => https://gist.github.com/genotrance/02069f6836e71117af367e574a17ba8f
16:24:10Yardanicodom96, discord-irc bridge already works :D join #nim-web (idk why I chose this channel name), and #discord-only on discord
16:24:21Yardanicobut of course I just copied some code from twitchrelay to quickly make a prototype
16:26:25Yardanicobut I will probably use webhooks for sending messages (because they allow to create "fake" users, like matrix-irc bridge does on matrix side)
16:29:34dom96"Nim is really great, but they absolutely have to hit v1.0 by the end of year. I'm not sure if the devs realize how important this is to the user community."
16:29:45*dom96 starts sweating profusely
16:29:56mirandom96: i just have read that and i agree with it
16:30:08*floppydh quit (Quit: WeeChat 2.1)
16:31:02miranlet's go! 0.19, bugfixes, 1.0rc, more bugfixes, 1.0! :)
16:31:29shashlickdom96: can you comment on the FAQ update I am proposing? related to this 1.0 deal
16:32:46dom96shashlick: sounds good to me
16:35:39FromGitter<dandevelo> I have a byte array defined as a const. Is there any way to get addr of that array to pass to a C function?
16:36:15shashlickdom96: https://github.com/nim-lang/website/pull/94
16:37:16dom96Araq: Please review ^
16:38:38federico3shashlick: do you read me in query?
16:39:12shashlickfederico3: I'm not sure what you mean...
16:40:09federico3shashlick: 1:1 messages in IRC.. I was giving you some detailed feedback
16:40:47shashlickhmm, nope cause I am using matterbridge
16:43:54shashlickfederico3: feel free to comment on the PR, I'll update
16:45:36Yardanicowhat would be the best paste service to be used programmatically?
16:45:42Yardanico(for discord-nim bridge)? ix.io?
16:46:15shashlickyardanico: https://github.com/genotrance/snip/blob/master/src/snip/gist.nim#L73
16:46:28Yardanicoshashlick, thanks
16:46:28shashlicksave you two minutes
16:58:39*hphuoc25 joined #nim
17:00:19hphuoc25AFAIK db_postgres doesn't implement connection pool. Is there any way to work around it? What other options do I have to work with postgres?
17:01:12*sz0 quit ()
17:02:48dom96You might be able to make use of this: https://github.com/cheatfate/asyncpg
17:03:15dom96and/or implement a connection pool and make a Nimble package or contribute it to the stdlib :)
17:05:29hphuoc25I see. Thanks
17:05:58*thomasross quit (Remote host closed the connection)
17:06:04*thomasross_ joined #nim
17:13:09*nsf joined #nim
17:14:18*skrylar joined #nim
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17:38:35*PMunch joined #nim
17:39:58*zahary1 joined #nim
17:40:20*jjido joined #nim
17:40:58FromGitter<kaushalmodi> I am liking the new `--nep1:on` switch!
17:41:13*hphuoc25 quit (Remote host closed the connection)
17:44:44FromGitter<kaushalmodi> What's the best way to upgrade Nimble packages? looks like `nimble install foo` auto-upgrades?
17:45:10elroodfederico3, only just caught your reply. any device really. i'd bet nim and embedded system developers would appreciate a writeup about your experiences
17:45:16FromGitter<kaushalmodi> would be nice to have an `update` switch though so that users looking for it know that it exists
17:45:30FromGitter<kaushalmodi> internally it can alias to install
17:46:24FromGitter<kaushalmodi> And the `install` help should also be updated..
17:46:36FromGitter<kaushalmodi> "Installs a list of packages." -> "Installs/updates a list of packages."
17:47:27FromGitter<kaushalmodi> I was doing `nimble --help | grep update` and even `nimble --help | grep upgrade`, and found nothing.. so pinged here.
17:47:58shashlickopen an issue, let's see what dom96 says
17:49:32FromGitter<kaushalmodi> So this exists.. https://github.com/nim-lang/nimble/issues/169
17:49:52FromGitter<kaushalmodi> That means that `install` doesn't actually update?
17:50:27*zahary1 quit (Quit: Leaving.)
18:02:36*der quit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:02:54*derlafff joined #nim
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18:11:53*jjido quit (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
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18:23:25*geocar joined #nim
18:31:47*sz0 joined #nim
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18:50:14*Perkol joined #nim
18:53:54FromGitter<tim-st> I compared nimscript to python2 and overall python is 6 times quicker, but especially on str.count() python was quicker; I think it would be quite interesting though and could give big benefits for quick testing; btw for recursion nimscript is much better
18:55:17FromGitter<tim-st> here was python file: https://pastebin.com/PTuHw2Re
18:55:56FromGitter<tim-st> here nim: https://pastebin.com/BEY1vfe8
18:57:02*yglukhov[i] joined #nim
18:57:18Araqpython specializes plenty of stuff
18:57:31Araqyou can do the same with Nim's VM API
18:57:38Araqoverride procs so they run natively
18:57:47Araqthe example shows how to do that.
18:58:07FromGitter<tim-st> that would be super awesome. would this also work for `times`?
18:58:13dom96hrm, somebody spammed choosenim's analytics ~2 days ago :(
18:58:49*zahary joined #nim
18:58:50Araqthe stdlib module? sure.
18:58:51FromGitter<tim-st> module
18:59:03FromGitter<tim-st> currently nimscript cant use it
18:59:48FromGitter<tim-st> if this would work, than all stdlib could be supported, and compilation would only be needed one time as final binary and testing code would be much quicker
18:59:50*jxy quit (Quit: leaving)
18:59:51Yardanicodom96, a lot of fake requests? :(
19:00:20FromGitter<ephja> "please no fake requests"
19:00:22dom96same IP though
19:00:29dom96so should be easy to filter out
19:01:02*yglukhov[i] quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
19:03:38Araqtim-st: that's just not realistic at all but I need to go.
19:04:01Araqincremental compilation is far superior to this. in practice.
19:04:16FromGitter<tim-st> hm, ok, thx
19:12:25FromGitter<mratsim> @dandevelo A bit late but I’m pretty sure const have no address.
19:12:39FromGitter<mratsim> even if they are arrays
19:12:57AraqunsafeAddr should work on these
19:13:31FromGitter<mratsim> so const are uncluded in the .data section? interesting.
19:13:43FromGitter<mratsim> I had a feeling they were always inlined.
19:25:05*FromGitter quit (Remote host closed the connection)
19:25:06*oprypin quit (Quit: Bye)
19:25:24*FromGitter joined #nim
19:25:32*oprypin joined #nim
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19:41:27*cavariux joined #nim
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19:42:33cavariuxHi, does anyone know a correct way to embed a small image in a nim file? I have been doing a char array with data from bin2c but had no success
19:44:48*krux02 joined #nim
19:45:00FromGitter<mratsim> So Nim is making waves in /r/Julia? https://www.reddit.com/r/Julia/comments/8qu8rt/how_do_nim_and_julia_relate_to_each_other/
19:45:21FromGitter<mratsim> declared is to check that a variable exist
19:45:35FromGitter<kaushalmodi> that part I understood.. defined gets confusing
19:45:41FromGitter<kaushalmodi> ```code paste, see link``` [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5b2174648864a936cc85dc9d]
19:45:50Yardanicocavariux, you can just do const data = readFile("pathtomyfile")
19:45:51FromGitter<kaushalmodi> ah!
19:46:13FromGitter<mratsim> now the part I don’t understand is that within a function sometimes you have to use declared but you can’t use defined *shrugs*
19:46:32FromGitter<kaushalmodi> thanks.. I am getting false for those 4 echoes and that explains
19:46:39FromGitter<kaushalmodi> wait
19:46:45FromGitter<kaushalmodi> shouldn't it be true for all?
19:46:49FromGitter<kaushalmodi> am still confused
19:47:13FromGitter<kaushalmodi> Can you give an example snippet where `defined` would return true
19:49:19Yardanico@kaushalmodi as far as I understand defined(x) is for compiler defines
19:49:23Yardanicolike you do -d:ssl
19:49:31Yardanicoit's checked by defined(ssl)
19:50:01*Perkol quit (Quit: Leaving)
19:51:58Yardanicobecause -d:ssl is a shorthand for -define:ssl
19:53:41*Vladar quit (Quit: Leaving)
19:53:57*noonien quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
19:54:59shashlickkaushalmodi: what are you trying to accomplish?
19:55:48*cavariux quit (Quit: WeeChat 2.1)
19:56:10fvscan i get the index of a seq as in Python's: [obj1, obj2, obj3].index[obj2] = 1
19:56:49fvsworking with a sequence of objects
19:56:56Yardanicofvs, https://nim-lang.org/docs/system.html#find,T,S
19:57:06Yardanico!eval echo @[1, 2, 3].find(2)
19:58:49fvs== doesn't work on objects, right?
19:59:14*jjido joined #nim
19:59:44FromGitter<Yardanico> it does
20:00:17*Trustable quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:00:22FromDiscord<awr> if you're dynamically loading a shared lib "libsomething.so" made in nim, is it necessary to do anything with nimrtl directly or will calling NimMain() on "libsomething.so" fine enough
20:01:36FromDiscord<awr> *is calling
20:02:44Yardanicofvs, it does work
20:03:06FromDiscord<awr> @kashaulmodi you want declared() not defined() i think
20:03:37FromDiscord<awr> defined() is for stuff from nim.cfg and compiler args()
20:03:42fvsthanks Yardanico, appreciate the quick responses.
20:03:57Yardanicofvs, there's a generic == implementation in system.nim for tuples and objects
20:04:11FromDiscord<awr> declared() is for variables from the nim code
20:04:11Yardanicobut it only will work if all fields in object have == operator available
20:04:42*zahary joined #nim
20:04:45FromGitter<kaushalmodi> @Yardanico Thanks! That was a good example.. and also somehow the docs in system.nim made more sense this time
20:04:53*zahary quit (Client Quit)
20:05:29FromGitter<kaushalmodi> @shashlick (not sure if this will ping you in IRC from Gitter): Just solving one more random Nim question at a time: https://scripter.co/notes/nim/#defined :)
20:05:46Yardanico@kaushalmodi actually you don't even have to use @ to ping people from IRC
20:06:09FromGitter<kaushalmodi> oh, cool :) Will keep that in mind next time
20:06:45*DarkArctic_ joined #nim
20:07:31FromDiscord<awr> also Yadarnico and cavariux i don't think you can do `const data = readFile("...")`, you do `const data = staticRead("...")` instead
20:07:53FromDiscord<awr> unless something has changed recently
20:08:07YardanicoI tried it and it works :P
20:08:52Yardanico!eval const data = readFile("in.nim"); echo data
20:08:53NimBotCompile failed: Error: unhandled exception: cannot open: in.nim [IOError]↵Compilation Failed
20:10:06*DarkArctic quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
20:11:30*DarkArctic_ quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
20:12:04shashlick@kaushalmodi: no worries, was just trying to understand what the use case was
20:13:59*mzigora joined #nim
20:18:47FromDiscord<awr> well it does work
20:19:55FromDiscord<awr> maybe readFile() is an alias for staticRead() now idk
20:20:20*fvs is now known as fvs_afk
20:23:32FromGitter<kaushalmodi> awr: Looks like `staticRead` is a compile-time version of `readFile`? https://nim-lang.org/docs/system.html#staticRead,string
20:23:58Yardanico@kaushalmodi well it was for a long time
20:24:22FromGitter<kaushalmodi> *was*? Time to generate local docs I guess...
20:24:57FromGitter<mratsim> Reposting because it was buried - vote and comment - https://www.reddit.com/r/Julia/comments/8qu8rt/how_do_nim_and_julia_relate_to_each_other/
20:25:16Yardanico@kaushalmodi it is still usable
20:26:34FromGitter<alehander42> ok
20:27:57FromGitter<kaushalmodi> looks like I am going down another rabbit hole :P.. `koch web` fails
20:28:02FromGitter<kaushalmodi> ```code paste, see link``` [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5b217e52202c8f71f5ff878a]
20:28:50FromGitter<dandevelo> @Araq @mratsim unsafeAddr doesn't seem to work for conts
20:29:19Yardanicoshould it?
20:29:40FromGitter<Yardanico> 123
20:32:41FromGitter<dandevelo> Is there any way I should approach this? I tried unsafeAddr because I wanted to pass a Nim array (declared as const) to a C function accepting a pointer
20:39:37FromGitter<kaushalmodi> interesting.. that times_examples assertion passes only in UTC timezone :P
20:40:18FromGitter<kaushalmodi> that test needs `putEnv("TZ", "UTC")`
20:41:23FromGitter<mratsim> @dandevelo use a global var.
20:42:13FromGitter<mratsim> it will be allocated in the data section and you can take its address
20:43:40FromGitter<mratsim> Unfortunately there is no write-tracking otherwise we could do: `var MyAlmostCOnst {.writes: [].} = static(myCompileTimeExpression)`
20:53:10dom96haha https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17306761
20:53:10*find0x90 joined #nim
20:54:08*cryptocat1094 quit (Quit: WeeChat 1.6)
20:57:49*find0x90_ joined #nim
20:58:39mzigora@dom96 LOL, Walter Bright very proud of his creation
20:59:03mzigoraas the creator of nim do you see any disadvantages in nim?
20:59:27*find0x90 quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
20:59:35dom96I didn't create Nim :)
20:59:40FromGitter<ephja> lol
20:59:44FromGitter<dandevelo> @mratsim I tried to use a var. The generated code looks ugly: ⏎ ⏎ N_LIB_PRIVATE N_NIMCALL(void, unknown_resourcesInit000)(void) { ⏎ nimfr_("resources", "resources.nim"); ⏎ // resource* = [ ... [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5b2185c0fd5b835b2d59741d]
21:00:00FromGitter<ephja> probably not serious, but who knows
21:00:11mzigoraoh snap :) always see you posting on HN about it so assumed wrongly
21:00:18FromGitter<zetashift> I think it's just friendly banter of WalterBright else he wouldn't be in that thread
21:01:43FromGitter<dandevelo> @mratsim @Araq another thing I was thinking of was to declare the const array in C and use importc in Nim but from what I know Nim is unable to import C consts. Is this correct?
21:02:32FromGitter<mratsim> C consts have to be imported into nim var
21:02:43*yglukhov[i] joined #nim
21:03:20FromGitter<dandevelo> @mratsim so Nim can import a C const in a var?
21:04:22FromGitter<mratsim> yeah, there is a feature request to import C const into Nim const but it’s hard to find with Github search
21:06:09FromGitter<dandevelo> @mratsim so it is not possible today, only a feature request, right?
21:07:03FromGitter<dandevelo> If the C file contains this: const unsigned char resources[] = { ⏎ 0x53,0x41,0x72,0x00,0xcd,0x01,0x00,0x00 } how would this be imported as a Nim var?
21:07:05*yglukhov[i] quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:08:21*find0x90_ quit (Quit: find0x90_)
21:08:37FromGitter<mratsim> var resources: array[8, cuchar] {.importc.} I think?
21:09:00FromGitter<mratsim> let me try
21:14:36FromDiscord<awr> does the "D" in D stand for "Disadvantages" /s
21:15:06FromGitter<mratsim> @dandevelo: ⏎ ⏎ ```code paste, see link``` [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5b21895a37a2df7bed3a7fa0]
21:15:28FromGitter<mratsim> importc_const.c is: ⏎ `const unsigned char resources[] = {0x53,0x41,0x72,0x00,0xcd,0x01,0x00,0x00};`
21:16:57FromGitter<mratsim> @awr C evolved from the B language, D evolved from the C language
21:20:01*miran quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
21:20:33FromGitter<zetashift> D is a nice language, I find Nim nicer
21:20:52FromGitter<zetashift> and I still am baffled how Go got so popular
21:20:54FromGitter<dandevelo> @mratsim thanks! that worked! The only thing that needs to be known here in advance is the size of the array
21:21:27FromDiscord<awr> Go intended to attract C++ people but instead attracted ruby people
21:21:54FromGitter<mratsim> @zetashift: money (as in marketing) + Google Clout (and not Google Cloud :D)
21:24:06FromGitter<dandevelo> @zetashift I can tell you why Go was attractive for me: for many years it was the only high level language that would let me build a cross-platform app as a single binary. Coming from a C/C++ background, Go felt so productive when writing web apps that don't need any runtime or other dependencies to be installed in order to run on a server
21:24:38shashlickGo amazes me too, it has so many interesting libs that have come up quite quickly
21:24:52FromDiscord<awr> i think I learned about Nim from the D forum
21:25:00shashlickthe syntax doesn't bother me since it is quite C like but i remember running into limitations all the time
21:25:23FromGitter<mratsim> When I look at Go and Javascript I am under impression that 90% of the devs are doing web stuff
21:26:38shashlicki built one tool in go and then immediately jumped ship to Nim when I discovered it, much more Pythonic which I prefer and of course much much more expressive
21:27:08FromGitter<dandevelo> And Go also has a great eco-system. Just an example: if you want to bundle all your html/css/imgs/js with the Go binary, there are plenty of options to do that easily: https://tech.townsourced.com/post/embedding-static-files-in-go/
21:27:15FromDiscord<awr> my first impressions of Nim were probably "ew, pythonic syntax" but then i got used to it
21:27:31FromGitter<dandevelo> It is still hard to do the same with Nim at this time as the ecosystem is not that developed
21:27:51FromGitter<mratsim> in Rust*
21:28:41shashlickwell, that's the thing, if you like Ruby, you will like Crystal, i didn't like ruby as much as I did Python, so Nim is much more appealing from that point of view
21:28:55shashlickand I never liked C++, Java, too verbose so I correspondingly don't like Rust
21:29:10shashlickif i'm not being forced, I will pick the language that *feels* comfortable
21:29:52FromDiscord<awr> you do C/C++ for such a long time, you start thinking its syntax is actually sensible and totally not verbose
21:30:08shashlick@dandevelo: the thing is that the C ecosystem is huge so Nim's not really that limited, it's why i've spent as much time as I have with nimgen wrappers
21:31:15shashlickand nim/nimble/c2nim makes it so easy
21:31:59FromGitter<mratsim> in the mean time in /r:/programming, java releases underwhelming features: https://able.bio/DavidLandup/new-features-in-java-10--21tl3ie ⏎ ⏎ 1) Local-variable type inference ⏎ 2) Change in Java garbage collecting ⏎ 3) Root Certifications ... [https://gitter.im/nim-lang/Nim?at=5b218d4e82b1b355c955b19c]
21:32:06FromGitter<dandevelo> @shashlick: true, but there are still some rough edges for now: e.g: you can't import a C const into a Nim const. And when it comes to existing libraries Go still has an advantage today, you can find pretty much a library for anything you want today and that it is still not the case with Nim. It will take some time but it will get there.
21:32:32FromDiscord<awr> @dandevelo "It’s a command line application that you pass a directory path to and it generates a .go file with your assets embedded in it."
21:32:38FromGitter<mratsim> you can’t find a neural network library in Go, but there is one in Nim :D
21:32:42FromDiscord<awr> i think i'll take `staticRead()` instead...
21:32:58FromGitter<dandevelo> @awr try doing staticRead for a directory structure
21:33:54FromGitter<dandevelo> @mratsim luckily the Nim community has people like you so we can have that :D Thank you for your work!
21:34:09shashlickbut I disagree with that logic - i'd rather use an established C library and wrap it and get my work done than write whole new libs for my language
21:34:38shashlickno doubt there's many cool Go libs but there's tons more C code to leverage
21:34:52FromGitter<dandevelo> @shashlick - that's what I am saying for Go - you don't need to write new libs - they exist already
21:35:59shashlicksomeone did and I believe that was a waste of time if a corresponding C lib already existed
21:36:21FromGitter<dandevelo> That *if* is essential there :)
21:36:23shashlickcause you have to count all the effort in dev, test, maintenance, support, quality
21:36:50FromGitter<mratsim> Many C libraries are dead though
21:36:50shashlickno doubt and part of the reason is that few people used C to build web apps, so you see some good stuff there
21:37:08FromDiscord<awr> how do you work with directory structures for this go thing
21:37:26FromGitter<dandevelo> Go is an easier language to pick than C so you will find a lot more people contributing to Go projects than C projects
21:37:42shashlickanyway, long story short, I prefer leverage and reuse and Nim has a huge ecosystem to easily leverage
21:38:00shashlicki'd like to see more fixes/improvements in c2nim to handle C++ code
21:38:10FromDiscord<awr> does it just create an object or something with other objects representing folders and byte arrays representing files
21:38:10shashlickthen we have even more libs to pick
21:38:12FromGitter<mratsim> for example, when looking for a fast big int library at Status we first settled on ttmath - https://github.com/status-im/nim-ttmath, then after usage we had too many issues (mostly with C++ “non-trivial” destructors)
21:38:48FromGitter<mratsim> and after checking a bit more, I saw absolutely no test in the lib apart from “add” even though it’s recommended everywhere.
21:39:17FromGitter<mratsim> and it’s been there for more than 5 years.
21:39:46FromGitter<Vindaar> @dandevelo @mratsim I've been poking the VM in the last hour to figure out why the `quote do` produces `nkLitInt` instead of respecting the type of the sequence. By now at least I understand enough to inject the correct kind. But in a super hacky way :P
21:40:22FromDiscord<awr> or implement it as a tree or w/e
21:40:58FromGitter<dandevelo> @Vindaar sounds good!
21:41:01shashlicki'd work on improving c2nim but don't think I have the expertise
21:41:11FromGitter<zetashift> @dandevelo Oh Go has a lot of upsides, but for some projects I don't think it's the right fit yet people seem to come up with glorious ways to do it anyway because it's so easy to work with I guess
21:41:27FromGitter<mratsim> expertise in Nim is acquired. A year ago I knew nothing ...
21:41:32shashlickbut ya, there will be some dead libs in C world for sure
21:42:05shashlickit's a question of mindset, i don't do well in the world of compilers and parsers and too lazy to learn now
21:42:14FromGitter<dandevelo> @zetashift I like Go but I really want to replace it with Nim in the future for all my apps. Can't do that now but I am looking forward to the day I will be able to
21:42:30FromGitter<mratsim> I think Go will have troubles to just get a Tensor library working. The lack of generics is just killing it for any kind of numerical computing
21:42:50FromGitter<dandevelo> Yep, generics is a big win for Nim when compared to Go
21:43:20FromGitter<zetashift> isn't one of Go's biggest drawback except generics that it has a really iffy C ffi?
21:44:01FromGitter<mratsim> there is overhead but as far as I know it deos the job.
21:44:05FromGitter<mratsim> does*
21:44:36FromGitter<zetashift> probably if you want Nim to occupy the Go-space, you'd want to improve the "cloud" ecosystem
21:44:49FromGitter<dandevelo> true that
21:45:30*find0x90 joined #nim
21:45:31FromGitter<dandevelo> If Nim can dominate these: https://www.techempower.com/benchmarks/ more people will start paying attention
21:46:42FromGitter<mratsim> I believe in dom96 and 2vg
21:47:01FromGitter<mratsim> Nim really has a community of performance magicians
21:47:17shashlickwe need a lib that can generate code out of web APIs
21:47:35shashlickopenapi / swagger
21:48:09shashlickwill bring a lot of the web into the nim ecosystem
21:49:36FromGitter<dandevelo> Yes, things like aws sdk for nim would definitely attract more people to the language
21:50:36shashlickOne other interesting idea is to wrap Go
21:50:38*find0x90 quit (Quit: find0x90)
21:50:48FromDiscord<treeform> aws and gcloud sdk are needed
21:51:31FromDiscord<treeform> i kind of use gcloud sdk in nim through process open shell calls.
21:58:01FromGitter<dandevelo> For myself, I am trying to learn more about Nim (if it wasn't obvious yet from my questions here :P) so that I can also contribute to the ecosystem. I admire all people releasing libraries that make it easier to use Nim for various scenarios. At the same time I believe I should not wait only for others to improve the ecosystem, I should also put in the work myself.
21:58:10*brainproxy quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
21:58:48FromGitter<zetashift> I still need to take the drug that is called metaprogramming
22:01:06*DarkArctic_ joined #nim
22:03:09FromGitter<mratsim> Beware, there is no facility to help you away from it :P
22:06:02shashlick@dandevelo: it's funny you say that, cause I've spent almost two decades coding and haven't had to make a single library since most of the stuff I needed already existed. That's been different with Nim, have found some way to be useful beyond my own projects, working on a greater goal than my own.
22:07:51shashlickfrankly, it's annoying when I go on a tangent due to some Nim issue or limitation and have to get my hands dirty or whatever, but extremely rewarding and a great experience working with such talented people
22:08:22FromGitter<mratsim> haha ^ exactly how I felt when dealing with static
22:09:17FromGitter<Vindaar> @dandevelo I'm still pretty new to Nim's ecosystem, too. Before that I hadn't released any libraries etc. either. And at the beginning I was sort of scared of releasing a library with "ugly code". But I came to realize that's stupid. Yeah, my code may not be perfect, but hey, at least library xy exists now! :)
22:09:34FromGitter<dandevelo> @Vindaar that's the spirit!
22:09:59FromGitter<Vindaar> and the bonus: with that attitude learning is a lot quicker :D
22:10:11FromGitter<dandevelo> 100% agree
22:17:04shashlickAll hail the great Nim for giving us this little playground to play in
22:17:52FromGitter<mratsim> wow, Nim had +30 stars today
22:23:56FromGitter<zetashift> Ain't a well placed post on popular tech news sites just wonderful
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22:40:03Araqvindaar: there is semmacrosanity to annotate the types back
22:40:11Araqprobably the error is somewhere in there
22:42:12FromGitter<Vindaar> Araq: ah, thanks! that looks promising :)
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