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00:15:20Araq--debugger:native implies --debuginfo
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00:21:35shashlickhmm, then no idea what got debugging working again
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01:43:17FromGitter<arnetheduck> fwiw, stacktrace/linetrace are incredibly slow.. --debuginfo carries no perf overhead, but does give you the same fancy call stacks as easily
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02:45:31ryukopostingyo so where is the code for nimble.directory, I want to give its readme view the ability to show my gitlab readme
02:45:38ryukopostingcause it only shows readmes for github rn
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03:45:12ryukopostingwait so if I tricked the compiler into calling c2nim instead of gcc, could I make an infinite compilation loop
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10:26:22FromGitter<mratsim> @ryukoposting it's somewhere in @FedericoCeratto repos
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11:13:14enowI don't understand how to deal with the guard pragma in nim
11:13:32enow 8 var fp_lock : TLock
11:13:32enow 9 var freq_prof {.guard: fp_lock.} = newTable[system.string,CountTable[system.string]]()
11:14:19enow 22 acquire(fp_lock);
11:14:19enow 23 {.locks: [fp_lock]}:
11:14:19enow 24 var k = freq_prof.hasKey(xs)
11:14:28enowShould be Lock and not TLock at line 8
11:14:38enowstill gives me
11:14:39enowmessenger.nim(12, 6) Warning: 'procString' is not GC-safe as it accesses 'freq_prof' which is a global using GC'ed memory [GcUnsafe2]
11:15:37Araqthis will never work without --newruntime
11:17:38Araqthe problem is not the .guard or your lock
11:18:05Araqthe problem is that the lock doesn't help as all of newTable[system.string,CountTable[system.string]]() uses a thread local heap
11:19:50enowoh of course how stupid of me
11:20:11enowhow can I fix that should I send it as a pointer or what?
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11:29:29Araqone easy way out is to use a single thread that you send requests to
11:30:19Araqthreadpool uses a "distinguished" thread concept for that
11:32:07Araqsorry, I'm too busy to gist an example.
11:37:25*Snircle joined #nim
11:46:01enowno worries, you've helped a lot already
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12:24:58FromGitter<deech> @Araq: Do you have any opinions on the Go compilation model vs. compiling to C/C++ as Nim currently does?
12:41:31*cgfuh joined #nim
12:46:06Araqdeech: you mean we should compile Nim to Go?
12:48:44FromGitter<deech> @Araq: No just that Go has a pretty different way of compiling to machine code. It has a completely bespoke toolchain so Go binaries don't even depend on libc.
12:49:23Araqwe will get rid of the libc dependency too, eventually.
12:50:01Araqalready have our own allocator and IO is now factored out into system/io.nim
12:51:40Araqbut compiling to C is one our strengths too, Nim runs on devices that LLVM doesn't
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12:53:26FromGitter<deech> Cool! Did not know about the allocator.
12:54:09shashlickI like that fact too
12:54:43shashlickAnd building on an old libc with holy build box is pretty easy
12:55:45Araqwe have an awesome O(1) allocator. And then we have a bunch of shitty GCs on top.
13:00:24FromGitter<mratsim> BTW AFAIK Nim methods are supposed to be O(1) according to the multimethods constant time paper
13:01:05FromGitter<mratsim> But are they, it doesn't seem like it
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13:12:20Araqwhat paper?
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13:51:02avanderneutI tried to move a working compiler option `--path:/home/anthon/src/nim/lib` to my `nim.cfg` which did not work ( Error: argument for command line option expected: '--path' ). It took me quite a bit of time to realise that in the config file you need to quote the path (--path:"/home/anthon/src/nim/lib" ).
13:51:17avanderneutDid I miss something in the documentation that states this?
13:59:42*waleee joined #nim
14:00:24Araqthe nim.cfg uses Nim's lexer if that helps you
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14:09:56avanderneutFromDiscord: I could probably have traced the source to that point, but it was a bit unexpected. And there being no example nim.cfg in the section on where to put it didn't really help.
14:14:07Araqmy config/nim.cfg is over 300 lines and uses every feature it offers
14:15:28Araqand my config is the default config. you don't have to trace the source to the point, simply reading the existing one would have sufficed ;-)
14:24:17FromGitter<mratsim> @Araq this paper: https://hal.inria.fr/inria-00073798/document
14:25:07FromGitter<mratsim> Efficient Dispatch of Multimethods in Constant Time ⏎ Using Dispatch Trees
14:25:43*FromGitter quit (Remote host closed the connection)
14:35:11Araqyeah we don't use that, in fact, there is now a PR to turn methods into single methods
14:35:53narimiran(for those who are gonna search for it: it is not yet published PR, but it is in the works)
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14:42:32avanderneutAraq: Because of the way I installed nim, the nim.cfg was not in /etc/nim I never realised I had a (i.e. your) full nim.cfg to look at %-)
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15:29:07enowSay I have an object FB = ref object
15:29:08enowand then run
15:29:14enowspawn fb.scan()
15:29:22enowwould this create a new copy of the FB object
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15:34:27shashlickis cligen in the list of nimble packages being tested
15:34:31*Jesin joined #nim
15:34:32shashlickit is broken again with devel
15:34:59Araqpkg "cligen", "nim c -o:cligenn cligen.nim"
15:35:08Araqyes, it is in the list.
15:36:06shashlick... /tmp/nimble_27847/githubcom_cblakecligengit_0.9.17/cligen.nim(673, 14) template/generic instantiation of `dispatchGen` from here
15:36:06shashlick ... /tmp/nimble_27847/githubcom_cblakecligengit_0.9.17/cligen/argcvt.nim(8, 24) Error: undeclared identifier: '$'
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15:37:26Araq$ is now in system/dollars.nim
15:39:42shashlickhow come this wasn't caught by CI
15:41:08AraqI don't know. we test 'nim c -o:cligenn cligen.nim'
15:41:22narimiran...and that passes, i've just tried it
15:44:16shashlickcligen.nim has no main method, don't think any tests are run
15:44:19leorizecligen is a macro construction, so I don't think it's wise to test it without actually invoking the dispatch macro
15:45:19shashlickif you run ./test.sh, it will fail
15:46:49Araqwhy would we run ./test.sh, we have nimble tests targets
15:47:46shashlickthat's how the dev tests his stuff
15:48:19shashlickif you run nimble test, it says all tests passed, it doesn't run anything
15:49:36narimiranthere is no `nimble test` for cligen
15:49:54narimiranthat's why we're doing that `nim c ....` for that packages and several others
15:55:22Araqwell we should add $ back to typetraits
15:56:40narimiranbefore it was `include "system/helpers"` (which are now gone) and then `export system.$` :/
15:57:51Araqit was in typetraits, it should be in typetraits, forwarded or not
16:02:35narimiranjust `export system.$` seems to do the trick
16:06:35Araqshashlick: we test the Nimble packages on appveyor, we can't run Posix shell scripts
16:09:45Araqor at least we don't want to. :P
16:12:31narimiranshashlick: i've pushed it, that "from typetraits import `$`" line should be fine now
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17:42:52shashlickis it possible to use cligen to parse any string instead of the command line
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17:48:55Araqshashlick: I don't know
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18:08:21shashlicki'm using parseCmdLine() from os - works well
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18:39:52avanderneutshashlick: you can redefine mergeParams() before calling dispatch, with that you can commandline parameters from any source, even if the real commandline is empty.
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18:40:29avanderneut^can^can insert^
18:54:56shashlickok - for now, i'll stick to parseCmdLine()
18:55:08shashlickhave basic searching working in feud
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20:22:13Zevvdid someone say parse?!
20:23:22CalinouAraq: one could rewrite the script in PowerShell if it's not too long
20:23:29Calinou(technically, it'd work on Linux even :P)
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20:39:20ryukoposting`parsejson.nim(186, 8) Error: interpretation requires too many iterations; if you are sure this is not a bug in your code edit compiler/vmdef.MaxLoopIterations and rebuild the compiler`
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20:41:12jjidoAre you doing compile-time looping?
20:41:40ryukopostingwell, the stdlib json parser is apparently
20:42:06ryukopostingit's just strange because it failed on the smaller of the two files im parsing
20:42:25ryukopostingthe bigger one is over 23,000 lines, this one is only ~11400
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20:50:19shashlicki believe @krux02 added support for that recently in devel
20:51:03ryukopostingyeah, im using it
20:51:29ryukopostingi was actually the one who was asking for it initially lol
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